Dec 1 Discussion / What Are Your Favorite Sleepytime Albums?

In the next couple weeks leading up to the end of the year, I'm going to be sneaking in some reviews of things that I've picked up over the course of the year and liked, but hadn't yet reviewed on the site. Then, in about 3 weeks, I'll be breaking out the year-end list and asking for yours again. Whoot!

As suggested by a reader (thanks Marshall)... What are your favorite albums to listen to before bed (or while you sleep)?

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Lots of good picks thus far...many I would second and third.

Last night: Loscil - First Narrows. A special album in my books.

Night before that: an old classic, Consumed by Richie, oops I mean Plastikman.

Night before that: A double hitter of Jan Jelinek - Komischer Pitch and Loop Finding Jazz Records. I wasn't actually sleeping, but I was 'in bed'.

Lately: Klimek "Listen the Snow is Falling". It's only 27 minutes, and if you don't fall asleep by then, well, I guess you're forced to go to bed listening to the ambience of your room, creaks, cracks, person next to you making strange noises, cars going by...etc. I always fall asleep before it ends so...

Past faves: Kiln - Sunbox. I would use this for afternoon naps, ones where you don't fully fall asleep, calm lucidness (the todash), and when it's over, get the fuck up, do your homework, eat something, etc.
Entain - Vladislav. Could put this on repeat forever. However, do not try to sleep to Demo(n) tracks, it causes nightmares.

What else? Apollo by Eno is always a nice one.

Now I'm sleeeeepy. Good night friends...

Im surprised that only one person mentioned Boards of Canada. That´s one of my regular sleeping bands. I also like Brian Eno, Air and Ulrich Schnauss. Mostly chilled electronic music.

Hi people.

Thanks to Rafaello for listing my album among his sleepytime albums, this is much appreciated !!

Most of my own favorite have been listed here already, I'll just add a release from Bruno Fleutelot which is free to download somwhere... don't remember the exact adress, but you should find it thanks to your good pal google.


Bingo Master
Harold Budd/Brian Eno-Plateaux Of Mirrors
Marconi Union-Distance
Alva Noto, Riyuchi Sakamoto-Insen
Porn Sword Tobacco - S/T
Deaf Center-Neon City EP
Brian Eno-Thursday Afternoon

This is my favorite topic thus far. Every night I fall asleep with my ipod playing (and I wake up and having to look for the little black ear cushions!). Nothing beats a glass of wine followed by some ambient music to lull oneself to sleep...

Biosphere - Substrata
Markus Guentner - 1981
Eluvium - Talk Amongst the Trees
Gas - any! [it's xanax-laden beats!]
Deathprod - Morals & Dogma
Fennesz - Venice [I think Endless Summer is better, but it's too damn good to fall asleep to, I become too immersed and emotionally attached to the melodies]
BJ Nilsen - Fade to White
Colleen - Golden Morning Breaks
Keither Fullerton Whitman - Playthroughs
Pop Ambient 2005 [Kompakt]
Mum - Summer Make Good [the other Mum albums are too good to consciously leave]
Miles Tilmann / Loess / Low Profile Society - 3D Concepts
Max Richter - The Blue Notebooks [almost has too much nostalgia for me to detach myself and fall asleep]
Marsen Jules - Herbstlaub
Porn Sword Tobacco - s/t
Dead Texan - s/t
Yasume - Where We're From The Birds Sing A Pretty Song
A Silver Mt. Zion - He Has Left Us Alone

This was a fun list! Thanks everyone for their thoughts.

Jean-Rene S.
Biosphere's Substrata is my favourite. When i listen to it with closed eyes i always get the same image/feeling : being wrapped in a cozy and warm blanket made of sunlight! Soothing...

Recently another album grew on me when i need zen-inducing moments : The Dead Texan self-titled album.

anything by slowdive, especially "pygmalion"...
savoy grand - dirty pillows
piano magic - son de mar
lots of ambient / electro stuff (e.g. early autechre, aphex twin's ambient works)

cannonball adderley- nippon soul
billie holliday-lady in autumn
frank sinatra-nice and easy
miles davis-sketches of spain
dave brubeck-interchanges '54
elliot smith-xo
damien rice-o
the beatles-the white album
joanna newsom-milk eyed mender

I listen to Jonathan Elias's "the Prayer Cycle."

It was a 1999 album of etheral world music sung in a number of different languages and featuring Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Alanis Morissette (singing in Hungarian I think), several choirs, and some other famous people. I get so turmoiled before bed that I can't relax enough to fall asleep, and this is the only thing that ever succeeds at calming me down.

