Dec 15 Discussion / What Are Your Favorite Albums To Sing Along With?

As usual, feel free (or not) to rip it up regarding the stuff I've reviewed this week. Next week, I may or may not have new reviews. If not, there will be year-end list madness, so beware...

The question for this week is... What are your favorite albums to sing along with? Any guilty pleasures?

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the Darkness are my favorite to sing along with... sorry, nothing deep :P

animal collective's 'feels' is a nice one to join in on...wilco too...guilty pleasures are kylie and the new madonna single...

peter lifts you and secures you. The song is only three minutes long, but it leaves you wanting so much is the moment you never want to die. And it keeps pulling you back. again and again.

I completely agree with you, TCC. "Anniemal" is one of the finest pop albums released in the last five years, and no one, repeat no one, should feel the least bit guilty. "Heartbeat"! Pitchfork nailed it on the head in 2004 naming it the single of the year. And there is a reason why: because it is (as far as I am concerned) the perfect pop song.

Blind Melon - Bee girl album
Wrens - meadowlands
Anything by Red House Painters/Sun Kill Moon
Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker
Iron & WIne - Creek Drank the Craddle

Being an, ahem, older contributer, a big wink to Neil below for mentioning Associates "Sulk", to which I tried my best to keep up with Billy Mackenzie's vocal acrobats at 15 (especially 'Skipping' and 'Club Country'). Singalong "Classics" I would also mention:
Kate Bush - "The Dreaming"
Cocteau Twins - "Treasure"
David Sylvian - "Secrets of The Beehive"
Bowie - "Scary Monsters"
Soft Cell - "Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret"
More recent:
Elliott Smith - "XO"
Saint Etienne - "Good Humour"
Red House Painters - (self-titled #1)
Belle & Sebastian - "If You're Feeling Sinister"
Low - "Things We Lost In The Fire"

PS - There ain't nothin' wrong with singing along to "Anniemal", people!!

Everett S
The Who - Who's Next
The Beatles - Rubber Soul
Radiohead - OK Computer
Woven Hand - Consider The Birds
Pig Destroyer - Terrifyer

Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs, especially "Papa Was a Rodeo".
Of Montreal, especially "Tim, Wish You Were Born a Girl".

Blur - Parklife
Oasis - Definitely Maybe
Franz Ferdinand - debut
Elastica - debut
The Smiths - all of them
The Beatles - Revolver & back
New Order - Substance (the only one that i don't sound too bad singing, sorry Bernard)

Pulp - Different Class (the first time they've been mentioned??)
Elastica - the first one
R.E.M. - Murmur
Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin

belle and sebastian - the boy with the arab strap
jim o'rourke - halfway to a threeway
lush - lovelife
cat power - you are free
oasis - definitely maybe
joanna newsom - the milk-eyed mender

beck - odelay
radiohead - bends
beta band - 3EP
david bowie

Anything By Weezer!!!!!!!!!!!

of montreal - satanic panic in the attic

'Havergal - Lungs for the race + Elettricita (a soo under estimated band)'

just had to second that post.

Jim o'rourke - Eureka + Halfway to a threeway
The notwist - Neon golden + Shrink
Broadcast - all their splendid stuff
Papa M - Whatever mortal
Havergal - Lungs for the race + Elettricita (a soo under estimated band)

anything by Sufjan Stevens
Iron and Wine - Our Endless Numbered Days
Slowdive - Souvlaki

I agree with lots of the ones that have been mentioned.

The Notwist - Neon Golden
The Postal Service - Give Up
Underworld - Any track on which Karl Hyde starts his crazy lyrical rambling
The Deftones - Adrenaline

how hasnt anybody said either the blue album or pinkerton yet?

the wiredbird
is TOOTHFAIRY really.. .well, 6-ish? I've yet to hear, but the track he had on the latest PDX POP NOW! release [ "why'd you have to die" ] was quite good.

