Nov 17 Discussion / What Are Some Of Your New Discoveries?

Somewhere between writing my reviews and posting them, I became a total idiot (although one could argue that happened long before) and lost one of them. So, only 4 reviews this week. I'll try harder next week...

The topic (thanks for the suggestion Aaron) for discussion this week is... What artists/groups (and related albums) have you discovered this year and really enjoyed, despite them not having put out a release this year?

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Wordl's end girlfriend, especially his 2 sublime albums The lie lay land & Farewell kingdom (Noble)

Paavoharju a finnish band who released its 1st album on Fonal : strange, something esoteric

Tape, a swedish trio who makes very nice electro-acoustic music

Mitchell Akiyama, and his wonderful solo album on sub rosa label, and all his related projects such as Desormais and Avia Gardner, which both released magnificient album on Intr version

Ocean blue,a wonderful band that i knew just a little about,and i kept hearing this year,and The orchids,a band of that wonderful and ignored indie label that was sarah records.

i absolutely forgot about kid a and amnesiac ... the most original and influential albums in years!

i would say murcof and the no-neck blues band.

Electrelane - Rock It To The Moon

heya , just a quick suggestion for the forum -how about favourite lyric of the year . mine is from the brakes album give blood and goes like this "Heard about Your band
I couldn't help it you were screaming in my ear
Coked up arsehole
Waiting for Liars
You shared a cab with Karen O
Oh oh, Oh oh oh
You're talking hyper bollocks
You're talking saleries
Oh yeh, you work in Insurance?
30k? OTE "....genius

lali puna


Elwin Rijken
A friend of mine, who read my Sigur Rós concert review told me I'd probably like this band 'Under Byen'
Well I did! I Do!
He had send me this one song and I was sold.
Try to get the album 'Der Er Mig Der Holder Træerne Sammen'

The singer sounds like Björk, but the instrumentations are much more diverse. It's also kinda like Múm, but maybe more settled. Less playful.
Anyways, very good band, very good album.
Aaron I think you'll like this.
Greetings Elwin

I'd have to say cLOUDDEAD.

I've recently been turned on to the forebearers of drone rock...
Taj Mahal Travellers (not to be confused with the blues musician, Taj Mahal). This Japanese band was creating long improvised earthy drones back in the early 70's. It reminds me of contemporary's Double Leopards, Skaters, Davenport, etc.
Zoviet France is another discovery that has blown me away. They were really prolific in the 80's but few of their stuff is still in print, though Loh Land and Popular Soviet Songs and Youth Music are still available and are worth getting if your into drones, dubs, drums and chants abstracted into murky atmospheres.

Newer stuff that's got me excited is Earth's new one, Hex which is much more stark and ponderous than their riff-oriented 90's output. Oh, and that solo album by Acid Mother's Temple main man Kawabata Makoto is delicious (reminds me of Flying Saucer Attack or the more atomospheric parts of Dead C).

two topic-suggestions: best label(s) of 2005; albums, you enjoyed first, but then become covered in dust

Hey almostcool, I know I said no more posts but this has nothing to do with my recent discoveries. Stylus Magazine is looking for new music writers, maybe you knew's the link:

In the last couple o weeks i have really got into Thee More Shallows. Other's i have enjoyed this year include; Epic45 (these guys are so talented), Perry Blake (amazing voice), Arcade Fire (excellent Album), 13 and God (amazing live show), Van Der Graaf Generator (band from the 60's but saw them live last week and thoroughly enjoyed them), Hungry Ghosts (beautiful music), Audiotransparent, Stafraenn Hakon. Its been a great year of music for me.

Dirty Three was my biggest discovery this year. I can't believe I didn't know these guys before. Amazing stuff. Like Aaron I also discovered Jackson C. Frank this year. I got a mixtape from someone and instantly fell in love with his song 'Marlene'. 'Blues Run The Game' is an amazing album. 2005 also was (and still is) the first year where I listened to a full Cat Power album. Turns out I quite like it. 'Moon Pix' that is.

Here are some artists that I hadn't really listened to before and discovered a love for the past year or so...

Ian Matthews, Joao Gilberto, Caetano Veloso, Fela Kuti, Fred Neil, Jackson C. Frank, Jorge Ben, Judee Sill, Linda Perhacs, Karen Dalton, Mulatu Astatke, Scott Walker, Syreeta Wright.

This year I've bought more music than in previous years. If I become interested in a band, I tend to get hold of as much of their music as possible, which hasn't been good for my bank balance...