I mainly listen to lengthy dark ambient pieces as I drift off to the nether-regions.

Lull-Cold Summer
Rapoon-The Fires Of The Borderlands
Seefeel-Succour and Ch-Vox
Ecstasy Of St Theresa-Free-D
Tim Hecker-Radio Amor
Deathprod-Morals and Dogma
Savoy Grand-People and What They Want
Any Sianspheric
Any Readymade
Any Biosphere

Many more.

Iron and Wine- The Creek Drank the Candle

Takk-Sigur ros
Drinking songs-Matt elliot

stars of the lid - tired sound, ballasted orchestra, etc... +sotl side projects

biosphere - substrata (can't believe this hasn't been mentioned yet)

lustmord - the place where the black stars hang + purifying fire

bloodbox - a world of hurt + the iron dream

lots of brian eno and harold budd

mum = anything by mum

The Boats : Songs by the Sea

Cat power always lulls me.
Stars of the lid - the tired sounds of
Colleen - the golden morning breaks.
Almost all ambient music is drowsy enough for this means.

Elwin Rijken
1 Mile North - Minor Shadows ~

"Gatauex Youth"/ Dolphin Boy
Anything By Portishead
"The For Carnation"/ The For Carnation
"Closer" /Plastikman
Blade Runner Soundtrack
"Tangled Wool" /Xela

Awesome. The soundtrack to "Suspiria" by Goblin is pretty weird stuff (if you haven't seen the movie, I'd highly recommend it), but I dug it a lot when I saw the movie. As a funny note, for some reason there are a couple notes in that soundtrack that sound almost exactly like the opening riff of Kenny Loggins' "Footloose." Listen to it and tell me I'm wrong.

I have to say, some great selections (and TCC mentioned the Buddha Machine, whoot!) by people, including some stuff I've never heard of that I intend to check out. Also, I'm going to have to throw a mention out there for Biosphere, whose "Shenzou" is blissful for leading into sleep. Also, as old school as it is, the original 2CD "Chill Out" compilation is swell too.

this isn't a favorite; just some disturbing music that happened to play one night while i was already in that dreamlike state. i think i fell asleep to giardini di miro and this album came on right after (i left iTunes playing). go ahead, try waking up to it in the middle of the night. it's fun.

goblins - suspiria

Now this is my cup of fur. I've been relying on headphones and music to fall asleep since 1989. I discovered so much music that year that I didn't want to part with it even in slumber. It would be nearly impossible to make a list since it would be exhausting to wade through (though there's many on "neil's" list that I identify with and thanks to "chris" for dropping our name on there). Here's a few that I can always count on and look forward to bedtime...
1. eno
2. mirror
3. gas
4. jan jelinek
5. scott tuma
6. boxhead ensemble
7. talk talk
8. peter wright
9. seht
10.steven r. smith
11.blithe sons
13.richard youngs
14.william basinski
15.popl vuh cat is an alien
17.birchville cat motel
20.roy montgomery
...ah too many more

I don't need any help falling asleep. I'm out 2 minutes after i hit the pillow.

But if I did, it might be the dead texan, colleen, or jose gonzalez right now.

I second most all things here but I'm really surprised that no one's mentioned Loveless. When I ACTIVELY listen to it it makes me half asleep. But, of course, that's when it sounds the best.

Another of my favorites is all in the name: Bedhead. Rock music doesn't come more beautiful.

Icebreaker International & Manual - "Into Forever"
Colin Potter - "See"
Johann Johannsson - "Englaborn"
Anders Ilar - "Everdom"
William Basinski - "The River"
The Buddah Machine!!!!

Of course all the Kranky releases mentioned below are great...

Something that sounds similar, but creepier is Aaron Turner's band House of Low Culture. He's the singer/guitarist from Isis and HOLC is his ambient side project. Like stars of the lid but kind of disturbing.

Also, two bands that I found out about from this site have great records to sleep to: Hood's Cold House album, and all three of Tram's records, especially their first record Heavy Black Frame.

And one of my favorites, Air's score for the Virgin Suicides film.

I fell asleep listening to Sunn O))) once. Waking up halfway through the album was somewhat disturbing.

Seems like most of my sleepytime artists have been mentioned already (1 Mile North, SOTL, The Dead Texan, Pan American, Max Richter, etc) but for the longest time now Beans' Inner Cosmosis has been lulling me to sleep. It's something about the repetive compositions that always seem to put me in a pleasant trance.

Oh, and almostcool/Aaron, even if The Timeout Drawer and Saxon Shore disappointed you with their albums, other recent post-rock such as the new albums by Detwiije, My Education and especially Port-Royal should be well worth checking out. (But then again I kinda like that Saxon Shore album.)

