June 15 Reviews / Your favorite local artist

First time in awhile that I've gave something a 10, but I think that Depeche Mode is quite worthy. I didn't do a podcast for it because I thought most people have probably heard it. If you haven't, you should...

Went a week without a topic, but a good one was suggested by Michael in the last thread. What's your favorite local band from your area (or artist)?

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From Athens, Ohio

Southeast Engine for sure. I heard someone say that if you like Wilco, you'd like Southeast Engine. No disrespect, but Jeff Tweedy should be kissing the ground this band walks on.

Even though I'm a schmuck for doing it, I'll mention my band too. We're in that apparantly worn out and unfashionable genre of post rock, but I think our songs are still quite good. The band's name is Esskyma and we have a myspace site if anyone's interested.

I am also in Lincoln, NE. And I will second The Golden Age as a fantastic band. Although I hear the singer ain't to fond of me right now.

Also, Marianas used to be pretty good.

Yeah, San Fran has had quite a resergence lately. Starving Weirdos, Tarentel and all of their side projects, Badgerlore, Krygz, Tom Carter, Yellow Swans, Bonus, Grouper, John DAvis. That Root Strata label is doing a fine job of documenting the New San Fran School of weird rock!! http://www.rootstrata.com/

I do still plan on doing a Can review special at some point. I've gotten a bit sidetracked on it, mainly due to the extra time of working out the podcasts each week. I will, however, do an all-Can special at some point down the road, I promise.

the best local artists in san francisco i would say are comets on fire, howlin rain, the flying luttenbachers, the fucking buckaroos, and rare covers

Incidentally, are you still planning a Can review special? That would make great reading...

Thanks for your recommendations Aaron. I checked out Disintegration after you posted your review of it and really liked it up to a point, but found it perhaps a little too melodramatic to completely take it to my heart. I've enjoyed Technique and Power, Corruption and Lies by New Order though. A couple of years of years ago I used to hate anything that had an 80s sound and considered the 80s much less musically interesting than other decades. This changed when I got into 70s Kraftwerk and Roxy Music/Brian Eno, and I started hearing their influence on bands like New Order and listening to more and more 80s stuff (though I still don't like a lot of the cheesy bands that the nostalgia industry remembers from this decade). Talk Talk are a particular favourite, from their synth stuff through to their pioneering post-rock albums. Anyway, I plan to get hold of a copy of Violator this week....

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kudos for giving violator a 10, if ever there was a 10 this would be it, no matter how commercially popular it was

i'm in austin tx, good bands=
asylum street spankers
the leemurs
lil captain travis,
if you ever find yourself in town check out one of these bands

it depends how local it should be determined. but fricara pacchu, joose keskitalo and paavoharju are great (and that is finland, of course, one might also add these days).

Explosions in the Sky, if you don't want to get too specific (they got together in Austin, at least), and Stars of the Lid, I guess.

I'm probably one of the few, but Violator doesn't really do anything for me. Maybe it's because I heard it kind of recently, after I had heard hundreds of artists, and it wasn't one of those landmark/important albums for me as it was for you; or maybe it's a generational thing; but for whatever reason, it bores me. Different tastes, I guess.

The Coral Sea, from Santa Barbara, CA. Indie rock, sort of minimal with a few symphonic flourishes. A bit like early Death Cab For Cutie, maybe? Among other things.
They once opened for a band I was sort of in. They seem to be getting some recognition now, which is cool. Check them out:

being from vancouver,my all time fave would be Slow.
honourable mentions though include::
pointed sticks
young canadians
pink mountaintops
new pornographers
nomeansno [although technically from victoria]
cicle c [at least their first album on geffen]
sons of freedom
...to name a few.

Oh sure. Make us all jealous Mr. Chicago... Heh. Lotsa good stuff there, seriously. Dang. And I hear that Zelionople is good stuff as well.

I don't get out as much as I should around here, but I've found that over the years, some of the best stuff I've heard in this town are projects that have never been released. I've listened to several little bedroom/basement projects from friends that have been quite amazing.

