Nov 24th Discussion / What's the first album you bought?

I just finished up a hearty meal and now I'm relaxing with a glass of wine and uploading the reviews for the week. Feel free to discuss them or anything else...

The topic of discussion this week is... What is the first album/tape/CD that you bought (and do you still have it and listent to it)?

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Iron Maiden - Maiden Japan (First Cassette)

The first time I bought a cd was with the BMG music club. I recall getting Tom Petty's Wildflowers, Paul Simon's Rhythm of the Saints, Rusted Root's good album and The Little Mermaid Soundtrack. I dunno what the other five were.

Elwin Rijken
I was always fascinated with movies.
The first cd was some cheaply done cd with all the cool themes from your classic horror films.
But most of the version were really bad synths :D

Toad The Wet Sprocket - the one with "Walk on the Ocean"

no and no.

One of the first songs I recorded off the radio (in Argentina) was "Everything Counts" by Depeche Mode. In '85, when I turned 8 years old, I bought my first album of all time (People are People) for the very reason that it contained the single.

Now, this is pretty corny so protect your "mind-ears": People are indeed people (even here in NYC) thousands of miles away from a laid-back town as Buenos Aires. So similar we all are.
It makes me wonder why we even bother with borders and defense departments.

Ok, I promise that is the first and last association I will ever attempt between experience and music. Though that tends to be common correlation among a lot of peeps.

Depeche Mode (in a few days I'll be seeing them live in concert at MSG "Touring the Angel") remains a nostalgic favorite. Good, mediocre, or awful ---- musical virtuosity matters little when your main concern is somehow aquiring the attention of the prettiest girl you'd ever seen sitting right in front of you in social science class...a huge fan of DM; which needless to say turned me into an instant fan of the band.

And so I remain, 20 years later ---- with the only social science: a service job (bartender), and DM but a sentimental mnemonic

David Lee Roth - "Eat 'Em And Smile" on vinyl, 1986

Whew, glad I got that one off my chest.


Radiohead - The Bends

I had heard "Creep" on the radio but was only able to catch the band name after it played. The next day I went to the record store and bought The Bends hoping that the song I heard was on there but of course it wasn't. Turned into one of the best mistakes I ever made as I doubt Pablo Honey would have turned me on to more "indie"-ish music.

I have an idea...maybe it will work.

Is there anyway for us to submit photos to almostcool? I've got some nice pics from meeting bands that I think people would enjoy. For example, I have one of Jonsi from Sigur Ros kissing me on the cheek, and also one of Sam Beam from Iron and Wine where we're both throwing the metal sign.

just a thought...

Once I moved to Ohio with my Mom, I could listen to pretty much whatever I wanted, but since I had heard next to nothing besides whatever was on the radio stations my mom listened to, I was starting from scratch. I'm pleased with where I'm at musically now though.

The one problem I ran into with my mom was Marilyn Manson's Antichrist Superstar album (which I still think is a good "metal" album). That was the only record I wasn't allowed to listen to.

An apology for commenting on something that has nothing to do on this weeks discussion:
I've already posted about my favorite albums for 2005, I know you're opening a discussion at the end of the year but maybe the mp3 links will be dead by then so:
If you'd like to comment I'd appreciate it.
Sorry again.

My first music (received):
Toto - Rosanna (7")
Bruce Springsteen - Born In The USA (cassette)
Starship - Knee Deep In The Hoopla (cassette)

My first music (purchased):
It's tough to remember exactly what the first cassette was that I saved up my allowance to buy. I'm guessing it was Whitesnake or Bon Jovi. Although, a little later I purchased Def Leppard's Hysteria, which was the first album that got me really excited about music, and, laugh all you want, I still listen to and love today. My first CD was Hot In The Shade by Kiss. I do not listen to nor love (nor own) this CD today.

I didn't think I liked music at all until 9th grade, when I heard Godspeed You Black Emperor's 'Storm' at a friend's house. So 'Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennaes to Heaven' was my first.

oh! and the first mp3 I got... Turn it On by The Flaming Lips and still the oldest file I have in my computer -97 or 98- (it took 2 full days to download). Of course, I bought the album one month later.

my first LP was The Return of the Jedi Soundtrack, followed by a strange reddish -transparent vinyl containing the themes of superhero cartoons (I'm still a proud owner of such souvenir from childhood, but havent heard it in years, though). Then, here in Mexico we had few acess to nice cassettes, but I managed to get me a copy of M.C Hammer's Can't Touch this (please don't ban me -too long-, heh) during my teen years, then my first CD was Beck's mellow gold (a few months later), which I hated at the moment and got me very dissapointed and now its a record I return to quite often.

Interestingly enough, I had the same sort of situation as you Marshall. I grew up in a very Christian household and didn't end up purchasing my own music until I was about 13 or 14. For most of the years until I graduated from high school, I actually hid a lot of the music that I bought from my mom because she'd open every single cassette she found of mine and read all the lyrics. That led to many "talks" with me about whether I was depressed (due to her finding some Cure tapes) or asking just what certain artwork meant. Of course, she'd read into things a bit too much, but I suppose she was just trying to keep track of me a little and I think I turned out okay... Heh.

