Harold Budd & Clive Wright - A Song For Lost Blossoms
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Harold Budd & Clive Wright
A Song For Lost Blossoms

Let it be known that I've long been a fan of Harold Budd. Although his work with Brian Eno veered him towards the more new agey side of the spectrum, I've always really enjoyed The Pearl and Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirror , and even his more recent work like Avalon Sutra and Music For 'Fragments From The Inside' (with Eraldo Bernocchi) have thrilled me.

Therefore, it pains me a bit to say that A Song For Lost Blossoms is largely the sort of ambient muzak that I've heard far too much of over the years. Here, Budd is joined by his friend Clive Wright (a guitarist/composer/producer), and together the duo create the sort of shapeless guitar and keyboard-tinged wanderings that simply don't have much emotional pull at all. The worst offender is the whopping opener of "Pensive Aphrodite," which runs well over a half-hour in length, but even after that the two don't really ever reign things in.

On the album-titled "A Song For Lost Blossoms," a piano and gauzy guitar soundscape is haunted by a female spoken word poetry reading that moves into cringe-worthy territory. In places (as on the string-touched and windswept "At This Moment"), they lock into something that sticks out just a bit from the crowd, but a majority of this long (over seventy minutes) album treads very well-worn grounds. For Hearts Of Space fans who simply can't have too much tinkling ambient work in their collection, this might be worth a listen, but I can't imagine it holding the attention of most.

rating: 410
Aaron Coleman 2008-10-02 21:48:25