Oh, which reminds me. One more is
Mr. 1986

Tons from Chicago (i'll leave my projects out of this list... though they're the tops of course!)
Number None
Scott Tuma
Travelling Bell
Boxhead Ensemble
Vandermark 5
Fred Anderson Trio
Chicago Underground Duo
Josh Berman Trio
Jeb Bishop Trio
Fred Lonberg-Holm
Michael Zerang
David Boykin Expanse
Illusion of Safety
TV Pow
Brent Gutzeit
Town and Country
Sea and Cake
Isotope 217
Mandarin Movie
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
Greg Davis
Jim Baker
Guillermo Gregorio Group
Singleman Affair
Plastic Crimewave
Timeout Drawer
WEstern Automatic
Andrew Bird
The Ponys
Joan of Arc
The Zephyrs

probably forgetting some
Bird Show
Spires in the Sunset That Rise
Kathleen Baird

I think that the majority of the people who read this site would really enjoy a few of the local bands from Salt Lake City.
First, Taughtme. It´s electro-acoustic pop music. I cannot really think of any band to compare it to.


Second, Details of Speech. I would recomend this to anyone who likes Tortoise, the Sea and Cake, etc.

And lastly, Mathematics et cetera. I really cannot describe this band. I would recomend them to anyone who likes good rock music.

Great job with the site, keep up the good work.

Hi again,

Since we are talking about bands from local areas. I would like to hear from Canadians, who must be the most prolific musical nation ever.

I lived in Toronto for 7 months last year and was amazed at choice of live acts and venues available.

If anyone is from Toronto, I lived on College St/Little Italy so you can imagine what its was like.

Anyone saw several gigs when i was there, and standouts included:

Beef Terminal http://www.beefterminal.com/

The Airfields (i lived in the same apartment building as the lead singer and got to know him, seen his band twice and loved their teenage fanclub sound) http://www.newmusiccanada.com/genres/artist.cfm?Band_Id=14402

Holy Fuck http://www.myspace.com/holyfuck

Porter (Im not 100% if this is the correct name but i saw them in the Horseshoe Tavern in early May 2005 and really enjoyed them. Can anyone clear this up).

Fantastic city and fantastic country

Favorite band from local area? In fact I don't have favorite bands but much more favorite albums. :-) My problem with bands is that they soon become a disapointement . For most I feel they copy too much themselves and bore me then. For few they constantly try new thing but I rarely follow them on all their experiences. There are very few bands that broke the rule but I can't say they are ncesseraly my favorites. That feeling is in general not for "home bands".

If I stick only to albums, I don't see any favorite album from Paris but the point is that I don't know what bands are from Paris or not!!! Shame on me!

what a shame... my small hometown is full of crappy musicians who still believe in ugly 90's music like Guns n' roses and Nirvana.

There's a fat guy with a guitar called Armando Palomas that writes very funny lyrics and actually plays about 6 instruments really well, he's also very supported by the rock crowd around the country... his homepage is pretty ugly though:


mmm... aside from him it's all very lousy in here, thrust me, I used to play bass in half of the bands in Aguascalientes :P. we have some pretty fast and good grindcore bands but I'm not so much of a grindcore fan so...

One of the bands I used to play with called "Malde Mondo" was pretty good, but being an ambitious project (around 15 musicians in stage) it eventually cracked, one of the violinist moved to Brazil, the other one to Guadalajara, and the main guitarrist to Monterrey... not too mention most of the musicians we're very busy at school or work :(
We did play a threesome of legendary concerts at an old "hacienda" (sort of a big colonial house) and I have some very lo-fi recordings of one of the concerts.... I was kind of proud about this project because at moments it seemed like the band was really going places... *sigh.

Coming from my hometown Groningen, the Netherlands and maybe is best described as countrified Yo La Tengo. They've released two amazing records over the last couple of years. Always getting good reviews but hardly picked up by the public.

It's difficult for bands like Whipster in the Netherlands. Most indie kids here only listen to the latest hype on Pitchfork - which mostly is American and British stuff - and consequently miss out on bands coming from their own country. Which is a shame I think. You can click my name for a small preview.

Also coming from the Netherlands (but not my hometown) but something entirely different. This guy has been releasing lots of 3Ē cds over the last couple of years and just recently released his debut album on Lampse Records. Already getting rave reviews in both national and international magazines. His music is anything between ambient, minimal piano and noise. Couldnít recommend this album enough! More info at:

mike jones
my favorites in detroit rock city:
his name is alive, saturday looks good to me, white stripes/brendan benson/raconteurs, pas/cal, midwest product, dykehouse, matthew dear, and if you can count sufjan stevens, then him, too.
i'm probably forgetting someone.

