I'll be back...

I apologize for not having new reviews this week. I was gone at a work conference for several days, and in combination with working on an old slow-ass computer, I couldn't finish things up in time.

The good news is that I finally got my computer back (a new one even, as my old one was lost) and I'm ready to rock again. I'm busy re-installing programs and getting back up to speed, but I will have new reviews and podcasts next week, I promise. Please come back. Pretty please.

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yo what's up

Don't have the Phantom Buffalo album yet, but I was thinking about picking it up sometime soon. It's still available on vinyl from Time-Lag!

This is irrelevent, but has anyone heard phantom buffalo (formly the ponys) album shishimumu? It's great! And I'm usually someone who prefers the solemn instrumentals and workings that are so common in Montreal. You should give it a listen. The royal you that is.

I've never really gotten into Sufjan Stevens, what am I missing out on?. A friend of mine swears by him

Just learned today that a new Max Richter album will be coming this October! Already heard a couple of tracks of it and sounds very good.

My favourite new purchases of the last two weeks are: Raccoo-oo-oon "Mythos Folkways Vol. No. 1", Paul LaBrecque & Valerie Webb "Trees, Chants And Hollers" and Double Leopards/Sunroof!/Mouthus "Crippled Rosebud Binding".

Thanks for the last one to Michael's very useful top 2006 list on ratemymusic. I saw the fantastic cover art in his list and was very pleasantly surprised by the album.

As to speak in the famous legendary words.

"I'll be back"

AND - with the common backlash to Mister Stevens' music as of late, I'd say crouching for a while is a spectacular idea. yeah? that or joining George W. in Texas.

:: sufjan 4 life
as far as Sufjan... well.

but - on the Talking Heads subject, I just reviewed a band from up North called qr5 you may want to seek out. Not the indie vibe many bands are doing now'days, they have a unique twist.


Are you dogging on the Sufjan? It's all good if you are. Different strokes for different folks, you know...

Actually, regarding Sufjan, I've heard that it will be some time before he actually releases another album. Supposedly he's going to focus on creative writing (his major in college) for awhile and just taking a bit of time for himself after the last few years of rather intensive output. I don't know how true that is, but it seems like something that might be believable.

So much music lately. I've been feeling slammed. Not only new stuff but discovering great older things as well. And of course going back to the Talking Heads like every single day. Their live album "The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads" is one of the best live albums to ever be released. I'm not kidding about that by the way.

I even feel that way when I'm not tipsy, which I may or may not be right now.

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and maybe delete this and the re:dundant other... REFRESH!

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While you have a week of downtime, Soofyawn may release 3 more LPs. Be safe!