First CD was The Presidents of the United States of America's self-titled album. I remember being overjoyed when I found it at Musicland in the mall and proceeding to listen the crap out of it. I found them endlessly amusing, and I was even a member of their fan club. The cd might be buried in some box at home somewhere...which is to say I don't listen to it anymore.

The first cd I bought on my on was Weezer's blue album, which is still a good album even though I don't really listen to it much any more.

I grew up in a Christian household so I didn't listen to much until I was thirteen (divorced parents, moved away with mom). I was however able to purchase a cassette of Weird Al Yankovic's "the Food Album." That was my first cassette.

One of the first cassettes my mother bought me was ZZ Top's Eliminator album. But a couple days later I asked her if she'd trade me. Take the ZZ Top cassette for herself, and go buy me Chaka Khan's I Feel For You tape, cuz I wuz all about that song.

First music I purchased for myself..

Duran Duran - Is There Something I Should Know (7")
The Police - Spirits In The Material World (7")
Little River Band - Man On Your Mind (7")

Unfortunately I don't have any of these anymore, but I still love all three songs!

First LP that I can remember is Duran Duran - Rio

First tape that I can remember is Duran Duran s/t

First CD was Megadeth - Peace Sells...but Who's Buying.

Nowadays, I try to only buy vinyl. VINYL FOREVER!!!

growing pains laid to rest my reverence for classic rock (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and (ahem) Styx and Supertramp) and quickly I discovered new wave (Depeche Mode's Black Celebration, Echo & the Bunnymen's Crocodiles, New Order's Power, Corruption & Lies and The Cure's Pornography)which led me to English Post-punk (P.I.L., Gang of Four, Joy Division, Cocteau Twins, Bauhaus)and 80's American punk (Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, Uniform Choice). There's always something to keep my tastes satiated. After a lull in the nineties, a move to Chicago opened my eyes to the wonders of Free Jazz and Free-Improv - what an unexhausting mound to wallow in from the 60's to the present. Tons of other shit too, from 60's soul and gospel to 70's funk and the lonesome and parched early days of country. music junkie I am.

the first i remember actually paying for were sir mix alot (the first one before baby's got back) and the cure-staring at the sea.. i too spent hours recording songs off the radio making mix tapes..oh and i do still listen to staring at the sea

"Appetite For Destruction"/ Guns n Roses

Paul C.
First purchase: Soundtrack to "2001: A Space Oddysey," on vinyl, shortly after I saw the movie during initial release. I claim Old Man status!

Chris Mc
Oh wow! is hosting a copy of "Doctorin' the Tardis" by The Timelords (aka the KLF. It's so terrible!

My name links to the file on their site.

This also reminds me of the KLF's book "The Manual: How to have a number one the easy way". It's a great read. Tom Robinson has a copy on his site.

Chris Mc
The first tape I bought was a compilation called 'Mega Hits'. I bought it with Christmas gift money because it had Bobby McFerrin 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' and The Timelords 'Doctorin' the Tardis'. Brilliant.

The first album I bought that I still listen to on a regular basis is Ride 'Nowhere'.

I don't really have anything to add to my original post, but I wanted to say that this is by far my favorite thread since I've started commenting. I love hearing little stories from people about albums, and I'm glad to see that nobody is holding back, even if their first purchase was a somewhat embarassing one. Heh.

first CD was The Chemical Brothers - Exit Planet Dust

The self-titled debut LP by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark in 1980.

The first CD I bought with my own money was Nevermind/Nirvana, which I still listen to. I then bought an ACDC record (probably "Ballbreaker", don't listen to it anymore).
Not too long after that, when I was 16, my uncle introduced me to Gavin Bryars, which gave me an entirely different view on music ;-)

my first cd, i bought with my own money, was faith no more 'angel dust'. i still have it but prefer 'the real thing', my third purchase. and i love the colorful videos too!;-)

Larry Def Chill
First tape was Bobby Brown "My Prerogative". After I saw Bobby with a dope gumby hairdo in the "Every Little Step" video I was sold. Went to the store and dumped all my change on the counter. I only remeber listening to "Every Little Step"... should've bought the single.

The first album I bought was something by the Beach Boys...but I don't remember the album title. It was on tape.

My first pop album, though, was the Spin Doctor's "Pocket Full of Kryptonite". It was given to me, on tape. Definately do not have that one, but loved it at the time.

My 'second awakening' albums (that changed my entire direction and focus on music) were Jawbreaker's "Dear You" and DJ Shadow's "Endtroducing..."

MY first vinyl purchase was Led Zeppelin "In Through the Out Door", shortly after it released, without really knowing anything about them. I had just gotten a turn table and needed something to try it out with.