Along with Depeche Mode, some of my favorites from the same era are New Order and The Cure. Although people will probably slaughter me for saying so, I really enjoy "Technique" by New Order (or just get "Substance") and by The Cure definitely check out "Disintegration" (which I've reviewed on here) among others. There are others, and I'll try to post back with some more.

Like the other Londoners posting here, Iím fairly spoilt for choice in terms of local bands, though Iím probably not as active as I should be in seeking new ones out. I really enjoyed the Art Brut record, they are from South London. I like The Streets and The Clientele, and I love Four Tet Ė Iím always seeing Kieran Hebden out and about at concerts and at the cinema. Iím afraid I canít recommend any as-yet-unknowns though. Really, I probably have a grass-is-greener attitude to music scenes, and am more excited about music from Canada and the States than I am about what is happening here. Thereís no doubt London has come up with the goods in the past (Bowie and Wire are both two of my all-time favourite acts), but itís not amazing right now I donít think.

On another note, I canít wait to hear Violator now! I was too young to hear much of this stuff in the 1980s and, though Iíve gone back and got some hold of a lot of great music from the 70s and 80s, for some reason Depeche Mode have completely passed me by. Your reviews are usually spot on though, so Iím looking forward to getting hold of it. I wondered is there any other albums of this era that youíd rate as highly, that you could point me in the direction of?

Thanks Almostcool for using my suggestion as a topic first off....

Im looking foward to all the great suggestions from various areas too.

But anyway being from Glasgow, Scotland, I have afew of my own.

Glasgow and its surrounding areas has a famous tradition of excellent bands. Some of these great bands include:

Mogwai, Primal Scream, Arab Strap, The Delgados, Aerogramme, Teenage Fanclub, The Jesus and Mary Chain to name but a few .

But here are some more obscure but equally excellent Scottish artists:

Christ. - superb Boards of Canada style electronica check out the link below for the Benbecula collective


The Zephrys- not a glasgow band but excellent country tinged rock


Dolphin Boy- nice relaxing chillout music (Gateax Youth is an excellent album). Sorry couldnt find a link for this guy

Uncle John & Whitlock - absolutly crazy band and very unique and could only come from one place in the world namely Glasgow. Superb live show too


Cayto- seen this band on numerous occassions accidently. But took a while for them to grow on me. They throw a lot in the mix but are extremely talented. Recently played at SXSW so are maybe going places.


from South-East England:

Yeborobo - fantastic songs, a messy party live
Shink - haven't been around for a while, but inhabit the post-rock world between Mogwai and Do Make Say Think
Noise Bitch - best band name ever, brilliant live, LOUD like you wouldn't belive, obvious nods to Sonic Youth but an absolute blast

the link in my name is their label site - I've posted it here before, but what the hey

My area of London has spawned Fridge, but I guess they aren't a band that plays out and about in Putney really. Hot chip are also from here, don't think much of them though.....

This is kind of a difficult one, because i rarely go to shows (even less to local shows). It's also tough because if I get into a local band history seems to show that I fall out of favour with them.

That being said, The Urge (STL) Atmosphere (MSP) were favourite local groups. The one that I still listen to is a group many consider to be the best bar band in America: The Skeletons (aka The Morells). They are from Springfield, MO (my second hometown) and for some truly just great rock 'n' roll (in the truest sense), check them out.


Well, there is not much music coming out of Sarasota, FL. But there is a hip hop collective called Science Non Fiction, who although I don't love their music, I respect for bringing in a lot of talent, such as Alias and Sole from Anticon.

from dublin/ireland

rollers/sparkers - www.rollerssparkers.com

e+s=b - http://myspace.com/ElectronicSensoriaBand

and the deserted village collective

Namelessnumberheadman from Kansas City. Their live shows feature a member who simultaneously plays keyboards, drums and sings. Some good reference points for their sound might include Caribou, Notwist, Her Space Holiday and +/-.


I will start this one off with my two favorite bands from Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. They are:



The Golden Age