Discussion for Sept 25th Reviews

This week, I've got reviews for the newest Kranky release (Boduf Songs), Isolee, Porn Sword Tobacco, the newest Andrew Pekler, and the much-hyped Wolf Parade. Feel free to comment (please!) and discuss any/all of the above. Remember to play nice (see above F.A.Q. for commenting etiquette).

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the pekler is a nice one...if only for the slightly warm tones and miniscule intricacies...i get the feeling a lot of the more 'harmony' like parts were kinda accidental...but still,i think it works most of the time

Brent Sallay
Nice new digs. I can't believe you do this all yourself. Your page is the only one around I think that consistently manages to make great, often obscure recommendations without being the least bit pretentious, elitist, or unnecessarily cynical. Kudos!

After listening to the Wolf Parade more and more, it may end up sliding up my year-end list a little further than the rating suggests (much like Caribou, which has grown on me a TON since I reviewed it (and saw him live)). The Wolf Parade is a great release, with sort of a reckless feeling that they managed to capture really well. 1/4th of the year is left, I'm sure there will be some more contenders before 2005 closes out.

Elwin Rijken
Hey Aaron! How are you !
The new layout looks really fruity!
Very fresh man, it's almost cool!
But seriously, I still check this website weekly's *and more* and I am still interested in what you have to say about bands and albums.
The new Wolf Parade is definately my highlight of the year, next to Arcade Fire (whom I saw live on the Lowlands festival in the Netherlands; very energetic beautiful concert that was)
I'd rate it around 9, I think it's supercool that Isaac Brock is helping these guys out and you can definately here the MM influences. (I love the keyboards on this album)
Keep up the good work!
Greetings Elwin