Help, I'm melting...

Every year, we get an intense heat snap for at least a week or so, and we're in the midst of it now. It's supposed to be 100 degrees fahrenheit (38 celsius) for the next 5 days or so and all I want to listen to is stuff with light melodies and propulsive beats.

Feel free to jabber about anything.

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If any of you have been trying to track down that Lubomyr Melnyk record KMH that was raved about last year, it is now available on emusic. I am downloading it now, and look forward to giving it a listen.

Smalltown Supersound is becoming quite and interesting label. Looking forward to hearing all of the Lindstrom record.

John Fahey? Try Sea Changes & Coelacanths for a start!

I haven't heard a ton of John Fahey, but based on what I have, I would recommend "The Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death" and "Death Chants, Breakdowns, and Military Waltzes." His catalog is pretty vast.

The Basho sounds great. Will have to pick that up. And I still need to catch up the new Blackshaw 'Litany of Echoes' too - I only hope it's in the same league as The Cloud of Unknowing. Actually, has anyone got some recommendations as to where to start with John Fahey? His work is a complete unknown to me at the moment....

Elwin Rijken
" those two tracks on myspace are not representative. "

Hey TK, yes I notice that often too, that a band that I recomment to someone gets its first check by that person via the Myspace webaccount, but usually the more standard 'hits' or just fodder songs get their way on them and then those first listens give them a false start.

So usually in that case I tell them not to go to the myspace and send them a couple of songs in variation, that give them a better all around impression of the artist.
(the Myspace accounts are also sometimes run entirely by management teams or fans)

Yeah, the upcoming Burial 12" appears to be completely different than his DJ Kicks mix (which got pushed back until mid November). As reported elsewhere, he's actually mysterious no longer. He posted his name and a picture of himself. Just a dude making music. It's all good. :)

Seems that burial is about to have a new 12" in a couple of weeks...according to his myspace anyhow. 4 new songs: awesome!

So I guess this is different than the new DJ Kicks thing, eh? Have to say "thanks" again Aaron for getting me into Burial in the first place; this site is where I heard about/heard first!

i discovered this groundbreaking (japanese) band: mutyumu. it's a blend of classical (similiar to rachels), black metal (no joke, blastbeats!) and postrock-beautifulness. those two tracks on myspace are not representative.


I can't forget Burning Star Core - Challenger. Been listening to it all day. By far his best release.

recent amazing purchases =

lawrence english - kiri no oto (amazing and totally immersive)
anduin - forever waiting (unlike anything else this year)
sawako - bitter sweet (light and airy drones)

thanks for letting me know about the john cale and terry riley reissue. great record! that paavoharju record sounds real interesting but the whole "born again" christian sect thing weirds me out...

"all I want to listen to is stuff with light melodies and propulsive beats."

Haven't heard it yet, but from the last record I'd say you might want to pick up that new Phantom Buffalo record. Their first one, Shishimumu is still one of the most perfect Summer records I own, and from the write-up it sounds like the second is right up that same ally!

And thanks for reviewing Paavoharju! Fitting words surely, and I think that's a fair score (though the baby-noises didn't bother me that much...).

That new Hauschka sounds like it's going to be really really good by the way, though I'm sure most everyone that comes to this site is aware of that...

And has anyone heard that luminosity-based album that The Field did? How was it? Any word that he's releasing anything new any time soon?

I just got to say that I right there with you regarding baby-babbling samples. Rather distasteful.