The second was Billy Joel's "Glass Houses" and the third "London Calling" by The Clash.

Don't have the vinyl anymore but I did replace the Clash and Led Zep cds. "London Calling" remains as one of my desert island discs.

i'm likely the oldest person responding ... i'm 43. but my love of music was instilled at a young age, and has grown into a lifelong love ... some may say obsession. parents bought me and my feuding sister 45s to shut us up in the mall, she still has them all, then when i was 14, the first record bought was kiss alive! ... from trash rock moved to punk, to new wave, to goth, to grunge, to hiphop to electronica and everything else. love your revamped site by the way ... and the readers comments are always entertaining and insightful. defining aural moments in history: clash, pistols, stranglers, gang of four, pixies, gang staar, nirvana, portishead, kruder & dorfmeister, notwist, lali puna, and 1,000 bands since! the dolls are a particular new fave. anxiously await the best of 2005 lists ...

Another person here who obsessively taped radio when they were a child. Of course, the stuff I liked was the stuff tadio would play maybe twice a day.

Anyway, this is gonna be ugly:

1st 8-track: Eddie Rabbit - Whatever album had "I Love A Rainy Night On It". (Feel free to ban me from your website for that).

1st vinyl: Michael Jackson - Thriller

1st tape: Either A-ha - Hunting High and Low OR Duran Duran - Arena.

1st cd's: I remember the day I got my first cd player...I went out and bought Kraftwerk - Electric Cafe and Depeche Mode - Black Celebration.

Don't hurt yourself trying to chart that musical journey from Eddie Rabbit to Kraftwerk.

When I was a child I taped radio and tv too.
But the first music I bought was a cassette of "Shooting Rubberbands at The Stars" by Eddie Brickell & The New Bohemians.
When I grew up a little and made the great step to CD, the first was "Trompe le Monde" by the Pixies.

Mike -- I too am old enough to recall vinyl. Heck, I used to tape my vinyl to cassette to listen to on my Walkman -- on my older sis's stereo, which also featured an 8-track player!

First album: Panorama by The Cars, a few weeks after its release. But any claims to early hipsterdom are undone by my second and third albums, a K-Tel compilation that I bought for "The Voice" by Moody Blues and Paradise Theatre by Styx. After that, it was off to the world of Duran Duran, Billy Idol and Culture Club as my new wave roots started to take hold....

Yes I taped radio too...The first tape I bought was the compendium, "Now! that's what I call music 3", it had some tracks from the cardigans, pet shop boys, and I basically bought it because it had lemon tree on it.

The first cd I bought was Nevermind by Nirvana because a friend reccommended it to me, weird cause I always hated Kurt Cobain.

I've also had my hiphop phase. Two actually, when I was about 10 and later when I was about 16. In between I didn't listen to any music at all. I must have been too busy playing the Sega.

During that first hiphop phase (around 1992 I guess)I bought my first tape. I bought Del Tha Funkee Homosapien's 'Mistadobalina' and (quite embarrassingly) Sir Mix A Lot's 'Baby Got Back'.

I don't think I have these tapes anymore and I haven't listened to the actual tapes for about 11 or 12 years now. Although a while ago I heard 'Baby Got Back' again on tv and strangely enough I immediately had images in my mind about 'Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator' which was the book I was reading at that time while listening to the tape extensively. Funny how our brain works.

The first tape that I bought right after the Christmas that I got my tape deck was MC Hammer's Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em. I never listen to that now. Incidentally, I just saw a financial services commercial featuring MC Hammer being evicted from his house. My first CD a couple of years later was Eric Clapton Unplugged, which I still quite enjoy, although I don't pull it out very much.

I purchased my first tape when I was 7 years old. I bought the original Ghostbusters Soundtrack. I don't have it any more but kinda wish I did. That Ray Parker, Jr. theme track is pure synth-pop gold!

don't laugh! my first *bought* album was judas priest - painkiller... :o)
i did not listen to it for a long time, but since one or two years it frequently finds it's way into my cd-player...

first LP was Styx, Cornerstone and the first 45 was The Knack, My Sharona. Boy, I may be the only one on this list with vinyl as their first purchase (old man).

well, i'm pretty embarresed by my early music tastes, like when i was 7.

the first tape i bought was the Space Jam soundtrack, needless to say, i do not still have it in my possession.

For a long time, I was a taper of radio, and instead of buying music, I would make myself mix tapes by obsessively listening to the radio and then adding to my tapes at just the right moment to get what I wanted.

Oddly enough, the first tape that I ever purchased with my own money was LL Cool J - "Mama Said Knock You Out." I went through a rap and hip hop phase early in high school, and this was one of my favorites (of course now, my favorites from the same time period are Public Enemy and others).

The first CD that I bought was Elvis Costello and the Brodsky Quartet - "The Juliet Letters." Somewhere along the way, I lost the LL Cool J tape and never replaced it, while I still own the Costello and Brodsky Quartet but rarely find myself listening to it.