Site redesign and upgrade launch

I've been talking about it for months now, but the site has finally been relaunched with a complete redesign and lots of new features. There are still a few little things to iron out here and there, but I still think it's a massive upgrade from the site of old.

Some of the new features include an advanced search function (that lets you choose artist, album title, label, or rating) articles with a commenting function (I was going to make every review commentable, but the logistics of monitoring 1500+ reviews scared me), and an RSS feed. Take a spin around the site and let me know what you think of it, whether you have any suggestions, etc.

Also, I must give huge, huge, mega thanks to Mr. Brett Bieber for his database and PHP expertise. Without his mad skills, this whole update would have never been done by now (and probably not for several more years).

Also, thank you for visiting.

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i like it. even though i was a bit startled at first.

i like your reviews too. i never really paid attention to reviews before.

and i like silent mornings too.

I found the older format very comforting especially after a hard week.

first i looked for my sunglasses to protect my eyes against this new,bright design. then i started to realize that my reflection looks pretty cool (lie)and the design, site, your work is great (truth).

This is always the first website I check every Friday. I've discovered quite a few bands and records thanks to this site (and also some to stay away from). I think the new design is sweet and this site will forever be cooler and more "indie" than pitchfork!
hell yeah.

I'm not quite sure of the top bar being moved. There's supposed to be just a small bit of white space on the left side of the page to frame in the body content, but depending on what browser you're using, there might be some weirdness (although I did test cross-platform on several browsers...).

Regardless, I'm glad that you (and others below) like the re-design. I was inspired by the color Orange (obviously), then decided to give it sort of a soft sorbet look.

At any rate, if anyone has any suggestions for future implementations, I'd be happy to hear them.

We can interact! Dude. This is great.

But shouldn't the top big yellow bar be moved a cm. to the right? Or is that just part of the design?

Cheers. This redesign will most likely attract more girls. :-)

Hey, Aaron, I like the new design! Good job.

I'm always amazed at how much you put into this site, and am grateful that you show no signs of slowing. The revamped site looks great and hopefully the more cheerful color scheme doesn't make you any less critical. I depend on your reviews and look forward to hundreds of forthcoming CD's to which you direct my attention. Much thanks!

this smacked me in the face when I launched my usual friday bookmark - a yes indeed.

Looks great - very fast and smooth. The "search by rating" functionality is very nice indeed. Great work, and welcome to the wonderful world of database-driven sites. You'll never regret it.

nice work, aaron!!

the addition of comments is definitely sweet.

i think the orange color is a great choice, suits just fine with the cover of Lali Puna's 'Tridecoder' i'm listening at the moment

The funny (to me anyway) story behind the color scheme is that I was actually kicking around several different designs and colors for the site. One night, when I was feeling particularly stumped, "Aquarius" by Boards Of Canada started playing at just the right time...hence the color. Heh.

I've been a fan of Almost Cool for years...some of the most accurate reviews on the web. I like the site upgrade, but not the orange color.

Ryan Dee
¡Muy bueno! It's nice to see you upgrade to CSS/XHTML. Looks nice and clean and easy to navigate. My fave new feature is being able to search by rating. Curiously, no 9.75 ratings. I'll give Brett and Aaron a 9.75. Good work, fellas.