Yet another endeavor

As always, you're welcome to discuss whatever you want in here, but I wanted to announce another site I've started.

As I state on the about page, I'm only going to write about things that I really love. It will be a free-for-all in terms of new and old material, books, music, etc. The articles will be longer and more in-depth in general, with commenting available on each.

Swing on by if you're in the mood.

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the giancarlo vulcano sounds nice to counter today's cold, grey, rain in Lincoln, NE
i'm wishing i had the whole thing at my disposal right now.
instead i'm playing william basinski

agree on the Erik Levander album, although i'd maybe score it around 7-7.5 mark, but thats just me. 'Kvad' is my favourite moment too, its devastatingly brilliant

Small correction: should actually be AC/DC in the Sun Kil Moon review.

April is definitely my favourite album of this year so far. It's more personal than most of his previous work and in my opinion has several elements new to his sound. Especially "Heron Blue" is something he hasn't done before. I think songs like "Lost Verses", "Tonight the Sky" and "Moorestown" rank amongst his best work to date.

And now that I’m at it, other 2008 favourites include (in order of current appreciation):
- Birchville Cat Motel - Gunpowder Temple of Heaven (massive organ-like drone, very powerful and serene at the same time, like for instance Charlemagne Palestine managed to do with his exceptional “Schlongo!!!DaLUVdrone”)
- Ulaan Khol – I (new project from Steven R. Smith, returning to his “Crown of Marches” sound)
- Earth - The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull (quite as expected, but just as with Kozelek, this is not always a bad thing, this one’s a stunner, desert rock stretched to its limits)
- Autistic Daughters - Uneasy Flowers (purchased based on the review here, intense album with dark and morbid sound easily to get lost in)
- Natural Snow Buildings - Laurie Bird (especially the first 46 minute track is exceptional, huge drone and raga-like meditative groove, quite possibly the best work to date of this prolific French duo)
- The Goslings – Occasion (again a wonderful piece of massive guitar feedback and heavy drums of this husband-wife duo, brutal and melodic at the same time)

I have the OSF record, its excellent. Was just about to say Sam reads the reviews here, but Almostcool has beaten me to it.

Type's loss is Resonant's gain

I'm sure everyone's already on top of this - but if not, do check out Bruno Pronsato's Why Can't We Be Like Us. This is one of my favourites so far this year - a quite sublime and very detailed techno headphones album.

And thanks Justin for the Our Sleepless Forest recommendation. I heard one track on a free CD from Wire magazine, and it sounded very lovely indeed.

Your welcome. Full length CD out now on Resonant.

And that 3" CD series can be found here:

Sam from Our Sleepless Forest used to swing by here and post once in awhile. I knew that they had a 7" release out on Type, but I had no idea that their full length was out yet. Thanks for letting me know...

Really loving Our Sleepless Forest right now. Great record from such young kids... crazy. And I just ordered a 3" CD ambient series that I'm excited to hear... Ventoux, Noah Saval, Monolith Zero, and Caustic Castle. Same label that did that Anduin EP... SMTG (though I have no idea what that stands for).

I'll admit that I haven't even heard the Hercules and Love Affair yet. Mute picked it up for a domestic release stateside, though, so I will certainly be finally checking it out in the next couple months (I think it comes out here in June) and making my useless opinion known to the world. :)

Hercules and Love Affair is marvelous indeed.

Hey! First off, nice spinoff-site! It's easy to see that things such as Victrola Favorites require a little more space than an ordinary music review. =) Really looking forward to see you pulling out some cool musical treasures on there, and I hope you'll find the time to take use of the site. Will you still be updating your regular blog by the way?

I also have a question regarding this site. Can we expect a review of Hercules and Love Affair in the near future? I loved it on first listen and am still pretty into it. I'm curious to hear your views on it.

Elwin Rijken
Hey Remo!
Thanks for the tip! After totally falling in love with 'Visiter' I read your comment here about these guys first outings as Dodo Bird and having listened to 'Beware Of The Maniacs' I can honestly say it's a stunning album as well!

Have to let this one sink, but at first listen it's gorgeous. There's a clip on youtube that informs about the reason behind the namechange. (a friend of theirs who toured with them kept calling them the Dodos)

Oh yeah,
Has anyone checked out Constellation's new French site? My french is not so hot, but anyone should be able to find the podcasts (!), which is something I wish they would have been doing for a while...though I trust them with almost every release. Anyway, here's that link too...

Hey Aaron,
Really like the other site! I've heard you mention Dust-to-Digital before, but I had to check them out more thoroughly after seeing your piece of the Victrola seires: wow, so awesome! Going to have to pick that up at some point...

Anyway, thanks for yet another great site!

By the way, anyone heard the new Visitations album off Time-Lag? Pretty lovely actually. And Aaron, you might like a group called "Au". Don't know if you've heard them, but they just came out with a new single off a new album that's coming up, but things from their first record was really good too. Here's their myspace if anyone is interested:

Hey Aaron!
I've been listening to The Dodos nonstop! Totally agree on your review and I strongly believe this is one I will get back to from time to time!

My favourite album of the year thusfar.
I hope they will come to the Netherlands.

There's some good stuff coming over here. In a couple of month I'm seeing Broken Social Scene, Vampire Weekend ánd Tapes 'n Tapes !

Greetings Elwin

Hi Aaron,

It's been a while since I've said anything here but I have to agree with your review of the Dodos – a welcome surprise to see your review tonight. I saw them in concert in Vancouver opening for Akron/Family and Les Savy Fav in October and December respectively and they blew me away both times. They didn’t interact very much with the audience but their performance was intense and rather captivating. It’s so rare for an opening act to command the attention that they received. At the shows I purchased their debut album “Beware of the Maniacs” and also Meric Long’s “Dodo Bird” – I strongly recommend both. I’ve been recommending the Dodos to friends since I saw them and am happy that they are getting the recognition that they deserve.