Mar. 16 Reviews / Favorite concerts you've seen

I was lucky enough to catch The Books on tour last week (if they come through your area, GO!), and it got me thinking about both the best concerts I've ever seen and which artists I'd still like to see someday. So, I guess it's a two part question if you feel like answering it.

What are your favorite concerts you've seen? Who are the artists you'd most like to see still that you haven't?

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intonation in chicago... community pool kids dancing to four tet on the other side of the fence; go!team bringing said kids to dance on stage with them; andrew bird, decemberists, brokensocialscene, tortoise, deerhoof, and many others making lovely summer music.

all time favorite show was ride with slowdive at the palace in '92.


Animal Collective had its moments, but I thought there was too much spacey filler. it sort of killed the energy.

the Silver Jews show was amazing. A fan couldn't ask for more, except more tour dates!

Radiohead in Philedelphia, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in San Fran. Bright Eyes in Dublin. Neko Case Dublin, Smog and Will Oldham both Dublin. Fugazi Dublin

Would love to see Lightning Bolt or Boredoms.

herzog 77
raveonettes at home . . .

wish to see social distortion some day.

p.s _i live in brasil ok . . .

I'd really love to see Keiji Haino, Six Organs of Admittance and Charalambides. These visionaries rarely make it to Oklahoma!

Sigur Ros's current tour is one of the most amazing things I've seen.

Band I would like to see live:

Hannes Oli
Gaukurinn, a small pub in downtown Reykjavik, Iceland.
Sigur Ros warming up for Bonnie Prince Billy. Sigur Ros were on the verge of releasing Ágætis Byrjun and I was hearing those songs for the first time.
Bonnie Prince Billy had just released I See a Darkness and played mostly songs of that album + other Palace tracks.
It was brilliant.
Of bands I'd like to see are Radiohead, David Bowie, Belle & Sebastian and I would love to see Sufjan Stevens.

chris m
the cure in auckland, new zealand, 1992.
mogawai following the release of 'young team'.
nick cave and the bad seeds in 1994.
hdu & dimmer at the auckland planetarium (1999?)

no particular order here & going back about ten years on most of them
fugazi--always great
flaming lips & stereolab (great double bill)
black mountain
wilco w/ calexico
dinosuar jr

by the way just saw two gallants/pink mountaintops/ magnolia electric co
on sunday, great show

Man, I thought Animal Collective was damn near transcendent when I saw them. My thighs are still bruised and my legs and feet sore from all the movement I did. I reccommend working yourself into a meditative state when you see them for great justice.

Explosions in the Sky are right there. The peak of 'Memorial' was the most amazing thing I've ever seen, ever. I'm seriously tearing up just thinking about it.

Mogwai are also right up there. They bring tha noize.

I'd like to see Boards of Canada (?), Arab Strap, Built to Spill, and A Silver Mt. Zion.

Some of the best shows I've seen are Radiohead (all of the shows), Spiritualized, The Decemberists, Muse, and Kula Shaker, who I'm ecstatic about them being back together.

I'd still really like to see Pulp (too late), and R.E.M. circa 1984, or maybe more currently, Mogwai.

- Definitely Arcade fire,Broken Social Scene, and Sonic Youtn (all in Paris).
-I'd like to see Tortoise.

I just saw the silver joos in NY. That could rank as my favorite concert experience. Seeing Malkmus and Jicks is nice. I wish Pavement would reunite!

william in bc
geez....i can't believe i forgot about the labradford/gybe show at the starfish. as good as labradford was,gybe topped them. their set started with a guy on bagpipes at the back of the room playing while strolling up to the stage joined by gybe!

I was honoured to see the last pavement concert, at the Brixton Academy (UK) a few years back. There was a general feeling that they were about to split, but it wasn't sad - infact there was a celebratory feel to the evening. When they came on stage and started playing the opening to grounded, well I was taken out of myself.

In terms of people I wish I'd seen, Johnny Cash has to rate highly. He came to the UK with June Carter about 10 years ago, but I was a skint student living in a different city and unable to go. Something I really regret. Now I'm a skint student again, and was unable to go and see the books when they came to the UK recently with the clogs... despite the fact that their album was one of my favourites of last year.

peter t
Damn all you Americans, Europeans, etc! I can't even dream vivid enough to make a Godspeed concert here in Africa possible.