Bardo Pond (5 albums bought)
Boris (7 albums bought)
Cristal (Labradford side-project)
Double Leopards (fabulous guitar drone/ambient quartet - 4 albums bought)
The Fall (22 albums this year, including the Peel Sessions box set)
The Mars Volta (both albums)
Moulsecoomb Sword Gang (a band local to me, in South-East England)
Ø (aka Mika Vainio of Pan Sonic)
The Skaters (improv voice/drone weirdness - 5 CDRs, plus 3 more from varios side-projects)
Vampire Belt (drums and bass duo, but further "out-there" than Lightning Bolt - 2 CDRs)


segun bucknor - poor man get no brother

great stuff!

Regarding 5 reviews per week, that's a good question. I can't pretend to have all the answers, but I really do my best to be objective to everything and give it a fair chance.

For instance, I won't review an album until I've listened to it all the way through at least 3 times. To some, that may seem like not enough to get a good view, but over time I've found that my opinion rarely sways a great deal either way after those 3 full listens (although, to be fair, sometimes it does).

This listening process also helps me make some choices in terms of what I decide to review. There are some albums that I simply don't have much of an opinion on after 3 listens or more, and they often don't get reviewed if they don't make an impression. Sorry about the long response, if you want to talk about it more, though, I'm totally willing to discuss it.

but on topic, i discovered this year, max tundra and arcade fire. what i get from arcade fire's funeral, I hadn't since OK computer.

well i'm still trying to figure out how you think you can make over 5 revews a week and give every album it's right chance before judging it.

tex la homa, gun club, movietone, vic chestnutt (west of rome), hayden (early stuff), howe gelb (everything), velvets, reed and cale (songs for drella), grandaddy, beat happening (redhead walking!), palace bros. (early stuff). can - made a road trip comp. that is the best thing ever. love your newly designed site by the way. anxiously await your (and readers') best of '05 lists.

ikara colt - all my friends hate them, but what do they know
junior boys - i just started paying attention to electronic music and i fell in love with last exit

I don't know if this can beat Dylan or not, but I had never even heard of the Talking Heads until about four months ago...

No Can? what about Neu!?
Here's some of my discoveries this year:
Chin chin
The Books (yes, this is my first year with them)
Clann Zu
and believe it or not: Bob Dylan.
Great suggestions from everyone this time (and I promise this is my only post on this discussion).

acetate zero - crestfallen [arbouse 2004]
september malevolence - tomorrow we'll wonder where this generation takes its priorities from [tenderversion 2004]
state river widening - cottonhead [vertical form 2004]
a place for parks - the bright period [unique records 2002];
chuzzlewit - secret affinities [alice in wonder 2000];
d_rradio - u_nderscore [static caravan 2004];
epic 45 - against the pull of autumn [where are my records 2004];
...and, truly: marianas - onward + upward [elastic heart 2004]

I would have to say Pinback and the Black Keys, the latter being a blues-rock band from Akron, OH (which is about 45 min from where I live). I'm sure there are others, but these are the ones I quickly thought of.

Cornelius, Riz Ortolani, Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her (this last one recomended by japanese teacher)

The Monochrome Set, Liliput, Eyeless in Gaza, Mirror, Gavin Bryars, Anders Ilar...

Mitchell Akiyama
Feist (I knew who she was with Broken Social Scene, but had paid no attention to her solo release).
Marsen Jules

Larry Def Chill
Bark Psychosis, Paik, Aix Em Klemm, William Basinski, Talk Talk, The Byrds

Oh, and Congregacion

Comus, Judee Sill, Jacques Thollot, Brigitte Fontaine, Can, Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co., Caetano Veloso, Bill Fay, Jean-Claude Vannier

I am throwing myself open for this one, but the biggest new comer into my collection is Aphex Twin. Others include Locsil, Gas, Gramm (alter-ego of Jan Jelinek), Stereolab, and Mitchell Akiyama.

However, the super big one that I finally got around to buying was The Appleseed Cast's "Low Level Owl", Vol I + II. If SDRE-era emo had to die, I am glad it came with this set of discs. While I had heard them before (though never got a chance to listen), the first time through listening to both discs firmly planted "LLO" v. I+II in my top ten of all time. Yes, that good (at least in my opinion).

The Radio Dept. - Lesser Matters.

A fine recommendation by a local record shop owner.

Mickey and the Soul Generation - thanks in whole to DJ Shadow. This is quite old, and I never would have found any of their music (nor would most people) had he not sought out to uncover them.

Once again showing my complete lack of coolness, I have to admit that I finally discovered the work of Can this year. I'd heard songs by them, and was never truly stunned, but when I dropped the remaster of "Ege Bamyasi" into my player earlier this year, I suddenly felt like I knew why everyone has been raving about them.

So yeah, Can is my favorite "discovery" this year, and I'm digging on the aforementioned "Ege Bamyasi," "Tago Mago," "Future Days," and "Soon Over Babaluma." Hot Damn!