Small site tweak

I made a small site change over the weekend in regards to the "buy this CD" buttons. They're obviously a bit larger now, as I felt that the old ones didn't make much sense to those who hadn't been to the site before (and didn't look very good just floating haphazardly underneath the artwork).

So, the new buttons are as wide as the album artwork, but only three-quarters of the height of the last buttons. The resulting screen-space taken up is just over 3 times that of the old buttons, but hopefully it looks a little better.

Anyone have any thoughts on them?

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Please consider offering also a link to the official site (whenever there's one) of the artist and not just to the label. If it's too much hassle for you, just forget about it. :)

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Audiogalaxy! I had so forgotten about that one. As for cd "cases", I prefer the hand-screened Arigato Pak! styles of recent. Of course, always support the bands; go see a show, buy a shirt, buy them a beer - this is how the real money is made and spent.

Good point about spoiling fun. That's actually why I download very little stuff anymore, as I found myself not getting as much enjoyment out of things. For some reason, there's still that tactile part of picking up the CD case and opening it and putting it in the player while looking at the liner notes at artwork that gets completely taken out of the equation when you download an MP3. It's more that "ritual" that I miss out on than anything else, but still, it's one of those little things that I really enjoy.

The new buttons look good. I didnít know you received commission when someone would buy an album after clicking one of those links. I will try to remember it if I ever happen to order something from Amazon or Insound again. Unfortunately their international shipping is rather expensive though.

As for downloading. I've used Napster and Audiogalaxy back in "the early days" but never really liked it. It's just too much. There's no way I can listen to all the stuff I would download. So the only downloading I do these days is from artist's websites and a handful of blogs. That's enough for me to check out all the good stuff and figure out which albums I need to buy. I want to spend as much time as possible with my actual records and as little time sitting behind the computer.

I also like buying records about which I know very little to nothing. Maybe I've just heard one song, someone gave me a recommendation or I've only seen the nice artwork which makes me want to buy the album. Listening to everything beforehand with Soulseek would spoil the fun to some extend.

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limewire / slsk / torrents.

** To sample them, of course, before you buy them. **

To be honest, I do very little downloading anymore, but when I do, it's from Soulseek (which is PC-only, although there are some OS X varients floating around). It seems to have the highest percentage of people with very varied music tastes, so you can find a good portion of the things I review on there.

To sample them, of course, before you buy them... :)

I also had the same problem buying from caiman - although i stay at djibouti. It probably was shipping issues but seeing that you had similar problems, it may be caiman.

Can i ask? - where do you download mp3s from. do you use morpheus? - it never has the stuff you review!

It looks great. It's alot clearer what each of the links say than before.

Out of lots of purchases, I've only had a single bad experience with Amazon re-sellers, and that was a biggie. I ordered a $150 7-Volume set of William Vollmann's "Rising Up And Rising Down" (many moons ago when it was possible to find it for close to that price) and the place I ordered it from only sent me a single beat-up volume.

I had to crack some skulls, but I got my money back. Freakin' scammers. (caiman was the seller name, by the way).

Oh, and if you're creating a script to write reviews for yourself, be sure to include the word "laden" (as in feedback laden). Twas an inside joke of mine one year when I wrote for my college newspaper. For a single semester, every review contained that word somewhere...

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Any hosting costs being covered would be great! I just created a script (Mac OS 8.6 or earlier ONLY) that writes my reviews for me - so I'm getting close to the bank. Well, closer anyway.

As for the Amazon logic - I'd say that's a damn good enough reason. That and USED goods!

With the sites that I'm an affiliate for, it's easy for me to track how many purchases are made. Over the course of the past year, there were enough purchases made to give me commission that covered about half of my hosting costs. Not as much as I'd get by putting ads on the site, but not too shabby.

Part of the reason I link amazon (honestly!) is because in many cases there are even more reviews to read for particular albums. It's easy to read my opinion, then jump over and read some more if people want to. Also, you can get some decent deals through there by buying from amazon sellers on used items.

I'm sure that lots of people (heck, I still do it) will read a review and then download that album and decide whether they really want to buy it or not based on how much they enjoy it. I usually go by the one-month rule. If it's good enough to keep listening to after a month, it's good enough to buy. At the end of the month, I either have to ditch the MP3s or buy the album (or put it on my list of things to buy). That's just the twisted logic I've created in my head to make me feel like I'm not ripping artists off (even though technically I guess I still am).

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so, obviously you track the number of actual purchases for your purse - I was wondering if people in fact DO buy albums based on online reviews or simply use the text as a guide for the mp3 communities(?). it's a legitimate question I hope, and with almostcool on metacritic now it's had to have some effect.. .right?