Mar. 9 Reviews / What's your guilty pleasure?

Last week's topic is going crazy with people responding to artists they think are overrated, so we're going to go in the opposite (and more positive) direction this week.

What are some of your musical guilty pleasures?

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ok, it took a moment to muster the courage but here it is...
Falco, everytime I hear Rock Me Amadeus it just kills me but I must listen

David nice you see yourself as a fine connoisseur ;-) but I don't see the point. A fine wine connoisseur will juste hate "une piquette" (very low quality wine). The point is more probably a musical taste that doesn't match a wished image or follow other people opinion. Not really music stuff.

Wow.... I guess a guilty pleasure is music you don't think you should like, but you do, therefore making you feel guilty... or something like that. Here's my little list:

-Kylie (I have red blood in my veins, can't help it)
-The Grass Roots (going back a bit here)
-Harmonium (very few can know this)
-Thievery Corporation (modern electro-pop lounge, what can I say, well anything E street Lounge then....)
-The Durans, Depeche, New Order, Billy Idol...
-Platinum Blonde (I know, but it's too catchy...)
Yeah I know I'm old, but there's alot more on this list than there is space on this page....

twangy california country, such as gram parsons or the byrds' "sweetheart of the rodeo." it's good music, but a far cry from my usual bands (black dice, no-neck blues band, sunburned hand, run gramafon stuff, etc.)

I guess you're lucky that vegemite sandwiches go well with beer then! Heh.

Another good discussion this week. The last two weeks have been awesome, so it's obviously good that I took suggestions from readers on discussion topics.

Three words that strike fear into most (sensible) people: Men At Work.

I know that they are cliche-ridden AOR, but I can't listen to them without being propelled back to my childhood. In my defence I would never listen to them sober.. if that helps..

The Tragically Hip. Yep, this indie/electronics/hip hop fan is ultimately a Canuck at heart, and the hip still gets me.

I listen to Aqualung's first album once in a while...

Noname has missed the point entirely it seems - I liken this question to a wine connoisseur admitting that he enjoys Black Tower on occcassion.

Anyways, I don't have many. If I like it then it's good, period. Nelly, "Hot in Herre" one of my favorite singles of the past decade though, maybe I'm a little ashamed to admit that. I even like the uber-gay remix by Tiga on his DJ Kicks album. Sting. Some Bon Jovi. That's all I can think of for now.

TTC : All those Duran Duran and other are exactely why the 80's is the decade I hate from a "mass" culture point of view. Kitch, plastic, sugar, sugar, sugar is what I think of them but you are right they definitely set up a musical influence... Not sure at all I enjoy any group that claim theim as major influence.

I haven't changed my taste, only a few Depeche Mode of the 90's can give me some listening pleasure but I tried come back to their wellknown album of the 80's, I juste dislike them as much than before.

That's a perverse question, you like enjoy some music but why you feel guilty to enjoy it? You just like listen crap like a masochist desire or it's something else?

I had guilty pleasure for sure but they wasn't guilty when they was pleasure, I just don't listen them anymore if I don't like them anymore. Even nostalgia won't help for me despite it could be a good reason.

going back a bit to Fred... FYI, Etienne Daho is apparently recording his next full length record with David Roback of MAzzy Star fame. Hmmmm, could be amazing.

and yes, erasure are a bit too gay for their own good sometimes, but that is what makes them so endearing i think.

There's something about Small Town Boy by Jimmy Somerville that compels me to do his trademark sideways shuffle.

I'm going to flog you with a water-damaged LP copy of "Hotel California" and you have to say 50 "Joe Walsh's" for your soul to be clean, my son.

Ha ha.

Burt Bacharach, though? You and I can swagger with a martini sometime with him playing in the background. That's good stuff.

withheld ...
dionne warwick / burt bacharach, the carpenters, rumours era fleetwood mac, oh god, even the eagles. what is my penance Father?

Two words...... Billy Idol

herzog 77
fleetwood mac (just "rumours" ok).

and abba . . . sorry. :)

Don't be ashamed by the Kelly Clarkson! My little sister said one day, "listen to this cd with me." I did, I liked it, then she informed me it was Kelly Clarkson. A little piece of me died inside after that one.

This Is Not The Name I Post Under...

I can't not listen to "Since U Been Gone" - Kelly Clarkson

It's not like I would go BUY it....but if I hear it somewhere, I have to listen. Ok, maybe I did download the track....but I would never seek it out just to play it....BUT if it came up on random, uhhhh I wouldn't click's just so crunchy and catchy.

THAT my friends, is a guilty pleasure.

BTW...this does not make me proud.