But all of you missing out on the most futurist tribal performer here - Pops Mohamed.

A few shows that really stood out that I've seen in Vancouver have been:
Sigur Ros
Yo La Tengo
Arcade Fire

Concerts I'd like to see:
Mark Kozelek
Explosions in the Sky
Les Savy Fav
Broken Social Scene

I saw Animal Collective last month and the show was disappointing. A couple of great songs, but most songs had no flow to them. As Matt said below: Psuedo-jam-Band stuff.

I'm not much of a concertgoer but I had the good fortune to see the Books when they came to the ridiculously small venue at Oberlin College in Ohio. And yes, it was a transcendental experience. One of the best shows I've seen besides a completely unknown group local to Ithaca, NY called the Sutras. Other good (professional and theatrical) ones I've seen are White Stripes, Xiu Xiu. And for my music internship this past month I was asked to review the Morningwood album release concert, and I couldn't believe how terrible it was, but at least I didn't have to pay for it. Other bands I'd love to see are Wilco (they were almost set up to come to my school but then they cancelled! Gah!), Broken Social Scene, and Arcade Fire.

Bands/artists I would love to see:
Max Richter
Mark Kozelek / Sun Kil Moon
James Blackshaw
Dirty Three
Jason Molina / Magnolia Electric Co.
Will Oldham
Acid Mothers Temple

And if I could travel back through time I would see Townes van Zandt!

The Choker
Animal Collective in Toronto a few weeks ago was absolutely awesome. A MUST watch if they're coming through your town.

Thievery Corporation about a year ago was sublime...I would also recommend to anyone.

Broken Social Scene Toronto home coming back in January was great, as was The Stars this past December.

One show that stands out in my mind was Jon Spencer's Blues Explosion circa 1994 touring behind their Orange album.

Shows I want to see...Sigur Ros, Mogwai, Sufjan Stevens & Animal Collective again again and again...

btw, I have a ticket for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah for April 8...anyone catch them in this tour? Any good?


I forgot to mention the bands I'd love see...

Mark Hollis

Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood

Sun Ra Arkestra (I missed an opportunity to see him back in the early 90's. still regret that)

This Heat

Other great bands ive seen include;

Radiohead, Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky, Sigur Ros and Van Der Graaf Generator

Excellent Question, I saw The Books playing with Clogs last month and quite enjoyed them both, although I preferred Clogs. Anyway, last night i saw a band called Rodrigo Y Gabriella. It was easily one of the best things ive ever seen. Some of the flamenco/ Mexican guitar work was simply sensational. If you haven't heard them please check them out......

Alone at the top:
Sonny Rollins - March 6 2004 @ Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam

I also saw the Books recently in the Netherlands. Excellent performance, Paul is great on cello. I really liked the part where they used old videos of their childhood on the background. It fits their personal approach to music perfectly.

Nice to read the Konono review. Great album, I'm glad you agree!

My favorites are:
Cheval de Frise - July 04' @ Bottom of the Hill and Nevada City
ent - March and April 02' Cap Garage
Hella - march 2002 @ Capitol Garge
Lightning Bolt- Verde Club San Fran 2004
Kings of Convenience/ Feist- Great American Music Hall - March 2005

william in bc
some of the better shows i have seen are::
hole at the commodore in vancouver11/15/94

slint at the showbox seattle march 05

neurosis at neumo's seattle jan o5

u2 at the commodore in 1980 [boy tour]

jesus lizard at the starfish room ,vancouver

rocket from the crypt at the starfish

pj harvey and tricky at the commodore 05/23/95

antony and the johnsons...3 times in 2005!

Yo La Tengo at Royal Festival Hall the day before my wedding in Scotland. Beautiful summer night in London. They
opened with that really long last track on "and then Nothing Turned itself inside out". Such a civilized concert at a packed house.

Fred Anderson Trio nearly every month n at his Velvet Lounge in Chicago

Phil Niblock's drones at Tonic in NYC

Spiritualized at The Metro in Chicago during the Pure Phase tour

Master Musicians of Joujouka back in '97. I couldn't contain myself in the chair so I found a place to freak out off to the side. This music is too ecstatic to just "appreciate" it's best experienced.

