Deep freeze blues...

No podcast this week unfortunately. Nothing has kicked my ass lately and I'm stuck in the middle of a brutal streak of weather that seems to be sucking power from my body. Hopefully I'll break out of this rut soon.

Anything and everything as always.

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That's pretty harsh.

I've heard a few other opinions that are almost completely the opposite, so I guess I'll just have to hear it and see what comes to me on that one.

Just got hold of the new A Silver Mt Zion album and it's as disappointing as I thought it would be. Unfortunatley they stopped writing good songs after "Born into Trouble..". Barely worth the listen. And the vocals are just too much.

Yes I am!. Going by the clips from ATP it sounds very dark. I am less excited about their forthcoming UK tour, no way I am paying £40 and then a booking fee for a gig that should cost less than half of that

I've heard a lot of good things about the new ASMZ as well, so I'm getting really excited to hear it.

I know it's not until April, but is anyone else as excited about the upcoming Portishead album as I am? So stoked!

yeah 'blindblindblind' is absolutely magical live as is 'a million died to hear this sound'. Anticpation of this album is reaching an all time high right now

Justin: Yeah, I eventually ran into M.I.T.B. in my research. Interesting stuff, though I didn't find all of it as interesting as that "elemental decay" track. Strange indeed...even stranger that I'd never heard of them! Thanks for the head's up though!

Anyone else as excited as I am about Mt. Zion's new album? If any one has heard, live or bootlegged, "blindblindblind" I would wager you're pretty ecstatic.

Oh yeah, I know you're a big Sandro Perri fan Aaron: have you heard his Euro-tour cd? It's got an AMAZING live version of "like hearts swelling".

That last comment from Ryan was of course from me (Sam) to Ryan. Apologies for my confusion. Thanks again for the recommendations Ryan!

If you like the samples in the podcast, by all means go hunt down Parson Sound. It's totally wicked.

It probably doesn't seem like it because my focus might be a bit narrow at times on the site, but my tastes actually are pretty varied. In the past I've tried to pull in reviews of things I love at random (including classical), so hopefully I can make a habit of that.

Haha, Swedish prog was the very last thing I expected to see here. Very cool and rare! Never heard of Pärson Sound before, thanks. =)

Jon - Bastard Noise is just the later incarnation of the Bay Area power violence hardcore band Man Is The Bastard. They've been around since the early 90s... almost as many releases as Merzbow at this point.

Thanks Ryan - lots for me to check out there. I think I'll jump in with the Lubimov to start with - that sounds just what I'm after. And the Bley too.

@Sam: I knew I'd think of more. Paul Bley's "Open, To Love" is gorgeous, sparse, solo piano. I like a lot Herbert Henck's renderings of Cage ("Locations") and Nancarrow ("Piano Music").

@Sam: It's now out of print, but if you can track down a copy, I'd highly recommend Alexei Lubimov's "Der Bote," especially since you prefer classical over jazz. Have you looked into any Valentin Silvestrov? Also, I'd recommend Eberhard Weber's "The Colours Of Chloe." Those are the first artists/titles that sprung to mind. I'll let you know if I think of any others (I'm sure I will).

Really enjoying the stark sounds of some of the ECM catalogue at the moment (Arvo Part, Keith Jarrett etc). The label's covers are all stunningly beautiful and austere, though the catalogue is a little daunting to dip into. I tend to prefer the more classical stuff to the jazz stuff, but can anyone recommend any other artists/titles?

Seems that Alien8 did a release with them...I'm sure someone here has heard of this before then!

Here I am thinking I've discovered something...

You know, I'm not sure how I stumbled on this...but has anyone ever heard this?

A group called "bastard noise" apparently. Seem to have been around for a while. I feel like I usually wouldn't pay this much mind but it's strangely entrancing at the moment. Is it just late or is there something worth hearing here?

Also in my digging I found something called 200mg records. Seems even more limited-release-minded than time-lag!

Don't know what to make of all of it! Thought I'd throw it out to y'all...

drenched in northern california!
But enjoying the great Medicinals record by Timer Timbre

Balmorhea's new release looks very promising indeed...very cool that they're located here in Austin! Looking forward to that release and seeing them live soon...

Texas weather has been crazy lately as well, but that's kind of the usual. We basically have two seasons: hot, and not -as-hot, though we've dipped into the rare, and sometimes non-existant "cold" season, so it's ALMOST gotten to freezing once or twice :P.

I know most of you probably have your eyes and ears on '08, but I've put together two mixes of my favorite '07 music. Click on my name (above) to go to download. Comments are welcome.

the weather is shocking here in Scotland too. Although I have found solace in Balmorhea's 'River Arms'. It is available on Itunes right now, or you can wait til Feb 12th and get it from Western Vinyl