Feb 23 Update / List Ideas?

I'm feeling lazy (not really, more like worn out) this week, so I'm calling on readers to come up with ideas for future discussion topics. Just post them in here and I'll do my best to run through them in time.

New reviews as usual, and I'm currently working on adding a new feature to the site that should be pretty neat. It's not going to happen for a couple weeks most likely yet, but I think it will be worth it.

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Chris G
List ideas:

Artists who have consistently gone down hill from their first album on...ala Tricky.

Artists who were once admired or respected who make a horrible/embarrassing song for radio...ala Red Hot Chili Peppers with "Aeroplane".

la la la la so good

- Dreams you've had about musicians/artists, or music in general.
- Bands you've discovered purely by chance.

Well, I never get sick of hearing "claire de lune" by debussy, "all mixed up" by the red house painters and "most of the time" by Bob Dylan among others.

@ marshall: the band Grace Cathedral Park is indeed very good. I bought their album about a year ago, also on insound. I think they are the perfect mix between Red House Painters and Godspeed You Black Emperor. Especially the first track on the album is great stuff.

One more:
Favourite opening/closing tracks.

There are a few songs that spring to mind...a number of them by Jawbreaker. Most notable are "Sea Green Foam", "Sluttering (May 4th)", "Condition Oakland" and "Kiss the Bottle".

Other songs of note are "Waking Up" by Elastica, "Homecoming" by Slug + El-P, "Choir Vandels" by The American Analog Set and "All is Full of Love (Video Remix)" by Björk.

There's a band called Grace Cathedral Park. They're kind of like an alt-country version of godspeed if you can imagine that. Found them on insound and they're pretty good I'd say

how about covers that are better than their original..

I never get sick of hearing "Grace Cathedral Park" by Red House Painters and "On The Nature Of Daylight" by Max Richter. What's yours?

I wrote that twice because I'd really like to hear the songs the other readers never get sick of hearing...

mmm, I have another one: songs you never get sick of hearing.

Yesterday I had to wait two hours in a bank, it wasn't getting robbed this is just how things work here in the third world...
maybe music for waiting.

no wait... we already had a sleepytime topic...
songs you never ever get sick of hearing maybe?

mmm... I'll propose them as soundtracks:
Soundtrack for the cooking channel.
Soundtrack to a murder or a suicide.
Anthems for insomnia.
and... mellow songs!

I guess I'd like to see some broader music topics... like some discussion on the recording industry, radio stations, the problems with mainstream music, how important is local music, and how people are involved with local music etc.

But if you want to stick with strictly artist topics -
Bands that were good before they were 'known.'
Artists you obsess over... every album and then some.
Bands that were genre eye openers for you.

Dig the new fav-icon AC... nice.

Lots of great suggestions already. Should be stocked up for weeks and weeks into the future now.

I see a few suggestions below that we've already covered in one form or another (granted, the archives aren't as fun because I close commenting on them, but there's still great stuff in there), such as favorite music to "shag" to.

Well, I'd better get started on the reviews for next week.

Discussion 1: What do people (friends, family, colleagues, etc) think about your obsession with music? Do they understand? How do they react when you show them your cd and vinyl collection? Do they try to convince you that buying so much music is a waste of money? How often do they suggest that downloading and burning is much more convenient? And how on earth do you know all those bands?!?

Discussion 2: How and where do you discover new music? What are your sources, but more importantly, what makes you decide that something might be interesting?

Discussion 3: What is your policy on purchasing records? Do buy a monthís worth of albums at once and live on that for awhile or do you get one or two at a time? Do you wait until a record is in the discount section or do you want the new stuff as fast as possible? Do you go out shopping armed with a carefully compiled list and hunt your way through the record store accordingly or do you want to be surprised by whatever they might have around for you to discover? Do you try to collect an artistís full discography as soon as possible or do you try to get a little bit of everything? You know, that sort of things.

Albums you wish you had found a long time ago...(10 years or more old)
best albums for walking late at night in the city...

- Favorite music to "shag" to
- Music you though was pretty cool until it gets mainstream and makes you sick

-Musical guilty pleasures (we all have some).
-Best book/cd combo.
-Ideal road trip and its respective playlist. :)

Everything metnioned sounds good so far

-bands that shouldn't have called it quits.
-a discussion about why pitchforkmedia is like wal-mart: you feel bad about going there, but you kinda have to.
-the opposite of richie's idea...bands that you really like but not many other people know about
-bands that opened for the main act that you never heard of, but really blew you away.

-Bands you first get seriously hooked on (why and on what occasion) when you started to evolve an interest for music.
-Bands you still follow 'cause they were great in their early days.
-Bad Albums w/ great Artwork and vice versa.
-Out-of-print and otherwise rare Albums you are eagerly on search for.

-favourite way to reference to bands you don't like (ie: clap your hands say suck)
-i second neil's "bands everyone else likes but you don't".
-best albums you discovered via napster/soulseek

Good local bands from the your area. I from Glasgow and can think of tonnes that people will not have heard of

favourite driving music
dream festival line-up (add rules if you like, maximum ten acts per day -- I'd need at least 3 days!!!)
most over-rated/over-hyped bands/albums
bands the whole world seems to like, but you dont

Bands everyone but you (i.e. person commenting) have heard
Best/worst live shows
Favorite album artwork/packaging
Good openers/closers
Best/worst band names
Album you've been listening to most lately