Peter Brotzmann Chicago Tentet. Fucking beautiful chaos.

Double Leopards during the Wire festival. Mics shoved down their throats and all four of 'em kneeling before their pedals creating the slowest burn of noise I've ever heard at the empty bottle.

Scott Tuma at a church in Chicago. He seemed so exposed with his sparse solo guitar and harmonica headgear. Almost too personal for a public exhibition.

I'm sure there's more that blew my mind...

PPS: forgot to say, that if I'm goping to see Sunn O))), then Earth and Nadja should have equal billing

I saw M.I.A and LCD Soundsystem last year at a fairly small venue. M.I.A got right up on the speakers on the side of the stage and reached down and grabbed peoples hands--awesome. My friend even got to dance up on stage with her for a few songs! LCD Soundsystem took about 45 minutes to set up and some of the crowd was getting antsy, but their set was totally worth it. I felt like my ears were going to explode; they were literally five feet away. Amazing.

I really want to see Animal Collective (they were just here in DC and I missed them.....for the second time), Plaid, Do Make Say Think, and most of all, MU.

Elwin Rijken
Well in no particular order, and all within a timerange of 5 years *that is from 2001 till now*
I've seen so much great concerts, here's some of the best
-Sigur Ros
-Patrick Wolf (twice)
-Broken Social Scene
-Modest Mouse
-Do Make Say Think (twice)
-Sufjan Stevens
-A Silver Mount Zion
-Arcade Fire
-Arrested Development (twice)

PS: the fact that I'll never see Miles Davis play live is a huge regret for me

The entire weekend at the "All Tomorrow's Parties" weekend in March 2004 is probably the most special memory for me:: Mogwai, Boredoms (who I'd been waiting to see for 15 years!), Tortoise, Lightning Bolt (heard 'em, but didn't actually "see" anything!), Part Chimp, Envy, Isis, Papa M, James Orr Complex, Converge, Shellac, Entrance, The Seconds - not a single dud in three days.

Saw The Cure in London's Hyde Park in July 02 - they were spectacularly good.

I also enjoyed a local all-day benefit show for the Tsunami appeal, which was held early last year - some of my favourite local bands played: noise Bitch, Yeborobo, Moulsecoomb Sword Gang - check them all out at

Most like to see:
Sunn O))) [although I guess you feel them more than "hear" them], Radiohead, any act featuring Matthew Bower and/or Marcia Bassett, Acid Mothers Temple, The Fall, Low

Some of the favourite concerts that I've seen are U2 on their first tour (more Edge than today), The Rolling Stones (seriously get your money's worth here), The Cure in a little hole of a club in Ireland a long time ago...., Madonna (say what you will, she puts on an excellent show) And my favourite of all time Guns 'n Roses at the whiskey A GoGo, way too long ago, actually that whole decade is blurry....

As for concerts I'd like to see, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, ColdPlay, Arctic Monkeys, The Donnas and Sahara Hot Nights....

my favorite shows thus far:

* guided by voices in 2003, in a tiny, packed venue.
* xiu xiu a few months ago, in the same intimate venue.
* sonic youth, 2004.
* yo la tengo, 2003.
* iron and wine last year. he played "birthday" by the Sugarcubes and it made me very happy.

I was at that Radiohead show at Metropolis, and it was great. So glad I saw them at a fairly intimate venue, compared to what they are playing nowadays.

Another band that I would die to see live is Grails. They are simply one of the best new artists around, in my opinion.
I agree with others with Isis too. Would love to see them, and it wouldn't hurt if Red Sparowes was on the bill either.
Finally, Rachel's would probably be mind-blowing live.

Concerts here in Guadalajara (mexico) are rather scarce, even nationwide we dont get many interesting acts coming and doing their thing... but among those small chances I went to a piano solo concert by John Medeski which was absolutely amazing... and Stereo Total must have been the funniest, and cheesiest I've attended.
And definetly I'd love to see/hear either Sigur Ros, Mogwai, Radiohead or Godspeed you black emperor!...

