What's on the horizon?

The last discussion talked about great stuff for the first half of the year, and I'm trying to decide what's still coming in 2008 that I should get excited about.

There's certainly some specific stuff that's been announced that I'm excited to hear, but I know I'm missing some things, right?

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Last weekend I saw Shearwater at Zulu Records in Vancouver and was very impressed even thought I was not familiar with their music. After the show, I picked up their recently released album "Rook" and it is excellent. Indie rock with a bit of a twist - It stands out from the crowd.

Sam, I agree that there are moments on the Muhly that seem a bit overwrought the first time you hear them, but his musical language is so far removed from what you'd typically expect that it mostly dispells things once you hear how it fit into the release as a whole. That's just my opinion anyway...

Jon, I'm going to be reviewing the Paavoharju here fairly soon on the site. I agree that it's an excellent one, more words coming soon.

The new Scott Tuma album sounds pretty awesome; think he might be involved with good stuff house but I'm not sure. Just came out on digitalis, pretty sure it's quite recent...there are a couple of sample tracks on their site.

I'd also like to reiterate how much I've enjoyed Paavoharju's most recent record, Laulu Laakson Kukista. If you haven't heard that Aaron you really should; truly the most lucid thing I've heard in recent memory, and genre-less for the most part I feel...

Oh yeah, and picked up the Gas set. Truly amazing! I think it was Zauberberg IV that completely made my head spin...anyway, thanks for yet another great recommendation!

Yep, the Nico Muhly is definitely one of my favourite two or three records so far this year. I only regret the loudest part of the Third section (the American folk track) which I find slightly overwrought - though the rest of it is, as you say, beautiful.

That was way back in the day. I certainly don't look back on it with fondness (and would give it a much lower score these days), but it is what it is. Heck, if you search, I'm sure you'll find even more embarrassing things on the site (hint: Madonna is another one).

Fortunately, I _think_ my tastes have gotten a lot better in the past decade or so of doing this. I still miss quite a few great things that come out, but I'm trying...

Why even bother reviewing a Dido album?

*Very* good analysis of the new Sigur Ros! Makes me excited about what's next for them (though I'm still excitedly awaiting the Odin's Raven Magick DVD, which is, in my opinion, possibly the best stuff they ever did).

Thanks for the Gas review last week, I'm loving the 4CD box already and I can't imagine I would have found or bought it if it wasn't for this site!

I might be buying the Voigt book as a compliment to the Box too, it's released in august I believe, just read about it here:

Growing - Vision Swim
Old Time Relijun - Catharsis in Crisis
Indian Jewelry - Invasive Exotics
Shy Child - Noise Won't Stop

only just discovered this site, so this list may be old hat to all you coolites.
don't look forward at the expense of missing the now!

Olafur album is good, but coming after both Johann Johannsson and Max Richter, he needs to take his sound on a bit. And ditch the computer voice.

Hmm, I have to disagree on the Olafur album. It's a real grower, and his new one is even better.
I agree lars, the Grouper is pretty damn good.

Brent S.
Add the new Gang Gang Dance to stuff to get excited about.

Weird. The first time on CD thing must actually mean "first time on CD in the United States" (unless, of course, you've bought it from overseas). :)

Apologies on my oversight on that one. Regardless, the record still kicks some ass.

Church of Anthrax has been on CD for years. It's weird that Wounded Bird billed it as a first ever release. Columbia/Sony catalog number COL 474602-2.

Grouper (my record of the year thus far) nice article on her here...
and Emeralds on Hanson Records. Kosmiche bliss.

(Pedantic nitpicking alert: The feature was actually by Rob Young, not Sherburne.)

Thanks Aaron. Yes, that is disappointing. Incidentally, there was a great feature on the Gas project in the British mag The Wire a couple of months back by Philip Sherburne, which tied it into German mythology of the forest. It's not online unfortunately, so this is probably an empty recommendation - but thought I'd mention it. Definitely going to get the Gas set anyway, as I don't have Zauberberg at all - and you mention that this might be your favourite of all!

Brent S.
I'm highly looking forward to the following:

Goldmund - The Malady of Elegance (Keith Keniff just playing piano)
The Dead Science - Villainaire (Xiu Xiu approved, and their last album, Frost Giant, was my favorite album of 2005)
Fujiya & Miyagi - Lightbulbs
Love Is All - A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night
Final Fantasy - Heartland
Deerhunter - Microcastle

It is true Sam. To be honest, the packaging is nice, but not quite as lovely as I would have expected given the quality music within. I don't expect massive liner notes or a letter from Voigt or anything, but I thought maybe the original artwork would have been included (at least so the CDs within the box would have been more distinguishable from one another).

I am looking forward to snapping up the Gas set. But I was disappointed to hear that the original (and rather beautiful) individual covers are not reproduced within. Is this true?

