Good Stuff House - Endless Bummer
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Good Stuff House
Endless Bummer

Although Good Stuff House has actually been a loose collective/group for some time now, Endless Bummer is only their second release and first non-CDR output. Comprised of Mike Weis and Matt Christensen from Zelienople and Scott Tuma, the trio plays cloudy drone music that sounds like a psych/folk rock group playing in spaces that range from a basement to an airport hangar. In places, the reflections are close and the sound is somewhat sparse and breathy and in other places huge waves of sound roll off into the distance.

As a group Zelionople has pushed further and further into murky, headier realms over the course of their past couple releases (culminating in His/Hers), and while Tuma has mixed in a great deal of melody with his drone passages over the course of two albums, these three are content to let things drift for a good portion of this four track, forty-plus minute album. Released in a limited version on Root Strata, it opens with just over ten minutes of wobbling percussion and skronky horns that trace meandering steps with wafts of guitar feedback that eventually all melt into a huge canvas of soft reverb and some dying groans. It all takes place over the course of about ten minutes, and then it's onto the best section of the album in the second track.

All four tracks are untitled, but it's during track two where the trio really shines as it finds them unfolding huge ripples of shimmering guitar as tinted percussion rolls in the background and found-sound chattering plays in the distance. The whole track heaves with a soft beauty that sounds contained and morphed by the large space it plays out in. Neither of the following pieces quite live up to the same sort of evocations, pulling back slightly to reveal a more subdued palette, where more subtle shifts reveal some new wrinkles but don't deliver quite the goosebump factor. An intriguing batch of music from three solid musicians, this one will probably sell out quickly.

rating: 7.2510
Aaron Coleman 2008-12-18 19:24:13