Top three shows:

First time seeing Sigur Ros (right after () came out. Everyone stayed sitting down and was absolutely quiet. I've never seen a band be able to completely subdue that many people. Seriously, the only time you heard noise from the audience was applause. not even the one guy that went "whooo"

Arcade Fire at Little brothers in columbus ohio. this place holds around 400 or so. very small and they completely destroyed the entire building. so much energy it seemed like they would float up to the ceiling.

Explosions in the sky at an incredibly small place called the wexner performance space at ohio state. the venue played a part here because any show will automatically be better at this place, but I remember actually having tears in my eyes at multiple points during the show. about half way through, the drummer broke his snare head. stick just went right through it. get this...picked up another snare from at his feet and replaced it. He knew he would be drumming so hard that he would break his snare and knew to have another one. insane.

other notables...songs ohia,godspeed, mogwai, lightning bolt, decemberists,black heart procession, low

the only other band that I really really want to see, but haven't yet is Isis. almost thought i was never going to get to see them, but they're playing cleveland next month. I hate driving to cleveland, but I got my ticket three weeks ago.

M. Ward (spring 2005) - excellent artist and performer.

Modest Mouse (July 2003) - was unexpectedly blessed with press seating. can't go wrong with that. plus !!! opened.

The Pixies (Dec 2004) - never thought I would get to see them, so that was a real treat. was everything I hoped for

Built to Spill (fall 2003) - I don't like "guitar rock," but Doug is the exception to everything. plus a few buttons never hurt.

Fiery Furnaces (halloween 2004) - this was hands down the most impressive show I've ever seen. I thought their albums were complicated, but for their live show they re-wrote their catalogue into one giant whirlwind of a song. Every minute was a new surprise. they played for ~2 hours straight. in spite of the fact that I had to stand the whole time, I was mesmerized!

other notables include Antibalas, the cure (97?), radiohead (1995), blonde redhead, wilco, Broken Social Scene and arcade fire.

I currently have tickets to see Animal Collective, Silver Jews (their first tour ever) and Built to Spill.

I wish I'd seen Pavement.

Bands I want to see include LCD Soundsystem, the Magnetic Fields, and DO Make Say Think

favourite shows:
the stone roses, buena vista social club, spiritualized, arcade fire.

want to see:
the boredoms, animal collective.

i'm not into concerts so much - but one of my favourite concerts was nin 2000 in germany. i was so excited: 21 years old, never seen them live, first own car, and so on. it was so hot, a lot of people almost got naked and there was everything: crowdsurfing, stagediving, i even got my glasses kicked out of my face... ;-)

the other one was a notwist-concert in cologne. they used old vinyl discs for their string-sounds (instead of a sampler) and even managed to screw up one of their old hits ("nothing like you") so that they had to correct themselves and start again. everyone laughed because of this niceness... :-)

in the future, i really would like to see rachels. but i doubt that they will tour germany any time...

The Flaming Lips "Soft Bulletin Tour" hands down. They were still "unknown" enough to play small venues because Bulletin has just come out and not yet exploded. It was a small bar, maybe 200 capacity? And they just melted me in my tracks. So much so that I bought tickets for a night or two later in Lawrence KS and saw them again. Actually, that second show was even better. Because I was able to get to the front of the stage. And the confetti! Viva La Lips!

I've seen Depeche Mode a few times now, and they've never disappointed me. Especially the Devotional Tour, wich was very a rock n' roll ans a visual debauchery.

Seing Godspeed You Black Emperor in the Saint-Roch Church in Quebec was almost a spiritual experience.

I've seen Radiohead in four gigs. The only one that I did really enjoy (and a lot!), was at the Montreal Metropolis, a couple of days after they released OK Computer. It was in a small theatre and the feeling was very intense. Also Teenage Fanclub were guests and they put up a really relaxed show. Seen them guesting for Weezer in 1995 too and they were far better than the big name!

Two years ago, I was in Montreal for a really boring congress for municipal politicians (wich I am) with my girlfriend. We escaped it on Friday night and went for a walk. We pass in front of the Metropolis and Air was playing that night. We baught tickets from a scalper... what a great night it was!