Chungking Express Cafe
faust - so far (it's a rainy day, sunshine girl)
faust - so far (no harm: daddy take a banana, tomorrow is sunday!)
faust - faust tape (j'ai mal aux dents)

a lot of faust non-sense interludes (or songs if you can call that) are quite fun to sing/scream along ...

of coz, the debut of jesus and mary chain

Luke A.
The Clash - London Calling -- "Train In Vain" is all I really listen to, but it is my favorite song to sing along to.

The Replacements - Pleased To Meet Me

Animal Collective - Feels

Pavement - Anything

The Silver Jews - Anything

the decemberists - everything penned by mr. meloy
stone roses "the complete stone roses;" these songs will never get old
anything by the chameleons
belle and sebastian "if you're feeling sinister"
any new pornographers
andrew bird "mysterious production of eggs"
built to spill "there's nothing wrong with love"
mission of burma "signals, calls and marches"
stars - everything; it's perfect pop!

car singalongs:
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack
(small guilt from that one).
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Modest Mouse "Good News..."
Buena Vista Social Club
Beta Band "3 E.P"
Queen "Greatest Hits", a lot of fun to singalong! ;)

I usually just try to scream along with either Isis or the Blood Brothers if I'm driving alone, but it's pretty hard.

animal collective and hopelandic sigur ros

Sandinista!, of course. It has more great sing-a-long songs than any album ever. It's THE best Clash album.

I usually don't sing the music that I hear (well, most of the times it's impossible...), but now and then it may happen.
By now, it's hard to remember the exact songs that happened to be sang in the past, but just the last: it was yesterday, I was coming back home after the last of three days of the exam to become a lawyer (which in Italy is a terrible psycho-physical experience!) and, in the subway, suddenly came in my mind some song taken from the latest Sodastream mini album, "Take me with you when you go" ("Cotton fields" in particular).
Well, even if I was terribly tired, I began to sing it and I rather kept myself from dancing too!

metric, nuetral milk hotel (of course), the metasciences, johnny cash, beck, songs: ohia, etc.

I'm terrible at remembering lyrics, so my choices are from a bygone age...
The Associates - "Sulk" (bad impersonations of Billy Mackenzie probably best left alone)
The Cure - "The Top" (my favourite Cure album)
The Go-Betweens - "16 Lovers Lane"
Hunters & Collectors - "Hunters & Collectors" (splendid debut, before they went AOR)
Kitchens Of Distinction - "Love Is Hell"
The Smiths - "The Queen Is Dead"
The The - "Infected"

I second Neutral Milk Hotel whole-heartedly. Also, Bob Dylan, of course. Singing along to Dylan works very well on long drives; it makes me feel bone weary and weathered. Now, guilty pleasure......Annie. I dont know if you know of her, but there is this terribly poppy song called Chewing Gum that I cannot resist. I do spare anyone else from hearing it though.

yeah, gang gang dance! i have to agree about singing along to the smiths. i love to try and harmonize with morrissey.

I'll just write and concur with the high rating Gang Gang Dance recieved. I too had problems with it at first, but it's a rewarding piece if you make the effort.

Lately, it's been Fog - 10th Avenue Freakout. A great deal of the music I listen to is instrumental though, so when I latch onto a vocal album, it usually involves some singalong in the car.

No guilty pleasures, but both "24 Hour Revenge Therapy" and "Dear You" (by Jawbreaker), both of Elastica's albums, Radiohead's "OK Computer" and Jimmy Eat World's "Clarity". Plus these are all amazing driving albums, as well. There are more, but those are the ones that really just jump out.

I usually only limit myself to singing along with different CDs when nobody else is around, and I have my favorites. I'd have to say that anything by Depeche Mode (especially "Violator") or The Smiths clock in close to the top of the list. Also, if I really feel like belting it out (and making the neighborhood dogs howl), I do my best to keep up with "In An Aeroplane Over The Sea" by Neutral Milk Hotel.