Zelienople - Sleeper Coach
The first two Silver Mt. Zion albums
Tristeza - Dream Signals in Full Circles

Anything by Múm, Manual, Marsen Jules, One Mile North or Oren Ambarchi.
The One AM Radio
Bibio. The Album Leaf.

Lately it's been Mountains. When I was a younger it was nearly always Cocteau Twins.

Can even snooze to Boards of Canada...the beats put me into a trance/slumber.

I agree with the people below who mentioned Gas, anything affliaited with SOTL, Rachel's, Pan American, Windy & Carl, Max Richter, Efterklang.


: k

_anything by Everything Is Fine
_Mojave 3 : excuses for travellers (spec. tracks one, three, six)
_Microphones "The Glow Pt. 2"
_Thanksgiving "WELCOME/NOWHERE"

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. . . ..

When I started a thread about sleepy music, I never thought I'd see Earth, Sunn O))), and Mono mentioned (twice!). I'd also have to agree with Matt below that once I tried to fall asleep to SAW II by Aphex Twin and ended up waking up several times and having disturbing dreams to boot. There's a little too much creepiness on there.

I'm definitely with you on the Labradford. s/t, Mi Media Naranja, E Luxo So, and Fixed::Context are all great for sleeping.
Also, the latest couple from Pan American - The River Made No Sound, and Quiet City are great.
An old favorite is Autechre - Incunabula or Amber
James Plotkin and Mick Harris - Collapse
Rachel's - Selenography

I've seen a couple here mention Esmerine. I used to try to go to sleep to that, but it always wakes me out an the end.

I don't really listen to music to fall asleep to. Sometimes, music makes me sleepy, but I never listen to it for that purpose. I want to hear the music.
Stars of the Lid seems too disconcerting for me to feel relaxed.. with the exception of a few songs, it all has this dark undercurrent that I find a little unpleasant.

I usually can't get asleep if I'm not in bed reading some book and then turn off the light, letting only music to guide me to sleep. So, loads to recommend too, but I only try to list my sleepytime albums of the last months, in rigorously alphabetical order:

Avia Gardner More Than Tongue Can Tell
Below The Sea Blame It On The Past
Boduf Songs Boduf Songs
Brian McBride When The Detail Lost Its Freedom
Clickits Express Gifts
Coastal Halfway To You
D_rradio U_nderscore
Désormais Dead Letters To Lost Friends
Eluvium An Accidental Menory In Case Of Death
Esmerine - If Only A Sweet Surrender To The Nights To Come Be True
Ezekiel Honig & Morgan Packard - Early Morning Migration
George A Week Of Kindness
Goldmund Corduroy Road
Hauschka The Prepared Piano
Helios Transmitted Vibrations Of Any Frequency
Julien Neto Le Fumeur De Ciel
Lorna Static Patterns And Souvenirs
Lullatone Little Songs About Raindrops
Marconi Union [Distance]
Matt Elliott Drinking Songs
Montgolfier Brothers All My Bad Thoughts
Murcof Remembranza
Port-Royal - Flares
Silencio Grunezeit
Songs Of Green Pheasant Songs Of Green Pheasant
Squares On Both Sides Dunaj
Stafrænn Hákon - Ventill/Poki
The Dead Texan - The Dead Texan
The Remote Viewer Let Your Heart Draw A Line
Theodore A Summer She Has Never Been, A Winter She Fears
Yellow 6 Melt Inside

I'd definately plug "Pop" by Gas, and maybe some older Low. Though since I live with my girlfriend, I don't listen to much music at night time anymore.


Swod - "Gehen"
Near The Parenthesis - "Go Out and See"
Zvezdara - "The Dawn of New Possibilities"
Porn Sword Tobacco - S/T
Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - "Vrioon" or "Insen"
Eraldo Bernocchi & Harold Budd - "Music For Fragments From the Inside"
Henryk Gorecki - "Symphony No. 3"

And sometimes the following:

Steve Reich - "Music For 18 Musicians"
Max Richter - "The Blue Notebooks"
Tim Hecker - "Mirages"


eden ahbez - eden's island
paddy mcaloon - i trawl the megahertz
joe hisaishi - a scene at the sea ost
daniel higgs - magic alphabet

makes me fall into a deep and peaceful sleep.

