8 weeks and counting...

Wow. 2008 is flying by and after a bit of a lull it seems I've heard more things in the past two weeks that have excited me than I'd heard in the past two months.

Overall, I feel like I've managed to keep up fairly well this year, but if you had to recommend a couple things that I absolutely must hear before the end of the year, please recommend them here.

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A Martinez
This is excellent:
El Hijo De La Cumbia - Freestyle de Ritmos

Mary Magdalan -PITY GIRL

Headphone Commute
I have been recently dusting off older copies of ambient music, and rediscovering the wonders within some forgotten albums. Here are some that have past my rotations, and I recommend you revisit once more... why not?

Brian Eno - Music For Airports
Biosphere - Substrata
Pete Namlook + Geir Jenssen - Fires of Ork II
Global Communication - 76:14
KLF - Chill Out

Headphone Commute
Where do I begin? :)

The new Hauschka "Ferndorf" is definitely different from his last releases... And if you gave the last two 7.25, I would say this should be a 9 candidate! :)

New Library Tapes "Summer Beneath the Trees" is equally amazing. Especially since David Wenngren is collaborating with Peter Broderick on it. How can you go wrong?

Did you not cover new Max Richter? It's worth a mention, although I really wish the tracks were longer.

You also skipped the new Squarepusher. And after a few listens I have to admit that he's still innovative. It grew on me.

The Somnia release from Evan Marc + Steve Hillage "Dreamtime Submersible" is purely a hypnotic experience. Steve Hillage!!! System 7!

How about Kangding Ray with his release on Raster-Noton. That was interesting for a minimalist label.

iTAL tEK didn't do anything for ya?

Daturah's "Reverie" is my fav post-rock of 08 as well...

I'll stop here, but I can keep going!

in between getting off on all this lovely spam one might pick up a band name or 2

New Gang Gang Dance is great; I like it better than God's Money.

Tobacco's Fucked Up Friends is a lot better than I thought it would be when I was reading reviews for it, but I thought I'd give it a shot and it wound up being a good listen.

And AGF's DANCE FLOOR DRACHEN is pretty stellar as well. She's doing an In Rainbows-style "pay what you want" deal for this one (download here: http://dancefloordrachen.poemproducer.com/ with more info on the project here: http://www.poemproducer.com/dfd/statement.html), so it doesn't cost you anything to listen. Pretty minimal techno that she's doing a lot of great things with.

Nice review of the new Blackshaw - I've been hoping you'd review that. For me, this one never quite scales the heights of the first and last tracks from The Cloud of Unknowing, and isn't quite as compelling overall. But I agree with your last paragraph, it'd be amazing to hear Blackshaw expand into including brass etc.

Will we be seeing a review of the new dj/rupture here? The odd snatches I've heard online have persuaded me to pick this up...

I really have enjoyed what I've heard of The Boats now! Thanks for the recommendation...

There's a really good D/L on the frau records site too, by the way. It's under the "color cassette" release...really lovely!

Two more I would recommend, more on the dubby side:
Deadbeat's Roots and Wire
Mikkel Metal's Peaks and Troughs

Con_cetta, Micro (Moteer)
The Boats, Faulty Toned Radio (Flau)
Emanuele Errante, Humus (Somnia)

New releases to come (soon) from Dakota Suite, Somni451

Which is why that opinion will continue to stay respected(which doesnt say much as its an opinion, sorry couldnt resist). The rant, as most usually are was not directed, merely opening a discussion.

ps martinez thanks for the 2562 and Karl Blau. Good range, will look into them more. And thanks AC for openin the doors to sublime frequencies to me, been looking for somethign like that for a while

I have to admit not hearing the Studio yet, mainly because it's a remix album. I know that's a bad excuse, and I will try to hunt it down soon.

A review for the Blackshaw will be hitting in the pretty near future, and enough people here have mentioned the Tuma that I think I might have to snag that as well.

Oh, and Jordan, I agree with your rant. As I've always said, I'm just one guy with an opinion. The only difference between me and anyone else is that I have a website where I put all my (sometimes probably misguided) opinions. I certainly encourage everyone to make up their own minds, I'm just sharing what I like and hope that other people will like it too.

Although I'm not sure they're albums you absolutely must hear, I'll think it's nice to follow up good releases from last year and see if the new ones hold up. (Just like the case with Marnie Stern.) Studio's "Yearbook 2" and James Blackshaw's "Litany of Echoes" are two albums I've been listening to on and off trying to find out if they hold the same strength as their one year older brothers. We'll see in the year-end.

I've heard really good things about Mr. Tuma's newest as well...any plans on reviewing that Aaron? Liked what I heard from the samples on the site for sure...

Second the Scott Tuma and the Grouper recommendations.

Don't know about the Marnie Stern love. I find her very interesting yet I also find her annoyingly homogenic, I don't think she has achieved much growth or evolution since her debut...

I'll second the Peter Broderick and the 2562, Deerhunte and add:
Deerhoof (growing on me)
Department of Eagles (so catchy)
Mount Eerie (either of the new ones)
Grouper (also a grower)

The new Johann Johannsson and Peter Broderick albums are sounding pretty good.

Almost cool in its 2 simple words describes good taste in so many variety of ways in music. So it was only a matter of time before words like "pitchforkhype" would come around and used like a rag doll. Like the usual lifespan of cool things, it started, peaked, and then became just too cool. Whos fault is it? The type of people like myself who are cool(or uncool) and masses likewise who fell upon and hyped it? Is it Pitchfork who allowed those types of people to like it? Or is it your fault? Maybe its a combination? I saw Bradford Cox in an interview recently and what I took from it was his new album may appear like a sell out or they have lost there cool edge(if deerhunter had one), but to them, they made something fun, for themselves, and for a bridge possibly to grab(make it catchy) onto young teenagers who are getting over My chem romance and are ready to get involved in that world of music(and yes this was on pitchfork tv, o what a loser I am)! I guess my tangent all comes down to my opinion that music's base isnt about its coolness, hype, or who else likes it. It is personal to the band and to the audience. Almost Cool himself(though I respect his opinion) is still just an opinion. Just As Pitchfork is itself. Make your own mind up before even they give it to you!

But This post was regarding albums AC hasn't heard. I suppose deerhunters new album may be appropriate to suggest...

Elwin Rijken
Ladycop - their two first EP's

Slagsmålsklubben - Boss For Leader

fucked up - the chemistry of common life.

i didn't have a whole lot of expectations for this one, cause there seemed (at least to me) to be a bit of pitchfork-hype surrounding this... but man, this is a really, really good record.

honestly. transcendant in the way punk/rock should be. gravelly vocals that actually emote rather than grate. stop listening to me and listen to this record.

Roommate - We Were Enchanted

I thought the new album by The Drift was pretty solid, and I'm probably just as burned out on "post-rock" as you are. Might be worth checking out if you haven't already...

A Martinez
Scott Tuma - Not For Nobody
Karl Blau - Nature's Got Away
2562 - Aerial
Pyramids - S/T