Routine interrupted

No update this week unfortunately. I've been insanely busy this week while preparing for a one-off reunion show with my old band (Marianas) and the first performance of my new band (The Non-Canonicals). I'll try to get a good recording, if anyone is interested.

Reviews and podcast will be back next week. Promise.

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For those who are interested, here are a couple videos of Marianas from our Reunion/Farewell show...

Hunting And Pecking / Good God Damn

My Body Is A Sail

There were multiple video cameras in the audience, so hopefully by the end of the week or so I will have links to both visual and audio treats from the show. I will say that I had an absolute blast playing and I thought it sounded good, but I am biased.

Reviews coming Thursday night.

Yeah, waiting patiently for Hauschka to land state-side...really liked his last one, but what I've heard of the new one sounds much more full and developed. Can't wait!

But yeah, definitely check out The Music Tapes, especially if you're a fan of the elephant 6 bunch, since the main-man behind the music tapes is Julian Koster, a former member of Neutral Milk Hotel. Now if we could just find out what Jeff's doing...

And actually speaking of former NMH members, check out these hawh and a hacksaw videos, lots of others too:,3645

I second that - I'd love to hear some of your stuff.

And a recommdation for Lawrence English's Kiri No Oto (Touch) - my favourite drone record so far this year, which hangs in the air like fog.

quiet around here. Echo Echooooooo.
I haven't heard anything by Music Tapes...will have to track it down on emusic.
Anyone heard the new Hauschka album Ferndorf? I don't have any of his other stuff, but am quite enjoying this one.

I'm sure no one will mind too much if that recording becomes available somewhere...:P

But in any case, no worries!

If I could submit a title for review, though it's probably already in your que...The Music Tapes' new album is pretty awesome, would probably strike your fancy. If it hasn't already, of course.