Jan 13 Update / What's on the horizon?

Mostly holdovers from last year still this week, but that will start changing with the updates coming next week and beyond as more new releases start dropping.

The topic for discussion this week are things you're looking forward to in 2006. I already know a lot of what's coming out in the next couple months from reading different release dates on the web, but what are some things that already have you excited?

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I was going to see Jose Gonzales in the Netherlands last week. I already had the tickets. Unfortunately I became very ill that day. For the first time in almost two years. Not so nice.

I'm looking forward to seeing the following gigs: Akron/Family, The Books, Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice, Sun0))), Earth, Drive-By Truckers

Im looking foward to the number of gigs i have got coming up over the next month or so.

The Love Substitutes
Jose Gonzalez
The Books/Clogs
Broken Social Scene
Death Cab For Cutie
Thee More Shallows
All Tomorrows Parties Festival

I hope this bright start to the year continues

Oh I thought this got mentioned already but it seems it hasnt, Check out
Man Man - six demon bag
Haven't heard it complete but there's several tracks from the release on various mp3 blogs. Very recommended.
Also "we are scientists" and "the arctic monkeys" are releasing albums.

For Michael
look here for The Love Substitutes

there's also a collaboration between Isis and Aereogramme for Konkurrent's "Fishtank" series to look forward to

Thanks to Bubbachups for the info.

It turns out they ar playing live here in Glasgow on Saturday night.


More info on The Love Substitutes:

On a completley unrelated note,

I heard a band called The Love Substitutes on a Wire Magazine compilation and really liked them. However, i havent been able to find anything else about them on the the internet or in record shops. Ive anybody knows anything about them please let me know


Sorry, I forgot to mention that a couple of good sites for finding out release information are:




Should be more than a couple things on both those lists that should tickle just about anyone's fancy.

Ok, after repeated listens none of the other tracks on the Johnny Boy album stand up to "You Are The Generation..."

i've heard the new Islands - "Return to the sea".
excited about mr beast, tortoise, belle & sebastian.
hoping for new radiohead.

Joanna Newsom
The Hidden Cameras
The Clogs

2006 Albums I've heard and quite enjoyed:
Johhny Boy
Belle & Sebastian
Cat Power

: k
Lauren Hoffman - Choreography

Really? As in Charlottesville > Paris Lauren Hoffman?! Add that to mine then!

Ehm, the anonymous user below was me...

Some of the above mentioned, plus some others:
Mogwai - Mr. Beast
B. Fleischmann - The Humbucking Coil
Destroyer - Rubies
Theodore - A child counts the stars
Rocky Votolato - Makers
Lauren Hoffman - Choreography
This Is Your Captain Speaking - Storyboard

Liars : Drums Not Dead
Destroyer: Destroyer's Rubies
Electric President: Electric President
Hidden Cameras: Awoo
B. Fleischmann: The Humbucking Coil
Chromatics: Nite
Ms. John Soda: Notes And The Like

Looking forward those radiohead, Dntel and Tool releases.

I have a copy of the mogwai album and it's pretty consistent with most of their other albums (i.e. a few songs that melt your face off, the rest, mostly mellow).

I haven't been paying enough attention to know what will be released this year, but any year with new radiohead, EITS, Isis, and Tool records will be a pretty sweet year.

some already mentioned, but a few more to consider

Mogwai - "Mr Beast"
Aereogramme - "My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go"
Chris Brokaw - "Incredible Love"
Dialect - "Sync Chronic City" (fingers still crossed on this one)
Tool - title TBA
Isis - title TBA
James Orr Complex - title TBA
Fuck-Off Machete - new album TBC
Bonnie Prince Billy/Tortoise - collaboration album
Random Number - "Golden Acre Sleeps"
Kling Klang - "Esthetik Of Destruction"
plenty to come of my favourite local label Mentalist Association; Shink, Yeborobo, etc.
I'd also expect loads more from Hototogisu, Double Leopards, The Skaters and more
plus, the new Cindytalk album "The Crackle Of My Soul" is still on the cards...

i know the question was not addressed to me, but to michael:

i got to see the books last spring and they were really really great. if i hadn't seen them live, i might not have enjoyed "lost and safe" as much. the performances of the songs combined with their video projections really helped the songs to just "click" and make that much more sense. paul is an amazing cellist, and anne doerner (who has been part of the live group) absolutely shredded the banjo. it sounds like i'm gushing, but truly, seeing them live made me feel more like i wasn't watching musicians, but rather real honest-to-god *artists.*

so go see them. i'm not really familiar with clogs' music, but i can imagine that any sort of on-stage collaboration will be worth checking out.

in agreement in anticipating new ms. john soda, ulrich schnauss, radiohead; i'm personally hoping for new portishead, and especially the notwist - that would make me one giddy girl. btw thanks to whomever submitted wooden wand on their top 10 list - just great stuff.

