Apr. 27 Reviews / Sexy musicians?

Bla bla bla, new reviews. Feel free to discuss them or any past ones...

Question for the week is once again less fun without pictures, but fairly straightforward. Who are some musicians you think are sexy?

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Sorry, still haven't hooked up the RSS feed for the podcasts yet. There's one for the reviews themselves, but nothing for the podcast reviews yet. It's something I'm looking to get going in the near future here. Promise.

do you have an rss link anywhere for your reviews? I would like to get your site into itunes for my ipod... I like the reviews but Im out and about usually. I listen to my podcasts with the ipod so if you had the feed somewhere hidden away...

I'm not sure how no one has mentioned the former Luna bassist Britta Phillips. Unparalleled.

Mmm, David Bowie in his early years. Yummy

the singer from Elysian Fields sounds extremely hot, but ive never seen a picture of her. Can anyone confirm her hotness

Claude from DAT Politics. Oh my, she's hot.


Bianca Cassidy from CocoRosie is very cute, as well as Rachel Goswell (ex-Slowdive). Marissa Nadler is quite elegant, and Karen O's wildness manages to hit all my buttons. And who can forget Björk?

I must confess that a pretty face can actually have a fair impact on my enjoyment of music :P

Off Topic, but have to say this. I went to see Mogwai two nights ago in an opera house and my ears are still ringing. They were absolutley stunning, at one point my nostrils started moving from the sheer force of volume during "Mogwai Fear Satan". They played a terrific set with all the favourites thrown in, oh and in there wisdom decided they weren't loud enough so added a FOURTH guitarist!!!!

Eleanor Friedberger of The Fiery Furnaces
and the always sexy Fiona Apple.

Bilinda Butcher takes it for me.

-the one time i saw sigur ros, i was certain one of the girls in amina was the most gorgeous woman i had ever seen. i think the cellist.
-ashlin phillips (the eames era)
-caithlin de marrais (rainer maria)
-kori gardner (mates of state)
-jamie stewart
-patrick wolf
-jamie lidell

nedelle !

Larry Def Chill
Chan Marshall... big time.

The Dead Flag Blues
Sarah Neufeld, The Arcade Fire and Belle Orchestra violinst.

The flute player in The Polyphonic Spree. There's also a cutie in the choir.

I second Feist.

jessica bailiff
mia clarke (electrelane)

My musical crushes have been:
Sarah Nixey of Black Box Recorder
Petra Haden
Hilary Woods ex-JJ72

-Annie. Sleater-Kinney. mum. Lori Scacco. agf. Jean Grea. Ellen Allien. Justine Frischmann (!)

I think Suf-jan and co. qualifies more as cute than sexy, but you know.

Blake Schwartzenbach. Dijf Sanders. Ted Leo. The boys from SDRE. The boys from Appleseed Cast (even if they are emo). Adam Bulter (aka Vert). Dangermouse. The boys from Mouse on Mars.

laetita sadier

Naomi from Damon and Naomi
those mum chicks
those freaky wicca girls from spires in the sunset that rise
in a weird way I kinda like those two girls from Double Leopards
the girls from Movietone
(trying to think of music that I actually listen to because there's tons of eye candy makin' shitty music)

Oh, I've always had a crush on Kate Bush

I'll start my list off with (Leslie) Feist. She can sing in French and English and play like 3 instruments and she's easy on the eyes.

Saw Neko Case in concert and she was humble and cute and her voice was just as amazing as it is on record. That's a bonus.

Also, there were several attractive people in Sufjan Stevens' ensemble when he played live (including himself). The glockenspiel player Katrina Kerns has had much internet ink spilled on her already.

And yes, I think The Moz (Morrissey) is still quite debonair.