I almost exclusively put on two (three) albums at bed time. It's either Arvo Pärt - Alina or Disintegration Loop 3 and 5. You don't need anything else.

almost forgot:

Mogwai - Burn Girl Prom Queen

Nine Horses "Snow Borne Sorrow" as well as Colleen. Also love Gwei-lo "Cell Song" to unwind. Although I am also a HUGH Kozelek fan, the "Tiny Cities" release sorta makes me drowsy.

It's impressive that you are able to fall asleep listening to "Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky..." - if I'm on the verge of falling asleep, the noisy climaxes always unnerve me.

These four records always work for me:

Efterklang - Springer
Aix Em Klemm - S/T
ISAN - Lucky Cat
Opiate - Possible 12"

Loads to recommend here:

AMM - "Newfoundland" & "From A Strange Place"
Amp - "Perception"
A.M.P. Sutdio - "Syzygy" & "Unconscious Country"
Aphex Twin - "Selected Ambient Works Volume II"
Heidi Berry - "Pomegranate"
Cindytalk - "In This World II"
Cocteau Twins - "Victorialand"
Miles Davis - "Kind Of Blue" & "In A Silent Way"
The Dead Texan - "The Dead Texan"
Double Leopards - "Halve Maen"
Earth - "Earth 2" (may be loud, but very effective)
Brian Eno - "Music For Films", "Music For Airports" & "Apollo"
Esmerine - "If Only A Sweet Surrender To The Nights To Come Be True"
Tele:Funken/Flying Saucer Attack - "Distant Station"
Galaxie 500 - "This Is Our Music"
Lisa Gerrard - "The Mirror Pool"
Global Communication - "76:14"
David Grubbs - "Banana Cabbage, Potato Lettuce, Onion Orange"
Robin Guthrie - "Imperial"
Stafrænn Hákon - "Í Ástandi Rjúpunnar" & "Ventill/Poki"
Calder - "Calder" (Stafrænn Hákon side-project)
Mark Hollis - "Mark Hollis"
The Hope Blister - "...Smile's OK"
Hototogisu - "Ghosts From The Sun" & "Awful Symmetry"
Hugo Largo - "Mettle"
Indicate - "Whelm"
Insides - "Clear Skin"
Thomas Köner - "Permafrost" & "Aubrite"
Labradford - "Mi Media Naranja", "E Luxo So" & "Fixed::Content"
Laraaji - "Day Of Radiance"
Mono - "Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered And The Sun Shined" (already mentioned)
Navigator - "Nostalgie"
Node - "Node"
Jim O'Rourke - "Tamper", "Disengage", "Remove The Need" & "Happy Days"
Port-Royal - "Flares"
Pullman - "Turnstyles & Junkpiles"
Paul Schütze - "The Surgery Of Touch"
Seefeel - "Ch-Vox"
Shalabi Effect - "The Trial Of St. Orange"
Skullflower - "Carved Into Roses"
Spacemen 3 - "Recurring"
Stars Of The Lid - "The Tired Sounds Of..."
Sufi - "Life's Rising"
Sunn O))) - "The GrimmRobe Demos"
Sunroof! - "Found Star Sound" & "Cloudz"
David Sylvian - "Secrets Of The Beehive"
Talk Talk - "Spirit Of Eden"
Threnody Ensemble - "Timbre Hollow"
Windy & Carl - "Drawing Of Sound", "Antarctica" & "A Dream Of Blue"
Zaika - "Zaika (I)"

I think that'll do...

i don't usually listen to music going to bed, but i do remember putting on one of the discs of "tired sounds of" when i had trouble sleeping one night a few years back and i'm pretty sure i was out by the end of the disc. if i were to do this more often i'd probably reach for:
william basinski - "disintegration loops"
colleen - "everyone alive wants answers" and "the golden morning breaks"
brian eno - "ambient 1: music for airports"
and particular tracks from aphex twin's "selected ambient works II" (because some of the other ones might give me nightmares otherwise)

I simply cannot sleep peacefully without some music to fade away into dreamland. Beautiful topic this week.
Arvo Pärt - Alina (IMO one of the most beautiful pieces of music to listen to awake or in mid-sleep)
Max Richter - The Blue notebooks
The Appleseed Cast - Low level Owl
Phillip Glass - Glassworks
Blade Runner OST (excluding the main theme that has awaken me in a scare sometimes)
Mono - Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined

I'm sure we're going to get a lot of drone and ambient releases listed here, and I'm not going to differ.

I think my favorites for conjuring up the sleepy dust are Stars Of The Lid - "The Tired Sounds Of" and anything by Gas ("Zauberberg," "Konigsforst," or "Pop"). I also really enjoy Labradford when I need to wind down ("Mi Media Naraja" or "Fixed: Content"). I know I'm going to think of others, too...