August 10 Reviews / Back on the attack...

Since there were no new reviews last week, I finished up six for this week. Now that I've got my new computer up and rolling, the few bumps of the past couple weeks should be a thing of the past.

I used different software to create the podcasts this week, and they're a different file format than in the past (.m4a instead of .mp3). I think that they not only sound a little better (both due to the program I used to create them, but also the encoding format), but it also allows for the display of album artwork along with the podcast when viewed in iTunes or similar software.

If anyone has any comments and/or complaints, I'd love to hear them. Thanks.

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Tujiko is great!
Thank you Aaron, This place is always a great way to discover interesting music.
I really love this album.
I think Tujiko hits a right balance between distortion and transcendence.
Love it.

The White Birch CD "Come Up For Air", which is on Rune Grammofon (and was reviewed on this site back in June) is insanely beatiful; I also highly recommend it for fans of somber, lightly orchestrated melancholy...

re: the knife: good to read someone as underwhelmed as i was.

ah just found it... June... oops. Will listen, thanks and sorry for getting obnoxious with the comments I'll check next time before submiting.

Wait... you reviewed an album by them back on march right?... gotta search the archives.

Yes, Im talking about that album, I like the shortish numbers but it's really difficult stuff, the voice and the space sounds get on the nerves of most people I play it for. My girl even banned me to play it when she's around along with bands like U2 and The Books (I'm amazed she doesn't like the books).
Good stuff to annoy your neighbors and to end abruptly your house parties.

Didn't like the comets on fire either, actually never did. On the other side, I think Yume Bitsu is very good didn't felt particularu excited about "The Golden Vessyl Of Sound" aside from some of the first tracks.

The white birch? Is that the name of the band? I googled withe birch and a band appeared.

Are you talking about "Have You Seen The Other Side Of The Sky?" I just got it recently and I've listened to it a couple times. Once again, it's not something that's blowing me away, but I have to admit not being a huge fan of that overly crazy swirly style rock that they do. Maybe it will grow on me before I review it. Same goes with the new Comets On Fire, although it seems like they're definitely moving in some different directions on their latest album. They've got some mellow piano workout moments between all the shredding.

I guess when I'm listening to spaced out stuff like that, I prefer a bit less aggro stuff like Yume Bitsu. Mmmm Yume Bitsu. Their self-titled album is so damn good.

Oh, and an album that continues to grow on me = The White Birch. Mark it down.

By the way, what did you think of the acids mothers temple and the melting paraiso ufo new album? I found it enthralling don't know about you...

I guess it depends on the mood, normally I wouldn't like it, back in february I think I wouldn't have noticed it at all, in fact I didn't remember you reviewing the album until you brought it up and I read the review. Things started freshening up when I started reading... I've been shoegazing hard since August began, probably when the fever ends I'll consider in a very different way the album.

Interesting reviews as ever... But I'd personally give the Our Brother the Native album a higher review. With an obvious bias as I'm 16 and am fully supportive of these guys (and their our friends via myspace as well)... Their music is fresher and more different to animal collective than given credit for, and there are tonnes of strong songs on there. Reviews seem to ignore the song Catalpa which is one of the most enchanting songs I've heard all year.

You should review the Depth Affect album as well if you get the chance!

This is probably the first lukewarm review of "Silent Shout" I can remember reading. I approve. There are some outstanding single tracks on the album, but I agree that there are some moments that don't quite fit (like when the vocals are pitchshifted to an insane degree).

Also, nice review of the Tujiko Noriko re-issue. I hope her new full-length sees the light of day sooner rather than later.

I thought I should let everyone know about this band who are recording their debut album at the moment. They feature a member from Mogwai.

Crippled Black Phoenix....

I really like what Ive heard so far, very unique and original sounding

Click my name to find out more

You guessed it K (is that you?). I switched to Garageband and it works like a charm.

I did a little reading about the .m4a format and it seems that most newer players support it, so hopefully it's still working for just about everyone.

Regarding the Belong album, I have heard it. I reviewed it back in February or so (I think that's when it came out) and I wasn't a huge fan of it for some reason. I know that it's gotten some good reviews, but I go through some weird phases with ambient music. Just like with the Marsen Jules this week. I thought I'd enjoy it, but for some reason it didn't thrill me a lot.

The Knife is just an odd disc to me. Although it definitely has an overall theme, the songs themselves vary a lot and move from dark and thick (my favorite) to downright cornball. Ah well.


btw, I was wondering if you've had the chance to hear "October language" by Belong. It's a bit similar to m83 in sound and it has some very powerful, heavy tracks (To be honest, I think is far better than "before the dawn heals us")

the m4a format do sounds better than the mp3 one, none itunes users will surely complain (it's an elitist format, so to speak) but I like them better.

Thanks for reviewing "the knife", I was deadly curious about your opinion given the hype they've been given on other review sites. A 6.5 is a bit harsh (i'd have given it a 7 or 7.5) but I couldn't agree more on your review. Nice work. I love you.

more explosions; we need more explosions.

actually, no, its good to have you back in true and working form, complete with two gigs of ram thanks to apple.

no worries, and no complaints. keep up the good work.