The Choker

off discussion: probably you knew but the hebden/reid session took place in the span of only one day. The album itself isn't that impressive but if you consider they did it in just one day... tss, It'd be great to hear what they'd do if you gave them a week or a month.

...gorillaz, I deny it everytime someone asks me if I like em.

A very guilty pleasure: The first album by The corrs (i don't remember the name of the album) but I loved their prefab celtic sound when I was like 15. I still like to listen to their cover for "little wing".

Plus: all the bands I said I didnt like on the last discussion.


Good to see that I'm not the only one loving Étienne Daho stuff. It get's me happy everytime i hear songs like "Duel au soleil". Cheesy.

I must say that you're right about OMD. Their first albums are quite classy. But I feel a bit guilty when I found myself singing along to "Dreaming" or "If you leave". I just can't help it.

As for Erasure... The songs they made are hyper-melodic and sneak into your head easily. But gosh! I can't help but feel that it is just a little bit too "gay" for it's own good.

Name WIth Held
Christopher Cross' debut album is a guilty pleasure; well-crafted songs, strong musicianship, great to listen to when you're in a certain kind of mood.

I'm not the only one...
" truth, Christopher Cross was a hell of a record -- it just was a hell of a soft rock record, something that doesn't carry a lot of weight among most audiences..."

Hey, a slam on a band is nothing personal. Music fans get so defensive about the their tastes. It's all relative anyway so ease up.

most of my guilty pleasures come from my metal-head years as a teen (maybe is more a personal association with those years than anything), at least these are the ones I still listen from time to time: Iron Maiden (all 80s discs), Sepultura, Motorhead, and some scandinavian death metal from the 90's(geez).

And in a more poppish/rock vein:
Men without hats, Kylie, They Might be Giants, Robbie Williams, Greenday, Meat Loaf, Rip Slyme, Ray Parker Jr. ...

also, Plastinina Mosh and Natalia Lafourcade are some mexican stuff I admit I really enjoy.

Well... a lot of the music I honestly listen to (without guilt) has been covered by this thread... As a teenager in the 80's it's hard not to feel somewhat cursed by a decade that brought so much cringe-worthy pop to the world. But so many of the UK bands below from the 80's started off REALLY good and then just ended up pandering to a less than receptive US market - at least that's what I think. It's interesting though, I probably would have felt more sheepish about those early records by Duran Duran, Simple Minds, Depeche Mode, OMD, Ultravox and their ilk a few years ago - whereas now I agree with Fred and think they were probably underappreciated pioneers who should be listened to with new ears... and now a lot of current artists I listen to site them as influences...

Benny Mardones.

hey now, there's no shame in loving the Boss -- Nebraska, Darkness on the Edge of Town, and Born in the USA all have some amazing songs...

My guiltiest of guilty pleasures (I'm blushing as I type this) is Alphaville. Oh my, they are the poor-man's Erasure and I still really like it!

ohhh fred, you should not feel guilty about etienne daho. well, others have winced at seeing him in my collection as well, but i amm damn proud of those records!

nooo, don't be embarrassed on erasure either! i love them! and early OMD through architecture and morality is certainly not embarassing, and even some bits and bobs of later work is OK.

aaron, i think i did the below, saying this is for "someone else" when i bought some judas priest discs in my teens. i could not help myself, i have a thing for his overdramatic singing and a fellow queer infiltrating the metal world was brilliant. though for the shop i was going to at the time, buying such things warranted icey stares from the clerks, so i said it was for my sister and bought a neubauten disc to counterbalance it. :) now, i am annoyed at myself for doing such things in the past, how weak. ;)

Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes
My girlfriend still takes the piss out of me for having it in my collection. I dig it.

Pink Floyd - Animals

The Beatles - Help
Q:"Who's on your ipod now?"
A:"Em...The Beatles...Help...Dr Robert"
Q: "Sad"

Tom Petty/Bruce Springsteen
I turn the volume down low so my neighbours can't hear that I listen to "Freefalling" or "Born in the USA"

Happy Mondays - Pills n Thrills
I know, I know. I should move on.

Speaking of guilty pleasures, has anyone bought an album at a record store and actually verbally explained the purchase to the clerk by saying it was for someone else (like your sibling or cousin). Now THAT'S a guilty pleasure!

I would disagree that most of the Cure (Disintegration! Faith!) and Depeche Mode (Black Celebration! Violator!) catalogues are crap, but that's just my opinion. Hopefully we can all keep things nice and civil like we did last week (and still have some awesome discussion).

I sorta view "guilty pleasures" as things that your friends might be surprised by if they saw them in your CD collection. Does't mean they're bad or anything.

