The update schedule

Just a couple podcast reviews to close out things out this week...

I'll be posting year-end lists and other stuff before the year comes to a close.

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Headphone Commute
Yeah, I'm kind of going crazy a bit in the last few days catching up to all this music that I missed. So many lists are coming out, and I'm consuming new music like rabid squirrel. I have a feeling I'm going to be busy until spring... Bring yours on!

You want a day?

How about Monday?

Monday it is.

Two great reviews to round out the year. Let's get those lists going!

Dang! Your list(s) is mega! There's some stuff on there I haven't heard yet. I imagine that the upcoming year will be at least partially spent catching up with the previous one as usual.

Headphone Commute
Can't wait for your Best of 08 list!!! I finally got around to compiling mine. Here it is:

Nice to see Silent Land Time Machine getting reviewed here. Finally managed to pick up my vinyl copy last week and enjoying it quite a lot. Looking forward to the year-end extravaganza, currently in the middle of finishing my list.

I couldn't agree with you more Simon. Music is absolutely wide open to interpretation and discussion, and reviews are a good way of generating such a forum. Interesting that you admit you don't look for a "good or bad" conclusion from a review - this is exactly what I was alluding to previously. However, indulging in open discussion and exchanging opinions won't necessarily pave the way for progress. Everyone has an opinion about music - but the majority, the populus, are ignorant. Only very few poeple have the intelligence and desire to break out of the colective ignorance and actually produce worthwhile new ideas. Thankfully websites like this are able to identify and promote such artists.

Not to drag this out too much, but I just want to reply to Dave's posts in the last comment section:
I think we're coming at this from different starting points. I don't read, or value, reviews because they tell me what to think, I typically read them after I've started listening to the album in question, and am already forming my own opinions. You seem to be stating that reviews can only tell you whether something is good or bad, and I reject that because that isn't what I generally look for in reviews and it isn't what I get out of reviews. It isn't about whether you decide you 'like' something based on a reviewer's opinion, it's about hearing the music for what it is, putting aside pre-conceived notions and being open, being able to listen to music and not limiting or excluding ideas and concepts, either through ignorance or a lack of interaction with the album. Meeting music half-way is completely underrated these days, if you can manage to search out meaning and content and context it can be immensely rewarding. It's breaking that 'oh, this is good'/'oh, this is bad'/' oh, this is meh' reductive triumvirate. It's less about the overall +/- opinion of an album, and more about searching through the content for things of worth, or unsought ideas.

"Stagnation is what happens when collective ignorance prevails. Exchanging opinions gets you nowhere."
OK, it seems to me that you're contradicting yourself here. Exchanging opinions can be of great worth, I contend. If you don't exchange opinions or dialog or connections, then you have collective ignorance, surely?

I am enjoying this discussion, by the way.