July 20 Reviews / Music for melting...

As usual, new reviews and podcasts this week. Oddly enough, my laptop is still in the repair shop, and Apple is giving me the runaround (well into the fourth week). I want to like Apple, I really do, but they're making it hard for me...

Since there hasn't been a discussion topic in awhile, I figured I'd start one and see if anyone chimed in. What's your favorite music to listen to when it's really hot outside? It's been 100 degrees (fahrenheit) here each of the past 5 days, and I feel like I'm melting.

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Cool in the Pool by Holger Czukay. It's very hot. Especially on the dancing spot. So let's get cool (COOL TOGETHER!) in the pool.

the music on zelienople's album "pajama avenue" works great for me in the summer heat.

Calexico is also nice. A Tribe Called Quest, too.

Listened to some wowee zowee era concerts today in the heat

This Heat
on repeat.
Yeah, that sounds about right for this weather.

the heat sucked the life out of me or maybe the music did that. The end of music is in sight.

The newly released "Islands" album is an especially summertimey one for me. I like some Go Team in the heat, and although there's not too much rap talk on this site, I loves me some Oukast in the summertime... just makes me think about hot, sticky, sweaty Atlanta nights(even though I've never been there) and Gangstar is an all time summer favorite.

:.:.. |
hot outside = "it was hot, we stayed in the water"


anything Bedhead [w/ a smooth glass of homespun pink lemonade. and an wedge of orange]

william h
i think that alot of reggae sounds really great when it is hot outside.
black uhuru,linton kwesi johnston,burning spear,trojan dub.

For hot music, I was really enjoying My Nick Cave playlist this week on the Ipod. It has been in 90 degrees here all week. Nothing unusual about that, except Im from Scotland!!!!

Liked your Thom Yorke review, Almostcool. Although "And It Rained All Night" and "Harrowdown Hill" are my two favourite tracks, where as Im not too keen on "Atoms For Peace". Anyway if you want to compare notes you can find my review on my site in the july archives section.

In random order:
50's and 60's bebop jazz
old-time bluegrass
60's Brazilian music

Amon Tobin - Supermodified

makes me think of hot weather more than any other album I own.

I also turn to Avalanches, Manitoba/Caribou, My Bloody Valentine, Blue States, Pixies, Supersilent, sometimes Massive Attack.

I agree that something minimalist is perfect for hot days, particularly some of Steve Reich’s shorter pieces for marimbas, such as ‘Nagoya Marimbas’ or ‘Six Marimbas’, which sound almost tropical to me. Manitoba/Caribou works very well too – ‘People Eating Fruit’ has a hazy, beautiful sound with Hispanic-sounding vocal samples. And though I didn’t enjoy Up in Flames too much when it first came out, this year it has provided a lovely soundtrack to lying in parks. Animal Collective also has a nice, tribal feel which is great for heat, particularly notable is ‘Banshee Beat’ which somehow makes the words ‘swimming pool’ sound like the sun coming up over an African savannah.

Really the list is too long, though from the more indie rock side of things I must mention Pavement. Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain makes me dream of balmy days in California with lyrics like ‘out on my skateboard the night is just humming’ (‘Range Life’) and ‘so drunk in the August sun’ (‘Gold Soundz’). And then there’s New Order’s Technique album, which is just stunning (though I’m a very recent convert), and makes me think of dancing till sunrise in the Mediterranean sun of Ibiza…….

Cocteau Twins - obvious choice, granted, but unsurpassable if you think about it;
Thomas Koner - Arctic music to counteract the intense heat;
Fridge - ho ho!!
Low - see Cocteau Twins

Go with The Advantage to relive childhood memories of summers spent playing NES, and summers that were less influenced by global warming (sub-100 degrees).

Michael Massof
Lately, it has been abberantly hot where I live. When watering the flowers this week, I have been listening to Espers II on repeat.

For some reason, I tend to really stick with minimalists when it's hot. Their music is active enough that it keeps my mind moving, but never oppressive enough that it magnifies the temperature.

Some of these choices include Philip Glass' soundtrack for "Koyaanisquati," Steve Reich's "Music For 18 Musicians" (who am I kidding, this is magnificent anytime), and yes, Laurie Anderson's "Big Science."

Oh, and I also like electronic pop music when it's hot. Depeche Mode, New Order, Hot Chip (pun intended, I suppose), and Junior Boys have also been spinning a lot lately.