Mar. 30 Reviews / What's your theme music?

After a little less discussion on the question last week, I'm going to go with something more playful.

If you suddenly became a superhero or an international superstar, what song would you pick as your theme music?

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Tiger Bear Wolf - Something Worth Saving

I think this track is highly appropriate. Firstly because it has the super high energy level a superhero deserves, it represents the adrenaline rush a superhero gets when using his superpowers. Secondly because it's raw, superheroes don't mind breaking stuff once in a while. And thirdly because well, it's about saving stuff. Not everything is worth saving though and a real superhero knows that. In this case its rock and roll that is definitely worth saving. Click my name to listen to the track. I'm still figuring out which superhero outfit to wear.

madvillain - operation lifesaver

Dee-lite - groove is in the heart

First one that comes to mind is Amon Tobin's "Proper Hoodidge." Might be tempted to say RJD2's "Ghostwriter" (I think that's the one) as a secondary choice.

If I were a stranger type of superstar in a manic, Will Farrell sort of way, the only possible answer is "The Purple Bottle" by Animal Collective.

re: your Ciccone Youth review and subsequent comments:: Good Points, well made - I still disagree, but hey, nobody got hurt!!

back to the thread: if I had a bad guy persona, I reckon "solute" by Re (on the "mnant" album) would be cool/eerie/sinister etc - that track would make for great entrance music for a band, too [another topic, perhaps?]

the only song i can think of off the top of my head as superhero theme is "twins" by caribou. a badass, wild west intro followed by badass drum barage.

and maybe a theme as international superstar would be "twenty minute affair" by dmx krew, if for no other reason than the fact that it would be awesome to sing to a stadium crowd.

Leather - Death in Vegas (for cool heroic intro)
Nicholas Ray - SeaRay (a funnier and laid back hero)
or White stripes' Seven Nation Army (about to kick ass theme)
Give it to you by TransChamps (training theme)
New Music Machine by Cornelius (just because) ...
Frontier Psychiatrist -Avalanches (for a more bizzarre kind of hero)

and if i turned into an evil villain:

raining blood - slayer
der eie von satan - tool
no you dont - kaada
Lipostudio and LASIK by matmos, for a more jokerish psycopath villain... ;)

Mikkel Metal "Dorant" although I'd have to be a very slow moving superhero because of the length of the track

I knew I'd get some comments about my Ciccone Youth review. I've seen other reviews lately calling it a classic, but I honestly just can't understand that. Don't get me wrong, there are some outstanding tracks on there, and I could easily put together a killer EP of about 25 minutes with songs on there, but there's so much filler.

There is a current of humor on the album and it's all sort of nod-nod wink-wink riffs on new wave and taking the piss out of that, but it makes for such an inconsistent release that I have to knock it down several notches.

Another factor in my review is that I've always been one of those people (and I've mentioned this before) that feels Sonic Youth is sorta over-rated as a whole. They have some great albums, but I tend to believe that lots of people tend to just sorta put them on a pedestal while glossing over a lot of their mediocore stuff. Just one man's opinion, though!

i'd take the first track from Ken Ishii's Jelly Tones album. superhero all the way.

ps - Jake Optiz's comin' up to bat stinger music is a close second.

this kind of topic makes me think of wrestlers' entrance music...why?! [apart from The Undertaker, they all suck!!!]

anyways, one of two for me:
A.C. Temple - "Ringpiece" (the full version from the CD release of their excellent "Sourpuss" album - supremely threatening for the first half before the chugging riff kicks in)
Part Chimp: "Bring Back The Sound" (the "I Am Come" album version - because it's so big and brash, and brilliant)

other contenders would be something from the "Heavy Rocks" album by Boris

PS: that Ciccone Youth album is mint! [then again, I haven't listened to it for a good long while, so perhaps it hasn't aged all that well]

holy diver by dio

just imagine, you're all like walking down this alley in slow motion...kicking all these guys asses and the guitars are like jug jugga jug jugga jug and ronnie's all like "holy diver!"


yellow magic orchestra - technopolis

Quite possibly "What Does Your Soul Look Like, Part 4" by DJ Shadow.

motorpsycho - the other fool

Mclusky - Alan is a Cowboy killer.

BJ Pichman
A little off topic...but you reviewed my boss' son's band this week, "Dreamend". Small world.

This is a tough one because I could pick many, many more (and probably will later on in this thread).

After a little thought, I'm going to have to go with Broken Social Scene - "K.C. Accidental." It sets up nicely with a slightly loose beginning, then blasts for awhile before cooling down and letting rip again.