Taking a week off...

Sorry no update this week, I decided to take a week off and rejuvinate myself by making year-end mixes and generally getting away from trying to consume 5-6 new albums a week. I'll be back with regularly-scheduled reviews next week.

In site news, we went over 500 total comments since I started that feature, so I'm excited about the response so far. Also, there have been over 30 readers lists contributed from almost 15 countries so far. If you haven't sent me yours yet, get on over to the Readers List 2005 page and submit yours (and read others for some stuff you might have missed, I know I did).

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Have you picked up José Gonzáles yet because that is a huge reccomendation?

There are a ton of releases on different lists by readers that I'm going to try to check out when I get the time and money. As always, if something catches my ear, I'll probably shove a review on here of it before 2006 really starts getting cranked up with new releases. There are already several things on the horizon that I'm excited about for this year.

Thanks for all the bits of text about music this past year. You do a great job with your reviews, without any of the bullshit extras or posturing that so many other rags publish.

Cheers, and here is to a great 2006.

Rune Grammofon will be releaing Supersilent 7 in an NTSC version at the end of January. Also the PAL version is region free so u could view it on your computer with no problem.

thanks to the readers responses - I found Soft Hearted Scientists.. . see pissyeller.org .


Some releases from other folks' lists that I've been meaning to check out:

* Seu Jorge - "Plays David Bowie/The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions" (I haven't listened to these songs since seeing The Life Aquatic, once. That reminds me, I need to go out and pick up the DVD too) .
* Espers - "The Weed Tree" (I loved their self-titled debut, so I simply don't know why I haven't checked this one out yet).
* DangerDoom - "The Mouse And The Mask" (I loved "Madvillainy" and have seen this advertised on Adult Swim).
* Quasimoto - "The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas" (This, along with "The Unseen," is at the top of my hip-hop-to-check-out list).
* Tape - "Rideau" (This one sounds great, based on everyone's positive reviews and the group's previous two releases).
* Supersilent - "7" (Supersilent's "6" was my favorite album from 2003. If it wasn't for the pesky region-coding on the DVD, I'd have checked this out by now, but I hear it's circulating on peer-to-peer networks now, so I have no excuse not to track it down).