Feb 9 Update / Pump it up

An odd thing I noticed is that most of the albums I reviewed last week had very succinct names and titles. This week, not so much...

We all know that when Rocky needed to get psyched up for the big fight, he'd sweat it out to a little "Eye Of The Tiger," but what are some of your favorite songs to build up your energy level and make the adrenaline flow?

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Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn
Third Eye Foundation - No Dove No Covenant

yay for miles davis

peter t
Spring Heel Jack - the entire "Dissapeared" album fires me up and keeps me on my toes, and most of Amon Tobin. - Kinda like India where it feels like stepping into the future in a human race.

Stereo MCs - "Traffic" & "Running". Gives me mysterious embarassing bruises after it all!

Also can't help wishing if Miles Davis was still alive he would have kept us alive.

I'm stupid, I misspelled (but fixed it) "succinct," which basically means the same as concise. Kinda ruins my point when I don't even spell the freakin' word correctly! Arg.

Elwin Rijken
on topic - The Shame from The Blood Brothers gets me pumped up :D

Elwin Rijken
what does 'succint' means.. ?

Glasgow Mega-Snake hasn't been released yet

Metallica '...And Justice for All'

: k
Refused "New Noise"
Anything off the Faint's "Blank Wave Arcade"

No matter how lazy I am certain synths will get me up and ready, here's some tracks that help me get my blood flowing.

Black Devil - h friend
Cristina - drive my car
Todd terje - eurodans
Cagedbaby - amplified heart
Francisco - 80 voglia

There's many more but this are the only ones I remember right now... oh yes, Ian Dury always makes me start tapping and moving until I'm up from the coach.

Ganja Kru - Super Sharp Shooter
Mogwai - Glasgow Mega-Snake
Björk - Pluto
Silo - Prime Movers
Sonic Youth - Plastic Sun
Prefuse 73 - The End of Biters

anything by Part Chimp, esp "Bring Back The Sound"
same goes for Envy - "Chain Wandering Deeply"
Boris - the fast stuff, particularly "Heavy Rocks"
Sonic Youth - "Drunken Butterfly"
Yona-Kit - "Yona Kit LP"

I'm a political scientist so I rarely am in a position where I find myself needing to get pumped up, but when I have the time to go the gym, I need something with a good beat to run to. That being said:

Talking Heads--Stop Making Sense
Static X--Wisconsin Death Trip
System of a Down--Toxicity
DFA1979--You're a Woman, I'm a Machine
Godspeed--Yanqui uxo (oddly enough...good to run to)

Born Slippy is indeed a dope song.
Good call.

Also, "Elastica" by Elastica, especially "Wake Up".

Forgot another song : "Common People" by Pulp. I've got to move when I hear this song.

Definitly, "True Faith" by New Order. I used to listen to this song before every time I went clubbing when I was about 17-20 (so around 1993-1996). This song is quite energizing so I was really in a good mood for dancing and talking to new people after listening to it. I must say that I think I owe to this song some really good nights with some really cute girls. :) Even now, I just feel good everytime I listen to that song. "I feel so extraordinary, something's got a hold on me, I've got the feeling I'm in motion, a sudden sense of urgency"

"Surface to Air" by the Chemical Brothers and "Born Slippy" by Underworld also build up my energy level.

Live sets from Pavement and Sonic Youth usually do the trick. Silent Kit, Texas Never Whispers, Junkies Promise, and Becuz are just a few of the tracks that get me going :)

Definetly the first track of Pulp Fiction's OST "Misirlou" by Dick Dale and His Del-Tones, the last 2 albumbs by Tool "Aenima" and "Lateralus" and some Neil Young maybe, depending on the ocassion.... :)

ISIS - Panopticon
The Book of Dead Names - The Story Unfolds
DJ Shadow - Preemptive Strike
Jawbreaker - 24 Hour Revenge Therapy
Sleater-Kinney - The Hot Rock.

Oh man! "And Justice For All..." I remember cranking the living bejeebus out of that thing back in the day.

And to show my completely nerdy side, I once put "The Imperial March" from the Star Wars OST on a warmup mix tape (that played over the loudspeakers in our gymnasium) for my high school basketball team. Surprisingly, it went over quite well. Heh.

Anything that is my favorite at the time...
So right now:
Fog - 10th Ave Freakout
13 & God

Oh, and PSA about Grails. Their *vinyl* is now available on roboticempire.com. I've been waiting for this for months!!!

minus - jesus christ bobby (whole album). this is probably the most aggressive record ever...
anything by shellac or big black

death from above 1979 - most anything but "dead womb" in particular
lightning bolt - most anything but "ride the skies" and "assassins" in particular
kim hiorthøy - "live shet" ep
dj shadow - "high noon"
underworld - "rez / cowgirl (live)" (a favorite from high school)
coachwhips - "you gonna get it"
hangedup - "kinetic work"
shitmat - "shopliftin' gabba"
tom vek - "i ain't saying my goodbyes"
jumping on the bandwagon with this band, but the title track from boris' "pink" just kills. mouth-frothing, punch-in-the-face style.
agreed on the squarepusher.
i could go on...

the review of belong this week is pretty well spot on, although i might have ranked it a bit higher. the fennesz influence is screamingly apparent, but when they do it right, it's really good (the title track, "i never lose. never really"). like you, i can only hope they'll switch things up a bit more in the future.

Luke A
Mclusky - "Day of the Deadringers"

Metallica '...And Justice for All'

I'm going to cover a bit of a span here with a couple different song mentions...

One song that I always listened to my senior year of high school before every basketball game was "Wish" by Nine Inch Nails. It was a little bit on the aggro side, but it always seemed to get my head in the right place to really go full out.

In college, I kept on towards the electronic route, and "Come On My Selector" and "Beep Streep" by Squarepusher always seemed to get me going.

Nowadays, my workout mixes vary pretty widely, including everything from tracks by Wolf Parade, Clinic, and Can, to Amon Tobin, Richie Hawtin, and Michael Mayers "Fabric 13" mix.