May 25 Reviews / Music for morning people...

Five new reviews (and two podcasts) as usual. This week torched me out. So tired...

When listening to music on shuffle in the morning on the way to work, sometimes it takes me about 20 tries before I find the right song. Inspired by the above, what is some of your favorite music for listening to in the morning?

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Noname, just wanted to say that your direct review responses are welcome to hear. I'll admit that my picks lately have been about as varied as ever. Had a bunch of minimal techno two weeks ago, then some droning ambient rock and some electronic pop and plenty of other random stuff.

Dissenting opinions are always welcome around here...

About review feedback
* Roommate - Songs The Animals Taught Us
I wrote bellow in a previous post: "That's where podcast shines" to say the podcast gave me a better idea of the album. Now that I have listen in full the album, I write the reverse, the review reading gave me a better idea of the music than the one I got through the Podcast!!!

So finally I don't like a lot this album, I find it a bit pale in comparison of stuff like Akron/Family s/t album. Ha well Roommate isn't my prefered kind of music and "taste and colors" makes a strong difference. But that's not unexpected, I know we don't share same musical preferences and I need take some cautious about that.

Alot of variability here, although while doing fieldwork down here in Bolivia, it seems to be Aesop Rock's "Daylight". That song really gets me out of bed in the morning. I agree with the weekend vs. weekday variation though -- with weekends much more mellow.

Original Pirate Material from The Streets really gets me going on my car ride to work, especially the opener 'Turn the Page'. Recently, The Knife's Silent Shout has worked well with my coffee.

I have found that the morning is when I am most in the mood to digest new music (which can sometimes require patience). Later on in the day I prefer familiar music.

i dunno - i disagree with the idea of the bozulich album trying to get by on weird atmospherics. the album is only 44 minutes longs and a number of the riffs, sounds, effects, lyrics are re-referenced. i've been listening to it for a month obsessively and can't find anything anymore that doesn't reevoke another part of the record. there's too much purposeful work in there for it to be fairly considered unfocused. not dissing the review, or your excellent taste, but i think it's not a record that can be appreciated while tired or without repeat listenings. it's gotten beneath my skin and i'm very impressed. oh, and morning music: xray spex, always. like black coffee.

Well, my usual lineup changes from month to month, maybe a little longer, then some bands "bleed" over for months at a time. Also, I usually listen album to album (yeah, I have that much time on my hands these days) This month it's:
Brian Eno - Ambient 1 Music for Airports
Ravi Shankar - Improvisations
Growing - Color Wheel
Conrad Schnitzler - Con '72
No Neck Blues Band & Embryo - EmbryoNNCK

I really like the new Charalambides album - not as good yet as Our Bed Is Green in my opinion - but definitely among my favorites of this year. I'm also very much into Belong (October Language), the new Espers, Centro-Matic (Fort Recovery), the self titled Death Chants and Sala Arhimo (Pelko Pois) at the moment.

Also, concerning the Pan American album, I was a little bit disappointed. It doesn’t move me like Quiet City did. Hopefully this will change when I give it a couple more tries.

Arg, I am confused, in my comments bellow about "Charalambides - A Vintage Burden" I made some comments about the previous albums but, I can't explain why, I had in mind Ahleuchatistas, LOL. Well well, "cold" comment are for Ahleuchatistas not for "Joy Shapes". Where can I hide me?

Hello, few reviews feedback:

* Carla Bozulich - Evangelista
I fully agree with the review. I probably enjoy it a bit more than you do but I can't deny the "album being very unfocused in places". For me this comes from many "free like stuff" that fail to create something interesting. I apreciate you didn't mentionned the voice color which is quite close to Kate Bush. Right choice that won't confuse the reader because this album is very far from any work of Kate Bush including her least conventional and more angular album, "The Dreaming" (and her best from far).

* Roommate - Songs The Animals Taught Us
That's where podcast shines, thanks for your focus on it, I'll rush on this one and it doesn't matter how much I'll enjoy the whole album. I'll give a feedback on it once I'll put my ears on it. I think that for this one I'll disagree with your rate, ok arging on rates means nothing, so I'll perhaps disagreee with review involving this rate. :-)

* Charalambides - A Vintage Burden
Not listen yet, I'll perhaps give it a try despite I didn't enjoy to listen their last albums, interesting music, creativity but too much brain and not enough flesh, soul and heart. In short, too cold :-). From what I heard in the podcast "A Vintage Burden" seems less cold but also a bit too quiet and conventional for me. I'll try listen it fully before buying anything.

* Paik - Monster Of The Absolute
I haven't listen the other album you used for comparison, that makes unseasy the reading of the review. Myself I knew from this group their previous album, "Satin Black". Despite its longuer tracks "Satin Black" is much more interesting thanks to its Drone-Rock focus. In fact I am also tempted by an album comparison. "Monster Of The Absolute" used more catchy sounds than "Satin Black", speed up the tempo, put drones more in the back, makes a music less dark and less oppressing. That makes "Monster Of The Absolute" much more easy to listen than "Satin Black". But that also makes it a good but anecdotical album when "Satin Black" is a Drone-Rock album not that easy to listen but quite interesting.

