Feb 16 Update / What bands have you rediscovered?

This weeks topic is at least partially inspired by my rediscovery of the Talking Heads. I liked them when I was younger, but sort of fell away from them until I heard the remasters lately. Since then, they've moved up my list into probably my top 10 favorite groups ever.

So, I guess the question for the week is, what artists do you appreciate more now than you did the first time (or times) you heard them?

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Albert Finney
Stereolab. Never got it for the longest time. Then, while immersed in a long mid-nineties Saturday of Sim City and Emperor Tomato Ketchup, I found myself bouncing in my knee-chair while my cities scraped the sky. And I got it.


Buddy Holly - I liked his music, but then found out he was a ground-breaking guitarist and song-writer

Camper Van Beethoven - when I first got into Cracker, CVB seemed to be novelty; they deserve the hype

The Kinks - Unbelievable the breadth of music that they produced

Velvet Underground, best band ever without a doubt!

Carcass: I guess for a death metal act I never thought they were brutal enough, but now I really love their records - mainly Necroticism and Heartwork. Very technical.


The Smiths was a band I didn't care much for back in the day, but now Morrissey is my hero. Their debut s/t album is one of the best first releases out there.

peter t
The first time I heard Cocteau Twins and Pram I didn't enjoy any of them. I knew it was good music by the way it sounded but I never got any pleasure out of listening to them.

Now, they both give me goose bumps at times!!

nick drake.

VU and MBV overhyped!!! o.k. I can understand the trash talk about Sigur Ros (they deserve it), but now you're treading hallowed ground.

It took me a while to really appreciate drone music. I remember hearing some of Eno's stuff when I was younger and thinking "what the hell?! this isn't even music, why would anyone pay for this?" Needless to say I was young and stupid.

I would totally like an almost cool sticker for my guitar provided they're not too big.

arthur russel. yup.

That's excellent! I remember having those stickers created many, many years ago now. There should be 500 or so of them floating around in the world now. I think I still have a few in my backpack.

Speaking of stickers, would anyone that reads this site be interested in getting one if I had them made again? Maybe that's a good idea for a contest or something... Hrmm.

Justin, it's good to hear from you. I was just telling someone about our epic 60 mile bike ride we took a couple years back. I'm using it as inspiration to get into great shape again.

J Heckman
I had a thing for the pixies when I was younger and have really grown to love them. More than any other group I have listened to, my appreciation for this group has grown.

I also thought that Patsy Cline was really catchy when I first heard her but her music is really amazing.

Thought I would drop a note in here, I use your site as a resorce quite often but am just a lurker. I wanted to let you know that the school I work at as a Physics teacher has an Almost Cool.org sticker (black strip from 7 years ago or what ever) stuck to a light fixture in the journalism room. No doing of my own.

This is Justin (1427, joshes freind. . .)

Good work you do here, love the lists.


k a l e b the w o r t h l e s s
I would have to say MBV - but I dare not, because they are still the MOST overhyped band right after the Velvet Underground.

As Vic C would say: "sorry little girl - that's life."

During high school I listened to a lot of music simply to fuel my depression (I was diagnosed with clinical depression...). And a lot of what worked its way into my listening field were bands like Low, gybe!, Sunny Day Real Estate, Bjork's "Homogenic" and more Jawbreaker than one should actually be allowed to listen to.

However, my situation has greatly improved and having moved to a new city, started my own life and my family situations cleared up, I have been able to revisit all of the above mentioned bands and see them in a completely different light.

I really like I am listening to many of these albums again for the first time (though SDRE did sit on my shelf for years with only being touched for moving / re-alphabatizing). And the emotional charge is still there, but the music feels different; it feels better, stronger. All of the bad associations with the music have vanished, and all the trapped beauty has been released.

That's my story, I guess. Or at least one of them...

I've had the brow-furrowing task recently of sifting through my record collection in hopes of being able to make some xtra $$ - which, unfortunately or not, instead has led to the rediscovery of a few things that I've decided to keep - including: The Creatures 'Feast', Yellow6 'Icanhearthemusicallaroundme', Sparks 'Propaganda', The Passions 'Michael & Miranda', The Orb 'UFOrb'(!).
I guess sometimes you need some real time away from certain music in order to come back and rekindle what drew you there in the first place...

In addition to the Talking Heads, I'd have to say that another band that I appreciate much more now is Can. I think it's partially due to the recent remastering that they also got with their releases, but for some reason they just didn't hit me as much the first time around. Now, I can barely get enough, and have to admit snapping up 7 of their remasters (and I'm thinking about doing a special Can-only update where I review my top 5 favorite albums from them).

Hrm, I also think that I appreciate Johnny Cash more. I heard him a lot when I was younger and never got into him, but with his American album releases I was reintroduced to his music and have loved his work since.