Coughing it up

I tried valiantly, but due to a sickness that is just knocking me on my ass (and causing headaches so severe that I have a hard time even listening to music), there won't be an update this week (October 9). Even if I have to do everything from bed, I promise that I'll be back next week...

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Good to hear you are feeling better Aaron. That Group Inerane record sounds great. For those of you who don't visit Moka's site, he has a killer mix of his favorites up there. Some real gems on there. Thanks Moka!


Yeah, I can't wait for King Shot! Apparently Marilyn Manson is involved in some degree, for better or worse, but I have to admit I do trust Jodorovsky so it'll probably work in its own weird way. I would second your recommendation about only watching it when you're feeling open, and yeah, wonder how it will find the ADD generation, though I'm sure the imagery will be even more dense than The Holy Mountain (is that even possible? Guess we'll find out!).

And good to know about Max Richter's new one, I'll have to get the blue notebook too...

Ah good to hear you're feeling better.
Lots of great new stuff indeed.
Max Richter's latest album is gorgeous.

I am indeed feeling much better now. I still have a slight lingering cough, but the weather is going to be beautiful here this weekend, so I'm going to blow out the last remaining cobwebs with some vigorous tennis.

Seems like I've been hearing a lot of great stuff lately, so the next couple weeks should have many things that will contend on the year-end list.

Oops sorry for the contextual mistakes, haven't slept very well.

Get well soon Aaron! Glad to read your review on the Inerane record, coincidentally I was listening non-stop to it on Wednesday.

@ Jon on last week's thread: Holy Mountain is amazing, probably one of my favorite movies of all time. I remember it blew my mind the first time I saw it, it's some very appealing visuals. It's very psychedelically saturated, so it's a good idea to watch it only if you're in a very open mood.

I heard Jodorowsky is making a comeback next year with a sequel to 'el topo' called 'king shot'. Can't wait to see how well his filmic language will translates with the ADD generation.

Headphone Commute
Don't think of it as work or obligation, and it will come on its own terms.

Danny B
try sambucol (essence of black elderflower) as it will give your immune system a boost and cut down the days of suffering. apparently their active ingredient prevents viruses from replicating! i'm also ill at the mo, but by chance came across a newspaper article on ways of getting through this period of seasonal illneses as easily as possible.

manuka honey and garlic capsules could also assist.

Elwin Rijken
Hey Aaron, hope you get well soon!
Take Care man
We love your site, you've got the creds.