: k
Ho_ses, band of

and this new frankel EP is delicious serious-o.

Almostcool, its funny you mention Jose Gonzalez, as i am going to see him two days after the Clogs/Books gig, here in sunny Glasgow, Scotland. I wonder if he will make an appearence?????

Biosphere - Dropsonde (CD)
Flaming Lips - At War With The Mystics
King Biscuit Time - The Crunch]
New Explosions in the Sky
New Radiohead album
New Ulrich Schnauss album

I really can spell third properly. And I can answer this question properly too, if put to the task.
How about...
CAT POWER - The Greatest

I hear there will be a thrid installment of "A Situation" this year. I'm pretty excited about that.

Does Aesop rock have a new album on the way out? Or was I making things up?

Michael, I haven't seen The Books, but in March they are going to be playing close to where I live and I think some friends and I will make the drive. I have a couple live recordings of them, and they translate well live. I would personally love to hear them play with the Clogs, as I think that would be a great collaboration, given the past output by that group. In addition to the Clogs, I think that the current Books tour also has them playing shows with Jose Gonzalez and Death Vessel.

I'd forgotten about that Matmos, but I'm really excited about that as well. Friends tell me the Bonnie Billy/Tortoise disc is great, so I can't wait to hear that one too.

I hadn't heard about a Supersilent 10xCD live box. That could either be totally sweet or a massive mind-melting overkill. I guess we'll see if it happens.

So far:
Mogwai - Mr. Beast
Fog - Loss Leader
Why? - Dumb Hummer/Pick Fights 7"
Grails - Vinyl re-releases of their 2 albums
Grails/Red Sparowes split
Jel - Soft Money
Chicago Underground Duo - In Praise of Shadows (thx Andreas, I didn't know about this one)

the new calexico album seems interesting.

other stuff:
wechsel garland - easy
aki tsuyuko - hokane
the knife - silent shout (not sure if it is the correct title, i've seen some others).
music a.m. - unwound from the wood
chicago underground duo - in praise of shadows

that's all i can think of right now.

The new Matmos is arriving in May and the Bonnie 'Prince' Billy vs. Tortoise is already a classic a few weeks before it's release date. Rune Grammofon have two new cd's scheduled for next week, an the guitar/drums duo MoHa! looks promising. Rune has also a special package for his 50th release, a 10'' of Deathprod remixes and where is the long promised Supersilent 10xlive box? Hopefully it's coming this year.

After listening a couple of times, I think that the new Mogwai record sounds quite promising.

I'm looking forward to:
Dub Tractor - Hideout
Tunng - t.b.a.

Yeah, and of course a new Mahogany record (if Prinz really gets ready to release it).

To Almostcool,

Im am going to see Clogs playing with The Books at the start of February, as far as I know they will be collaborating on stage too. Have you see them before, what are they like live?

Definitely the new Broken Social Scene! I already like the story behind this one so i'm very curious about how it's going to sound.

Wooden Wand - Horus of the Horizon
Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice - Gipsy Freedom
Sibylle Baier - Colour Green (February)
Drive-By Truckers - A Blessing and a Curse (April)
Centro-Matic - t.b.a.
Calexico - Garden Ruin (April)

And hopefully more stuff from Akron/Family and maybe a new Max Richter?

There's a stream of idol tryout vol.2 that is from ghostly. That is shaping up to be one hell of a compilation. I'm really excited about the new mogwai and mono too.

i'll agree on the new mono for sure. i managed to find leaks of the new liars and mogwai on soulseek. i need to give them both another listen before i can pass judgment. others i'm looking forward to:

tujiko noriko - "solo"
mahogany - "connectivity!"
kim hiorthøy - "t.b.a."
various artists - "idol tryouts vol. 2"
patrick wolf - "the magical position"
fog - "loss leader e.p."
ms. john soda - "notes and the like"
dntel - "t.b.a." (crossing my fingers and hoping it sees the light of day this year!)

A couple of things I'm really excited to hear (with tenative release dates) are...

The Clogs - "Lantern" (02/02/06)
Liars - "Drums Not Dead" (02/21/06)
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness - "Fear Is On Our Side" (03/07/06)
Mogwai - "Mr. Beast" (03/07/06)
Calexico - "Garden Ruin" (04/11/06)
Mono - "You Are There" (04/11/06)
Tortoise - "R,R,C" (04/11/06)

I'm sure there will be a lot more as dates pile in, but those are a few that have me stoked.