Back on the Attack!

Should have a steady stream of reviews coming now that the concert has come and gone (see the last thread for links to videos).

Feel free to chat about whatever here.

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Jon, I've read a lot about those Jodorovsky films, but I've never taken the time to watch them. It sounds like something you need to devote an entire night to, simply because of the symbolism and weird-ness that's in play. Maybe when winter settles in and I'm spending more time inside...

Is anyone else absolutely loving the new Deerhunter record?

A little off topic, but just really quick: has anyone here ever seen the film "The Holy Mountain" by Alejandro Jodorovsky? As far as films it's the most beautiful/violent/challenging thing I've ever seen.

However, the music in the film, which Jodorovsky helped compose as well, is so amazing and changes the dynamic of the film significantly, and seemingly single-handedly. After really listening to the music in the film, which was made in 73' (and exclusively funded by John Lennon and Yoko), it sounds like in every scene another genre is being pushed and broken and different, and very modern, forms of music are being born.

I doubt he pioneered all of it, of course, but the music in the film is absolutely incredible, not to mention the visuals of the film. Really can't recommend it enough; unless you've a weak-stomach for abstract psychedelic narratives by insane Chilean directors ;)

I have the 24 postcard album, and like it. But somehow all his albums pale in comparison to the blue notebooks. Definitely worth a listen though. Has anyone heard the latest from Mount Eerie? The Glow just came on in a random mix I had laying about, and reminded me how much I loved Elvrum's earlier work.

No problem whatsoever! I appreciate comments, criticism, or praise. :)

but byt the way I usually apreciate your reviews or I would not bother to make a coment. keep the good work!

Has anyone heard the new Max Richter album "24 Postcards in Full Color"? Just wondering...I've really not given him a proper listen ever, but everything I've heard about this release has really intrigued me.

To be honest FatCat has several things, including the aforementioned album, that I'm looking forward to: the new Hauschka, as well as a split between Kemialliset Ystävät / Sunroof!, the former of which I really fell for after their release on Fonal last year. Crazy stuff...

I don't entirely disagree with your assessment. I obviously have my own set of ideas and even biases when I listen to a certain piece of music, and I'm sure that those things come into play.

I will say that I do my best to listen to everything with open ears and review it with impartiality.

With regards to the new TV On The Radio, I seem to be in the minority when it comes to my assessment, but I guess that's the way it goes. I appreciate their changes in sound, but at the same time personally felt that the new directions took away from the more interesting dynamics that they had going with their earlier work (I guess I liked the scuzzier sounds more). Obviously, not everyone agrees, but that's the beauty of personal opinion.

I'm sure there are a lot of things on my site that I've praised that have gotten trashed by other reviewers. I appreciate your comment.

i usually don't like to point fingers to reviews, but I think that you totally missed the point with the tv on the radio album, seems like you listened to something else and that you projected expectations that belongs to you and not the music. just guessing...