* Uusitalo - Tulenkantaja
When I listen the podcast, I got the feeling that you should try Satanicpornocultshop, not same base but you you should give them a try. I know only their last period after a group change because of the death of a member. The album I had in mind was "Zap Meemees", take care the beginning isn't very representative of the album and this album has two parts, the second is more experimental, less catchy but probably more diversified. For me their best album of their last period is "Ugh Yoing" but "Zap Meemees" could crush the mind more and when I'll have listen it as much than "Ugh Yoing", I could change my mind.

* Ekkehard Ehlers - A Life Without Fear
* Phon°noir - Putting Holes Into October Skies
Intriguing, I'll try listen more stuff of those albums. Podcast help a lot in those sort of cases.

* 7 Year Rabbit Cycle - Ache Horns
I strongly agree with the "sea of filler" but I won't limit it to only one track but I apply it tomany tracks. Most boring parts come from quiet music which is often mostly empty. Sometimes I can feel the soul inside this sort of music but here I mostly always heard void. For the genre, myself I felt it as a mix of Old Deer Hoof with polished egdes and Post Rock "à la" Godspeed You Black Emperor. There's eventually a bit of noise but that's in the margin and that's a soften noise. Anyway I disagree with nothing of your review except perhaps the too neutral conclusion and the too high rate. Ok, ok, rates, scale, can't arge on that. :-)

* Keith Fullerton Whitman - Lisbon EP
That's not easy music but I tried and for this one the album listening is far to bring what I expected from the podcast and the review. My feeling is that all of that needs to be much more concentrated (focused?), a sort of live effect and more for musicians than listeners. But I must admit I need more listening attempt before to do any comment on it.

* Shelleyan Orphan - Humroot
I know you didn't review this one. It's just that when I was looking for "Helleborine" in shops, I found this one. Well it doesn't match the quality of "Helleborine". At least from what I heard through the podcast and from the feeling I got from the review. Ha well it won't be the last album I buy and don't like. Still in search of "Helleborine" even if I know I take risks.

Lol, I apologize for the too long post. :-)

usually ae, especially some tracks from "untilted".

I spend my mornings listening to what a friend of mine calls "the unlistenable Jazz show" on
Free jazz to wake your ass up from 7am to noon. Otherwise, I dig the more drifty stuff in my collection... Sun Ra, Charalambides, My Cat is an Alien, etc.

weekend wake-ups i listen to VU but for workdays its usually something relaxing like iron and wine or american analog set

first of all, i'd like to second the following choices: nick drake, red house painters, and khonnor.
i personally find that most of my favorite morning music is either minimal electronic music (fennesz, keith fullerton whitman, jan jelinek, pan american, johann johannsson, etc.) or calm acoustic stuff (drake, jose gonzalez, j. tillman, etc.).
recently, my mornings have been owned by two of keith kenniff's recent recordings: 1) "eingya" as helios, and 2) "corduroy" under his goldmund alias.
oh, and four tet, too.

it is usually all about energy music for me in the morning... i need to get myself going, because i cycle in to work. this morning it was daft punk, sometimes it is goldfrapp (which i usually sing along to at top volume with headphones on. thankfully for people near by in cars and on the street i have many years of voice lessons under my belt. my fave at the moment is the carl craig remixes of fly me away, lush!), sometimes soft cell, sometimes early warp like sweet exorcist, tricky disco, etc., it just has to get me going.

of course weekends are reserved for things like the associates, saint etienne, boxcutter (in agreement with peter, fantastic record), burial, white birch, voice of the seven woods, etc... more mellow by still very much alive.

I actually wake up every morning to Autechre - Kalpol Introl from Incunabula.

And then, on the way to work, I listen to whatever was playing the day before. In today's case, it was Red Sparowes - at the Soundless Dawn. I love throwing on Grails in the morning on the way to work too.

Anticon artists are usually a good way to go.

It really depends on whether or not I've biked into work. If I bike, I generally need something to keep me going (much to the dismay of my boss), and lately I have been playing Boxcutter's "Oneiric" (which, by the way, is a fabulously fantastic dubstep record). The Magnetic Fields and The Beach Boys also make it as post-bike-ride-into-work selections, especially because they end up stuck in my head on the way to work. Ellen Allien also pops her head up from time to time.

However, despite being the morning person I am, I need calm in the morning and acts like Jan Jelinek, The Rachels, and Qua ( Gas, Polmo Polpo and Loscil round things out a bit. That is, if I can hear it...

As I mentioned in last week's discussion I usually don't relate particular artists or records with certain moods, weather of anything. But with music for listening to in the morning I now realise I must make an exception.

There's nothing in the world I would rather listen to in the morning than Red House Painters. There's something strangely comforting in their music, like looking at an old neighbourhood photograph. I'm not sure why I need that feeling in the morning in particular.

I usually listen to an album that I most recently purchased/downloaded. But my favourite albums (and most listened to albums) for the morning on the bus to school. Khonnor's Handwriting and Sufjan Stevens albums are really nice to get up to.

max effort
for mornings where i want to wake up in progressive stages:

boom bip - seed to sun

I'd have to say that probably my favorite morning music is the Cocteau Twins (and if I had to pick an album, it would be "Treasure").

Also near the top of my list would be Nick Drake. Something about his voice and guitar seems to sound good on my ears right after I've gotten out of bed.

If I need motivation, though, it's gotta be something silly like The Avalanches or Andrew Weatherall's Fabric mix.