June 30 update

Sadly, I won't be able to update the site this friday. My computer is still at the shop for repairs and I'm still not sure when I'm going to get it back (yes, I'm pissed about this).

Hopefully, I'll be able to rescue it soon and get back on track for next week. Sorry, and thanks for tuning in.

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Followin a review i did on Port-Royal's Flares album, the band have e-mailed with a host of info concerning their new album, live dates and remixing duties.

If you are interested check press my name for the link

I've heard GREAT stuff about the Boxcutter and it's honestly on my short list of things that I need to purchase soon. Hopefully I'll get around to it in the next month or so. Haven't heard of Burial, but I will definitely look into it and possibly review it as well. Thanks a bunch for the suggestions.

Boxcutter too, if you buy the wire mag this month its full of dubstep. Apparently Burial is like the Bladerunner soundtrack only for London

Will you review Burial? The UK electro scene has become a bit dubstep obsessed, and there are some great albums out as well. Especially Burial

Hello people, being in the middle of a particularly inspiring year for music, i have decided to join the legions of bloggers around the world. In testament to the mighty Mogwai i have called it
"Boring Machines Disturb Sleep"

To be honest i dont have a clue what i am doing, so its a bit shabby at the moment. It should improve though.

Please check it out, i welcome your comments. Also, it would be good if other people are willing to contribute posts on bands and any other thoughts and experiences.

My first posts are quite thin but im just getting the hang of it.

Thanks here's the link


Yep, I'm going to be reviewing the Helios album in the next couple weeks. That's the plan anyway.

Re: The Phon Noir, it's definitely a bit of a grower. One of those discs that didn't really sink in the first time, but I kept hearing things that made me want to go back to it. Also, the production is completely wicked. Headphone listening is a must if you haven't yet.

The Helios album is great, but i prefer the previous one

Hey, are you planning on reviewing that new Helios album, Eingya? Excellent ambient stuff. It's like Sigur Ros pretty.

Hey Almostcool, just got the Phon°noir album that you reviewed recently, earlier today. Ive listened to it three times and its starting to sink in.

Im not sure ive heard anything like it before, but yet it seems so familiat too.

Good work.... thanks for the recommendation

Public library computer for writing my reviews? I sort of have a germ phobia, so I don't know how well that would work out for me.

No worries, I have a desktop at home and if I don't get my laptop back by this weekend, I'll fire that old beast (P2, 400mhz!) back up and get some reviews done for next week. I just have my routine and setup with my powerbook, so taking that out of the loop threw me off a bit. I won't go two weeks in a row without anything, I promise. It's a busy time of year, lots of good stuff coming out recently/soon/shortly.

maybe use the public library?

i use isis to relax. it soothes the soul. at least my soul.

Angry and/or pissed would be Helmet - "Meantime." It's been my choice now for about the past ten years. That, or Nine Inch Nails - "Broken." So. Loud.

Slayer - Reign In Blood

I saw them live last week... the experience blew my mind. Was reeling from it for few days afterward.

i know the answer, but ive already got the album. C'mon people!!!!!!!!!!!!

My choice would be:
Boris - Akuma No Uta

If you ever see me listening to that record, RUN.....!

Those nerdy-glassed-criminals obviously have no clue about what's at stake here. You have every right to feel pissed! Any particular music you play when you're feeling pissed, angry or evil....?