08/19/08 - Death Vessel - Nothing Is Precious Enough for Us
09/08/08 - Trygve Seim / Frode Haltli - Yeraz

Also two exciting collaborations coming up. One between Tim Hecker and Aidan Baker (Nadja) which will be released on Alien8 later this year. 20 Buck Spin will be releasing a collaboration between Nadja and Black Boned Angel (including Campbell Kneale a.k.a. Birchville Cat Motel). The first track (although in different form) of this 3-track collaboration has already been released as a 21+ minute EP by Battlecruiser and it's clearly one of the best things I've heard this year so far. Definitely lives up to its gigantic expectations. Can't wait for the full album!

For the last few weeks Iíve listening to the new Scorch Trio (as reviewed last week) a whole lot. I think I might like it even more than Luggumt, which says a lot. I was able to pick up the 2lp version at their show a couple of weeks ago which features over 30 minutes of added material. I have yet to check out that Elephant9 album which sounds very promising indeed.

Ok, just picked up Paavoharju's second record, Laulu Laakson Kukista. Wow. By far my favorite thing I've heard this year, hands down. First record is awesome too...

Ok, will shut up now!

I second a review of the new Gas set! I haven't heard it, and have actually heard very little of Gas' work, to be honest...though I'm pretty sure I'm very fond of a ton of stuff that was influenced by it!

Yes, please do review the Gas boxset! I, for one, haven't heard it yet. I have pre-ordered it so I'm expecting some great music the weeks to follow.

And as others have said, Fujiya & Miyagi and Deerhunter. I hope they don't disappoint, such great bands. I also can't wait for The Avalanches to finish their second cd.

Bands' albums that I am looking forward to in the second half of this year:

Bodies Of Water
Gareth S Brown
Final Fantasy
Fujiya & Miyagi
Choir Of Young Believers
Sol Seppy
Mercury Rev (if it doesn't disappoint)

I was thinking about reviewing the Gas boxset, but at this point it seems almost useless. Perhaps there are people who haven't heard it, though, so I guess it wouldn't hurt to say a few words and have it archived on the interweb.

Hmm, more interesting stuff that I know little about.
I am looking forward to The High Places, Fujiya and Miyagi, Deerhunter and the Burial DJ Kicks (although I heard a rumor that he may be backing out of it??).
I have been entranced with the new Bonnie Prince Billy album. And thanks to glowing reviews online, I have discovered gas. The boxset has owned my evenings as of late.

The only new thing I can contribute that I'm really excited about is the new Phantom Buffalo album "Take to the Trees" that's coming out in July. Still think you need to review their first one, "Shishimumu" Aaron!

What's the new racoo-oo-oon coming out on? Really liked what I've heard of them...the cd on time-lag and one after that. I'll have to check that out! Exciting indeed...

Looking forward to the new CST releases. Saw the dead science open for the dirty projectors a while back and was really really impressed.

New Haushka? Very cool! Looking forward to the new burial as well, whom I still haven't stopped listening, and am showing no sings of slowing up...

Also, to reiterate, I'm really blown away with this paavoharju group off fonal. *Everything* I've heard from them has just really thoroughly done something for me that I haven't felt in a while from music. Pretty amazing...

so far i'm excited about:

stephen vitiello + machinefabriek cd on 12k
anduin lp+cd on smtg ltd
pocahaunted 12" on wierd forest
mogwai 2xlp on matador
racoo-oo-oon 2xlp on ???
fennesz cd on touch (is this coming out this year?)
conifer cd on important

but i'm sure i'm forgetting something...

I've just found out that the Loop re-issues should be with us by the end of the year.
Also, new stuff from Mogwai, Cindytalk, Nadja, Acid Mothers Temple, Current 93 and Hey Colossus.
Constellation will be handling the release of a new Tindersticks album in north America, as well as the debut from The Dead Science.
I'm also hopeful of hearing a new Apalusa album. There'll also be new things from Susan Matthews and Adam Lygo.
Other things I'm hoping to hear are from the doom, noise and improv-rock worlds, but these releases are very ad hoc, and I don't usually get to know about them until they're just about ready. Keeps the excitement up, I guess.

09/08/08 Hauschka - Ferndorf
09/09/08 Parenthetical Girls - Entanglements
09/08 The Radio Dept. - Clinging to a Scheme
09/23/08 High Places - High Places
10/07/08 Deerhoof - Offend Maggie

If I had to make my list of stuff I know about now, it would definitely include:

07/08/08 Burial - DJ Kicks
09/09/08 New Year - The New Year
09/16/08 Fujiya & Miyagi - Lightbulbs
09/23/08 Max Richter - 24 Postcards in Full Color
10/07/08 Marnie Stern - TBA