July 13 Reviews / t-shirts gone

To make up for the late podcasts last week, I did 6 reviews this week. I sadly STILL don't have my computer back. I'm slowly losing my love for Apple the longer they keep it (3 plus weeks now).

Thanks to everyone who dropped me a line about a t-shirt. They've all been claimed, including 5 separate shirts headed to Massachusetts (All Hail to Massachusetts!). They must have great taste there. Heh.

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Teresa, I found a shirt. A single shirt in a single color in a single size. Drop me an email and maybe it'll work out for you. It's free!

Not sure when I'll ever have shirts again. The ones mentioned in the post were actually a batch that I'd found in my basement that I had made years ago to promote the site. I gave them away free to the first takers. When I go home tonight, I'll double check and see if I have any left, though, just for you.

wow, i've missed out on a lot. i don't think i've visited this site for a few months, my life has been so hectic.

...when is your next tshirt sale?

You are correct Michel. Thanks a lot for noting that there are indeed two bands with nearly the same name. I made the changes in my review.

Almostcool: Where the readers are the editors. :)

There seems to be another band called the Gentlemen Losers (http://www.gentlemenlosers.com), but they aren't the Finnish duo. The Finnish duo, from what I can tell, are called the GentlemAn Losers. Just a heads up!

The Helios album is great. "Bless This Morning Year" is easily one of my favourite songs of the year

CSS stole their sound from an animated joke.


excuse the ads and I think we're onto somethin'.

Make sure to check out the North Sea & Rameses III disc that has just been re-released by Type Records. Fantastic stuff.

I don't currently have any more reviews of Type artists planned. I've heard the Sickoakes and that was one that just didn't do very much for me at all. It felt very derivative and pretty bland to me, but then again I've been feeling pretty burnt on post rock in general lately. I did review the Julien Neto that came out last year. I am very curious about what they'll be putting out next in terms of releases.

I still own my Almost Cool shirt. It's one of my favorites. :)

You're right about Type Records. Theya are one of the most innovative label's about. Have anymore reviews of their artists planned?. You might like Xela, Sickoakes and Julien Neto.

Hello Sir,

Thanks for all your efforts to keep this site going. You've exposed me to many new artists and your opinion is held in very high regard.

FYI, I found out about your site through Metacritic.com.

I know you've covered some post rock bands, one that just blows me away is an Irish band called God is an Astronaut - I highly recommend the album "All is Violent, All is Bright".

If possible, I'd like a white medium shirt - Should I give you my address here?
309 - 1235 W. 15th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6H 1S1

My email address is remow@telus.net

I hope you get your computer back soon.