I've seen a lot of concerts. A lot were really goods (The Cure, Arcade Fire...). Others were slightly boring.

You probably don't know this guy, but Pierre Lapointe put on a really intense show. I've seen him twice now, and it gave me goosebumps. You must find (or download) the guy's record.

Tom Waits- London, 2005
The show included a call and response slave-chorus (everyone rowing in their seats), a wildly entertaining performance and a heartstopping Waits-and-piano encore of old favourites. We polished off another bottle of whiskey after the show and went out to the park, sporting waistcoats and pork pie hats, to sing Waits songs into an electrical air-fan with other fans. Definetly worth the journey across the water.

Nick Cave- Electric Picnic Festival, Ireland, 2005
A demonically storming performance by the Bad Seeds. We had beautiful weather for the entire three days of the festival except for an Old Testament downpour that came down right at the start of Tupelo and then stopped completely on the last chord of the song. People were as excited as they were terrefied. It was impossible that Nick Cave was not in leagure with the devil.

Orbital- Ireland, 2004
Orbital's very last gig in Ireland. It seemed like everyone was at least half naked, there were people climbing all over the rigging and hanging onto tent roping.

I can't leave The Flaming Lips out. Bohemian Rhapsody was wonderful last year.

I still haven't seen The Fall, Magnetic Fields or Silver Jews. I would love to see Jaga Jazzist as well.

two favorite concerts ever, as far as pop is concerned...

siouxsie and the banshees "peepshow" tour... the most lush, multi-layered and kalediscopic show I had seen at that point. it is a damn shame that they never taped it, as that was the rumor at the time that they were going to. sioux in top hat, spats and with cane, vamping around a rickety old staircase... phenomenal.

cocteau twins on the milk and kisses tour; though i had seen them times before. however, seeing them live-mixed by mark clifford of seefeel mutating "wax and wane", "pitch the baby" and "aloysius" was really quite something all together. fractured clanking beats, blanched guitars, ambience galore and liz over the top... nothing has ever been that good before or since.

it is hard to narrow it down to these two however, because seeing francisco lopez, dm during music for the masses and violator, einsturzende during haus der luege, omd during achitecture and morality, diamanda a whole truck load of times, the warp 10 shows in london (BOC live made it worth the trip alone)... well, generally i feel pretty lucky that i have seen so many great shows!

i think the bands that i would like to see most at this point:

speedy j, because he has been one of my favorite artists for what seems to be forever and i have always missed him.

nils okland
dominique a.

I had been a fan of Godspeed You! Black Emperor pretty much since F#A#oo came out on CD, so when I had the chance to see them, Sept 10th 1999 at theatre l'Olympia in Montreal, of course I went. Turned out to be the best concert I had ever seen, and remains so to this day. Theater seating, a dead quiet capacity crowd, the visuals, and that incredible music. Really changed the way I listen to and appreciate music.

Other good ones: Do Make Say Think, July 1st 2003 at La Sala Rossa in Montreal, the band's last show of the tour, they were pretty drunk and ended up being joined onstage by members of Fly Pan Am for a wrestling match during the Landlord is Dead.

Hood, March 8th 2005: just for the chance to see this band.

In less than a month, I'll be seeing Subtle, Fog and Jel play in Montreal while I visit, and that will probably end up being on my best concerts list.

Caught up with Broken Social Scene here in London a few weeks ago and they exceeded my expectations. Hadn't got on too well with their latest album, but they played for two hours, mixing up songs from their big two records and in this context it all sounded fantastic. Real value for money. Next to which, CYHSY a few days later seemed rather lacking in material, but still fun.

Saw Liars last night and the stuff from their new album sounded fantastically tribal. A bit disappointed that nothing off their first album was played.

Not really sure what my favourite gig ever would be though.

Animal Collective and Do Make Say Think are both at the top of my list of want-to-sees. I'm a bit past my post-rock phase now, but DMST still seem to me one of the best bands in the world at the moment, so would love to see them live and hear stuff off all four of their releases.

And it looks like I'll see Animal Collective, as they're coming to London in July. It should be great fun I think.

Sigur ros (2001). It was their first american tour, no one knew what to expect. Pretty much has ruined all live shows for me since then.

