Apr. 6 Reviews / Podcasts...

In addition to the new reviews this week, the newest feature of the site finally became active (thanks again for all the help, Brett). For featured reviews each week (2 or 3, depending on what I have time for), I'll be including podcast reviews as well as the regular versions. They're not a lot different in content, but do have musical snippets interspersed from the album being reviewed.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Also, if you like them, tell a friend about the site or something... Thanks.

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podcast reviews are very great indeed!

my second comment here. just wanted to heap some more praise for the podcast reviews. it's seriously pure genius. it makes for the perfect listening during my morning commute. i hope you're able to continue doing this for a long time.

podcast reviews are seriously great! thanks

Sam Loomes
Been a visitor to your site for a while now, the podcasts are an ace introduction!

I just listen the Park Attack podcast great job. I can't fully appreciate because I dont listen english that well, but that's very cool to have also those music selections. That can even be a funny way to learn listening better english.

I have one suggestion: Could you mutate into a girl with sexy voice? ;-).

In fact you could have musical snippets in the text review but I see why you didn't choose that option (multiple files, downloading only a short music length,...).

Wfmu internet radio is my best source of music discovery with your site and few other, you could have your radio too that would be interesting. Yes that's another story.

Sorry about that Dreamend podcast. It should be up and working now.

Thanks again for all the comments. I was bracing myself for much worse... :)

Meant to mention, Ive been on the Mole Harness website and there are tonnes of MP3's to download that are all worth a listen

I think the podcast thing is a great idea. Listening to the Park Attack review (yet another great Scottish band) I got a great understanding of what the album sounds like and where the reveiwer was coming from. Excellent work

I listened to the Glissandro 70 podcast (intend to listen to others later) and will definitely be getting it soon. I was planning on it anyways, but this has convined me to hurry up.

Cool to hear your voice!

ps. Have you heard the new Rf yet? I have not.

I'm getting a "Appy Polly Loggy" when clicking on the Dreamend podcast.

The Mole Harness podcast just convinced me to order that record. It vaguely reminds me of Hammock and their label Stray Dog Army seems very charming.

Thanks for catching that error on the Congotronics podcast. I had a relationship error in the database, but it's fixed now.

Also, thanks to everyone who commented below. Makes me happy to know that they'll be listened to and hopefully will turn some people onto things.

I was joking with a friend that I could easily make a podcast of outtakes, with nothing but me swearing at myself after I mess up talking while recording them. I'd have to put an "R" rating on it, though. Heh.

omg, this is freaking genius. seriously...fantastic!
is the konono no.1 podcast review a duplicate of the one for mikkel metal 'victimizer', though? i did not listen to it, but while downloading it, i noticed it had the same filename.

:: k
that dreamend cd is gorgeous. inside. outside. between.

really sweet idea...the site was already my favorite for music reviews, but now it's even better.

This is just brilliant! I'm listening to the Glissandro 70 podcast right now, and methinks I'm going to have to revisit that album. Thanks for doing this...

Podcasting the reviews is an excellent idea, I was listening to the podcast for lisbon ep while reading the review and it's really nice to hear snippets from the songs and your voice (which I agree with Ronnie, it's a very sexy voice) while doing so.
Really helps making up one's mind before buying the record.
Nice addition the the site, almostcool, can't believe you were nervous over such a good idea.

Chris G
The Podcasts rule...

Great stuff! I was really hoping for someone to do something like this. Very rarely do I read any review from beginning to the end. But this is much more personal and for me it's much more informative with the small audio snippets. So I'm definitely with Ronnie on the "third dimension" part. Good job!

Thanks for the comments! I went to bed nervous last night, for real...

I realize that in an age of high-speed connections, hearing only 30-second clips of songs may seem rather limited, especially when entire albums can be downloaded rather quickly nowadays.

However, I do think that most people, when deciding on an album, make their minds up about whether to buy it or not based on fairly brief moments. It's obviously hard to capture the overall feel of an _entire_ album with only 5, 30 second snippets, but I've tried to pick moments from different songs (or in the case of the KFW, quite different sections of the same song) that would help to give that overall feel. Maybe it's a bit too quaint and will never take off, but I had to try.

Regarding ads, I know that this feature is going to make my bandwidth go through the roof, but I'm going to try to keep the site ad-free as long as I possibly can. If things get out of hand, I might put a few small ads on the site to offset costs, but otherwise I'll try to keep them off here.

I really fucking like the podcasts... I checked out the Whitman and it totally adds a third dimension to the review. At worst, one can ignore them, at best, one can hear enough of audio sample to provide the impetus to buy the record right on the spot. Oftentimes, a type review may not be convincing enough to dish out the $ for a record but your well conceived, well executed interspersed snippets can be worth a thousand words. And damn... that's one sexy voice.

As an aside, I, for one wouldn't mind some limited advertising, if it would help the site out economically (although I realize this is an entirely different, albeit possibly related topic). Ads are not always annoyances, and can be valuable to the consumer.

Your site totally kicks ass and is getting better all the time. Have a great weekend!!!

A couple other quick notes on the Podcasts.

1. There's not a subscribe-able podcast feed for them yet, but hopefully there will be in the future.

2. I've been tweaking settings, trying to get better recordings. I think if you listen to them from the early ones (yes they go back to February, there's a total of 15 now), they get better in terms of quality.

3. Hopefully they're a "good thing" (and hopefully they don't kill my bandwidth)