Feb 2 Update / You're headed to space...

Definitely some bigger name stuff reviewed this week. As usual, feel free to discuss it, old stuff, or whatever. Yadda yadda.

Here's a little "pick the soundtrack" question for the week. In the future, you're picked to go on board a space mission. What do you want playing in your headphones as you float above the earth and look down at it?

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I agree with your The Elected review - it's schmaltzy as a boxful of marmelade, it rightly shouldn't appeal to me, but hell, I keep coming back to it. It is very warm indeed, just about this side of perfect background listening on a wistful day. I said just about. Man this is close to the line.

Zia Mohiuddin Dagar - Raga Yaman

I've been listening to this on headphones to fall asleep to and just as I feel I'm drifting off to sleep it feels more like I'm drifting out into space. So so spacious and gorgeous!!

You know what? I've changed my mind. I'm gonna take the new Mountains cd with me up there. Like that sound of water running on the track "Below", that would be the perfect fit.

To be honest, I haven't even heard "LoveKraft." After "Phantom Power," I guess I didn't quite feel the same love for them that I had before. I read some mixed reviews for "LoveKraft" and admittingly didn't take the time to listen to or even purchase it. I've heard a couple songs from it on our college radio station and they didn't grab me really. I'll probably give them another chance at some point here, though.

peter t
Just by the way: I always figured you a big fan of Super Furry Animals, what happened to your review of LoveKraft?

I also would like to listen to some good old Townes van Zandt while I'm up there. To make me feel more comfortable and feel at home.

Interesting post, as there was a programme on tv here in the uk about 5 years ago that showed footage of the first moon landing and merged it with music such as "Tracy" by Mogwai, and tracks by Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin etc.

Anyway my soundtrack would include tracks by:

Explosions in the Sky
All India Radio
Charels Atlas
Hungry Ghosts
Marconi Union
Max Richter
Sigur Ros
Pan American
Seven Ark

Sianspheric-A Sound Of The Colour Of The Sun

The Pink Floyd - Moonhead


BOC - Music Has the Right...

everett scott
ooh, forgot one...
Ash Ra Tempel - New Age Of Earth

everett scott
Steve Roach - Structures From Silence (underrated)
Cluster - Cluster 71
Global Communication - 76:14

Future Sound of London - Lifeforms

boards of canada - corsair
nautilis - living possum
the remote viewer - we found sound
silver mt zion - 13 angels...
brian eno - golden hours & becalmed
porn sword tobacco - wife beater
isan - fueled
freescha - church music
grandaddy - under the western freeway
fennesz - the other face
markus guentner - wenn musik der liebe
keith fullerton whittman - stereo music for yamaha disklavier prototype, electric guitar and computer
moby! - god moving over the face of the waters [sorry =)]

Good choice on the Lemon Jelly. I think I was guilty of being too serious about my picks as well (Moka touched on some silly stuff with the space age lounge).

If I'm gonnna moon-walk, maybe I'd better bust out some Super Furry Animals "Guerilla" or "Rings Around The World." Oh, and Laika - "Lost In Space!"

I'd play Bach's cello suites, Rachel's Sea and the Bells, Arvo Pärt's Alina and for some space laughs Lemon Jelly's Spacewalk ;)


michael rother - sterntaler

: k
space travel:

North Atlantic Explorers
Her Space Holiday
any G500


Well, space age lounge, of course:
Esquivel - cabaret mañana and something by Henri Mancini or Hugo Montenegro.

Adding some Dvorak or Susumo Yokota's symbol to the trip might be a a good tip.
Do you really want some ambient stuff up there? Space is quiet enough...

'how does it make you feel' by air - even when not on 'e', which experienced only twice, makes me feel like i'm floating in space or on the moon or on another planet ... a most underrated song from a most bril album

solitaire - notwist ... ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space ...

ms. john soda and b. fleischmann doing slowdive's "here she comes"

earth - 2
sunn - the grimrobe demos
unravelled broken orchestra - live recording dec 9, 2005
nomeansno - wrong

Larry Def Chill
I agree with Loscil and Explosions in the Sky, both would be great.

I would add some Tangerine Dream and Juno.

Elwin Rijken
Gustav Holst - The Planets

Disintegration loops #3 and The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place for sure

Selected Ambient Works II

This is quite hard but here are a few:

Boards of Canada - Tears From The Compound Eye
M83 - In Church
M83 - Noise
Slowdive - Souvlaki Space Station
Slowdive - Blue Skied an' Clear
Sigur Rós - Flugufrelsarinn
Spiritualized - No God Only Religion
Ulrich Schnauss - Monday Paracetamol

Beatles- Tomorrow Never Knows
Sigur Ros- Nosjavelin
Elliott Smith- Better be Quiet Now
Elliott SMith- Happiness

Right Off from the Tribute to Jack Johnson release


Sunglasses At Night - Corey Hart
Move D - Amazing Discoveries
Anthony Manning - Concision
Connection Machine - Chemistry Cosmos
Model 500 - Time Space
Julee Cruise - I Float Alone
Nimrod33 - Barbed Bed
Christian Morgenstern - Aces High
Ambidextrous - Neon Residence
Boards of Canada - You Could Feel The Sky
Sunrise Society - Astral Travels

David Bowie - Space Odissey
Radiohead - Ok computer
Massive Attack - Mezzanine
Boards of Canada - Music for children
Air - Moon Safari

is this a sweepstakes question? The answer is Ligetti. What have I won?

Mark Van Hoen "Playing With Time" or possibly Colin Potter "See"

Scorn - Gyral

One more:
Radiohead, "Ok Computer"

I've got to plug both Gas releases I own, "Pop" and "Konigsforst".

Other notes:
Loscil, "Sumbers" & "First Narrows"
My Bloody Valentine, "Loveless"

if it's an exploration mission, a trek into the unknown, i'd put rachel's - "esperanza" (from "systems/layers") on an infinite loop,,

soundtrack to get/be lost in space tangerine dream - "rubycon" (or "ricochet")

soundtrack for the last glimpses of the earth from space - galaktlan - "sinine platoo"

"2001: A Space Odyssey" Soundtrack

Hard to decide for certain, but I wouldn't mind trying these:

Brian Eno - "Music For Airports"
Insides - "Clear Skin"
Thomas Köner - "Permafrost"
Laraaji - "Day Of Radiance" (particularly "Mediatation")
Jim O'Rourke - "Disengage"
Sunroof! - "Found Star Sound"
Windy & Carl - "Consciousness"
perhaps some Debussy or Satie, or even Philip Glass

Luke A.
"Ladies and Gentlemen We Floating In Space" - Spiritualized

"Horizon Variations" - Max Richter

I guess the most obvious one for me would be Brian Eno - "Apollo - Atmospheres & Soundtracks." If I was looking for something a little more austere, I'd maybe go with Biosphere - "Autour de la Lune."

Oh, and I'd be completely remiss if I didn't mention Johann Johannsson - "Virðulegu Forsetar." So lovely.