ISIS (1999). They had just put out "The Red Sea" and there were maybe 30 people in the "club" that night (2008 if any of you kids from STL remember). ISIS probably felt it was the worst show of their career, as everything seemed to be going wrong (at one point, the drummer left for about ten minutes to get something from the van). But dear lord did they ever keep everything together in a coherent set that just moved from one piece to the next. It was dark and dank, with old moldy carpet on the walls. And loud loud music.

the beta band (2004). only for sentimental reasons, as my girlfriend was visiting me in amsterdam, and we went to see what turned out to be one of their last shows.

i know it will never happen, but dear lord do i want it to (and will pay anything to see it happen):

my absolute favorite concert has to be fugazi a couple of years ago here in sweden, it was amazing!.

and i really would like to see:
kahimi karie
david kilgour

-Cex, Death Cab for Cutie and the Dismemberment Plan: as hokey as it may sound, this was one of the first real shows I went to, and I don't think I've ever had more fun at a show.
-Sigur Ros: positively unreal. was nicely complimented by drunk people setting off bottle rockets after the show.
-Lightning Bolt: standing directly in front of Brian C. on the drum kit, trying desperately to hold the line. a blast and a half, and even with earplugs i *felt* the snare drums snapping in my head.
-The Arcade Fire: also before they truly exploded, they know how to connect with a crowd.
-Radiohead: the biggest, most expensive show i will ever go to. it was pretty surreal to be sharing / enjoying the experence with an enormous sea of people.

Dang, so many good shows. Also notable: the Unicorns (1st time), the Books, Dirty Projectors, Caribou, Múm, Need New Body, Jason Forrest, the Blow, Why?, the Walkmen, the whole Intonation festival last year...

would like to see: Patrick Wolf, Jens Lekman, Architecture in Helsinki, Boris, Jamie Lidell...

...I saw Animal Collective in Chicago a few weeks ago...and I don't know, I wasn't that impressed. Although it was by no means a bad show, they seem to be sliding into pseudo-jam-band territory, and I'm not sure if I approve...

Chris G
My friend and I were at that Godspeed show. We had just seen them in Missouri a couple days prior and the show in Chicago was better. That is a top five show for me. Coulda done without Black Dice opening...

The other 4 in no order:

The first time seeing Sigur Ros...

The Arcade Fire (before they blew up) at the Jackpot Saloon (capacity 150) complete with Win jamming his mic stand through the celing and myself helping Richard Perry find his blazer before they could go on stage.

Smashing Pumpkins on their 'surprise' tour before the release of Machina at a venue only holding 700 people. Tickets went on sale the day before the show and involved standing in sub 20 degree weather for 7 hours for tickets. What that did was make for an amazing show full of hardcore fans.

Underworld at the Riviera in Chicago just after the release of Beaucoup Fish.

Other notables:
Autechre at the Metro
Broken Social Scene
Explosions in the Sky

Looking forward to seeing Mogwai on their current tour. And want to see Boards of Canada someday.

The best shows I've seen recently here in the Denver area would be Tortoise, The New Pornographers,sigur ros,the album leaf,caribou and junior boys,steve reich,menomena and archer prewitt.
I've got my tix for the Books on April 10! as as Mogwai down the road..
Another artists I've never heard live and love to see come through: Jaga Jazzist, dungen, eluvium, mice parade,explosions in the sky, just to name a few.

The one concert that really stands out for me was seeing Godspeed You Black Emperor! several years ago in Chicago. A friend of mine and I drove 10 hours to see them, and it was pretty much at my height of appreciation for the group (this was one week before "Yanqui U.X.O." came out and they were selling it at the show).

At any rate, I got within a row of the stage and I just remember feeling overwhelmed (in a good way) for nearly the whole show. They were pushing all my buttons and I tilted my head back several times and saw they even had some subtle word projections going on the ceiling of the venue. To make the concert seem a little more magical, huge flakes of fluffy snow were coming down when we excited the venue and it was strange because it was only late October. Good times.

Artists I still haven't seen but still would like to include Broken Social Scene, Do Make Say Think, Aphex Twin (yeah, good luck on that one, I know), Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds and The Animal Collective.