SCSI-9 - Easy As Down
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Easy As Down

Easy As Down is the fourth full length release from Russian duo SCSI-9, and it contains another solid, if sometimes safe, batch of super-smooth tech-house tracks that's in keeping with what arrives on the Kompakt label. In addition to almost a decade now of releases on labels such as Force Tracks, they run the small label Pro-Tez, and have strung together a steady string of releases while fostering the scene in their own country.

With this newest release, they've invited some musicians and singers into the studio to fill out their work, and the result is a mixed-bag, giving some real delight in places while pushing things into an almost martini-bar jazz sound at times. One of said times is during "Vesna, Lastic & Elliott," which already lingers on the boundaries of ultra-suede, but with the addition of some soft saxophone lulls off into an almost wallpaper clothing-store kind of soothing soundtrack that doesn't do the album any favors. Likewise, the female vocals in "Nothing Will Change It" bring out the techno "lite" touches in the music even more.

On the Kompakt spectrum, SCSI-9 isn't exactly known for their banging musical nature, rather their penchant for slippery, but clean production. "Waterwlide" is one standout, with a slightly harder feel that really helps separate it from the pack, while "Boys Away" is pure bubblegum dance music, with corny synth melodies that remind one a bit of old "happy rave" music from the mid 90s as clippy beats keep things chugging right along. Not too heavy, and not too soft, Easy As Down is brisk techno music that's perfect for a cool-down.

rating: 6.510
Aaron Coleman 2008-11-06 21:27:03