July 27 Reviews / Possible off week...

The saga of the laptop continues, but it may have a happy ending within the next week...

Due to work eating some time out of my weekend, it's looking less like there's going to be an update next Friday. If I can kick out the jams, it might happen, but if not feel free to use this space to make fun of me. Thank you.

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::: super computer...
Sufjan Stevens.. . the name rings a faint bell.

I don't have Ticket Crystals, not yet. But I'm a big fan of Amanita and Lapsed so I'm sure I'll get it soon. At least before the end-of-year list making comes in sight. ;-)

As for the millionaire thing. I've thought about this plenty of times and I always liked the idea of starting my own record store (packed with mostly obscure stuff from small labels) combined with my own vinyl-only record label.

Im getting into the Bardo Pond album, Neil, more and more. The first song is great and I like the John Lennon cover too. I also bought a good Fat Cat Records sampler called "Branches and Routes", and a A Silver Mt Zion album, "Born Into Trouble...". I am happy with all of my choices. Couple of good tarcks on Fat Cat sampler, The Crescent, Programme and Com.A

Hey Michael, that's exactly what I was going to do with it!!

And agree about the Bardo Pond album - my favourite of theirs.

If/When I become a millionaire,I'm going to start up my own reocrd label.

Has anyone else heard Bardo Pond's new album "Ticket Crystals", just bought it today and enjoying it so far.

I only buy tickets if the lottery is over 150 million, and only then if I remember. I got a ticket this week too, and I'm feeling good about it because the quick pick powerball number just happens to be my lucky number.

Don't worry, I'll keep doing this site after I win. :)

Work is terrible, especially when it interfers with your life. But, it needs to be done. Although Ive got a feeling I'm going to win a couple of million in the lottery tomorrow