In looking through the thread already I'm reminded of a lot of things like Metallica, Duran Duran, and Price. I might have to break out some older stuff this weekend and have some singalong freakouts.

because most of the cure's catalogue is crap in hindsite, as is some of Depeche Mode's stuff.

Judging from the post below, it seems that music from the 80's is associated a lot with guilty pleasure. I don't understand why I'm supposed to feel guilty about listening to Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys or the Cure. They were true pionneers.

Still, I have to admit that listening to OMD or Erasure is very embarrassing. :)

Also, I don't mind once in a while to listen to some of my girlfriend's CD : Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Robbie Williams, Coldplay...

Joe Dassin and Étienne Daho. You probably don't know these two guys, but they were huge popular artists in France and Quebec in their time. Somehow, they've fallen out of style. But they made really great pop records that are hard not to enjoy.

nothing guilty about tears for fears, duran duran, talk talk. those are great.

now guilty is the pet shop boys. i love them!

geesh, pardon some of the bad spelling below, guess i was typing too fast!

well, i probably have some serious guilty pleasures, ones that i am not even sure iff i should tell... firstly, i will say that depeche and soft cell should not be considered guilty pleasures, well maybe if you like anything after 93 by them... ;) be proud of those record, they set the pace for the music so loved now a days!

guilty, guilty, guilty...

kylie (sorry, i can just no help myself on this one... i can only take madonna on her first two records and then i kind of wanna hang her, but there is something so sweet and geniuine about kylie...)

sheila e. (sorry, but the woman was a diva on the timbales and getting to see her live at her father's club in 99 was more than i could have imagined.)

duran duran (well for the first two records and predecessing ep's, but i guess that would not be such a guilty pleasure then!)

berlin (sorry, i just love that first damn record!)

missing persons (ditto)

wow, i am going to go hide my head in shame now... just put a diamanda disc on top of those and pretend you didn't see them on check out at the register. (you know we all did that... hide the guilty pleasures under the underground releases at the music shop, sometimes you felt like you were buying barnyard porn with the looks you would get with certain records.)

Oh, and also some Bay Area thrash from the late 80's, early 90's. Stuff like Forbidden, Vio-Lence, etc.

I watch MTV Jams quite often. I'm loving those Three6Mafia songs, etc.
In a love-to-hate kind of way.

depeche mode
led zeppelin
early cure
echo and the bunnymen

i'm not sure i really buy the idea of guilty pleasures. granted, it is relative to whatever sub-culture you belong to. but, that being said, jimmy eat world's "clarity" ranks as probably my biggest guilty pleasure. i honestly love the album, and everything that is right with it, and wrong with it (namely that everything is so right with's production is flawless and leaves nothing to the imagination). the lyrics are pretty much what you would expect from a MOR emo album, but, they do it so well that it's just right.

the other artist that i enjoy from time to time is sasha (of sasha and digweed fame). yes, i too have prayed to the alter of progressive trance. but sometimes you just need every single one of those trance cliches to just for a lark.

not sure I would count Talk Talk as a guilty pleasure, but that's just me..

but definitely the following:
Prince - YES! albums from "Purple Rain" to "Lovesexy" are brilliant
Madonna - FOR SHAME!!, but "Like A Prayer" is still rather good

my formative music years were the early 80s, so there's loads from that time that I still have:
OMD ("Architecture & Morality" is still lovely)
The Human League (I prefer debut LP "Reproduction" above all others)
Depeche Mode (their recent stuff is po-faced and over-serious, the early albums are fun and - at the time - truly ground-breaking)
Ultravox (c'mon, "Rage In Eden" was fantastic)
Soft Cell (I bought the CD re-issues last year, and "This Last Night In Sodom" is more frenzied than I remembered)
ABC (especially "Lexicon Of Love" and "Beauty Stab")

and I don't listen to much of theirs now, but I once had quite a thing for bands like Half Japanese, Beat Happening and Shonen Knife

A lot of the pop stuff from the 80's, which I really hated at the time sounds unexpectedly nice now. Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, Toto, Don Henley's Boys of Summer, Talk Talk(who have made a couple of seriously artful albums as well)and Simple Minds just to name a few.

I have to admit that I've got a little pop-punk itch that needs scratched sometimes, and the bands that I really love to listen to when this happens are Screeching Weasel, NOFX (Punk In Drublic), Green Day (Kerplunk!) and Pansy Division (Pile Up). So damn fun.

I also really still like to listen to the old-timey style music by groups like the Asylum Street Spankers and Squirrel Nut Zippers once in awhile.

Oh! And a disc that many would sneer at and consider EMO is the first Jimmy Eat World (Static Prevails).

And Man Or Astroman!