August 17 Reviews / Mini milestones

With this weeks batch of reviews, I hit a couple of minor milestones with the site. The first is that I just posted my 50th podcast. Has anyone discovered anything they love by listening to one of them?

The second thing I'm excited about is that I just posted my 1800th review. That's a whole lotta words, and yet I still sometimes feel like I know shit about music. Guess it keeps me hungry.

I'll start up with discussion topics again fairly soon, but feel free to post about whatever until then.

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1800 is amazing. Now you can adjust the name accordingly: 'Pretty Cool Music Reviews'.

Hrmm. Not sure why the stills aren't showing up in the podcats in Windows Media. I honestly didn't test them out in that program, but they work fine for me in iTunes. I guess it's a bit much to expect that everyone uses said program, though, so I'll look into the Windows Media and see if I can figure anything out.

I agree that releases like the Ran Slavin are really hard to judge based on short clips. With tracks that average almost 8 minutes each, it's hard to get much of a taste in 30 seconds or so. Hopefully the artist comparisons within the review (Tim Hecker, etc) draw a few reference points as well. And there's always downloading to preview. :)

Lots of great stuff coming out between now and the end of the year, I can't wait.

And I agree with bubbachups, dark jazz ensemble was a nice find and I'd add phonopani as well as this week's Ran Slavin. Been a constant reader of this site for almost 4 years and I'm always deeply grateful for your reviews. Thank you.

Bubbachups: glad to hear you enjoyed the Cuong Vu, it's pretty good. Also check arild andersen's electra or Arve henriksen's chiaroscuro (particulary the track "parallel action"). You might enjoy them as an inclusion to your jazz collection. I posted arild andersen a while back and the link still works, check it out:

My favourite AMT releases to date:
"Demons From Nipples"
"Starless And Bible Black Sabbath"
"Do Whatever You Want, Don't Do Whatever You Don't Want!!" (excellent 3CD compilation featuring numerous AMT projects)
"Electric Heavyland"
"Acid Mothers Temple & The Pink Ladies Blues Featuring The Sun Love And The Heavy Metal Thunder"

As for your question about whether I've discovered anything great through your podcasts; I'll have to say the Kilimanjaro Dark jazz Ensemble. I haven't managed to pick up the album yet but the stuff I have from it sounds fantastic. There was a song posted on Motel de Moka a couple of weeks ago by a band called Cuong Vu. Also amazing stuff, very much recommended and together with the Kilimanjaro Dark jazz Ensemble makes for an interesting jazz combination.

Am I the only one who doesn't see any stills in the podcasts? With me the video player (realplayer) stays black. The audio does seem to have improved since switching formats.

Your description of the Ran Slavin album sounds very interesting. With this kind of music it's difficult to tell anything from 30 sec. clips but they sure did spark my interest.

As for Acid Mothers Temple, I think your description fits the album really well, although we both draw different conclusions from it. Iím really digging the madness and the fact that this record is all over the place. I havenít added Electric Heavyland to my collection yet so Iím going to have to check that one out sometime soon. Strangely enough though, everyone Iíve ever played any AMT album to downright hated it...

I picked up 'The Top' hesitantly last week, as I could really ignore everything The Cure released after 1983 ("Pornography" is my favorite). I have bought all of the other re-issues as they've come out, as I do feel they are the "necessary" releases of this band - and have really enjoyed them.

I hadn't heard it since I had owned the original vinyl release when it first hit the shelves, having long ago sold it. I guess at the time feeling that it was the "beginning of the end" for them in regards treading familiar ground and Smith becoming somewhat of a parody of himself...

I have to say, though, that I'm really glad I picked it up. I realize that I actually quite enjoy most of it, despite some glaring mis-steps in the pack ("Bananafishbones"). "Bird Mad Girl" and "The Empty World" are highlights. The bonus disc is mostly somewhat pointless sketchy demos which are an interesting for a one-time listen only.

Far more exciting for me is the upcoming 2CD re-issue of the The Glove's "Blue Sunshine" (1983) - the one-off collaboration of Robert Smith and Steve Severin of Siouxsie & The Banshees with guest singer Landray. Apparently, the bonus disc has Smith doing all of the vocals as demos - which will be fun. I can't wait!

I haven't listened to "The Top" in a long time. I might have to pick that one up again and give it another spin.

My personal favorite Cure album is "Disintegration," although "Pornography" has really been growing on me lately as well.

Congratulations on such a landmark, 1800 albums reviewed is one whole load of music to listen to.

I'm on a bit of an Acid Mothers Temples "trip" (pun!) myself. Do you think 22 albums since the start of this year is too much. An acquired taste, granted, but I'm loving the freewheeling freak-outs at the moment.

As much as I love The Cure, I'm not sure if I'll be bothering with any of these deluxe editions. But man I love "Kiss Me...". What do guys here think about "The Top"? I think it's their best album, but I know that it's the least liked.

Oh yeah, one small note for those paying attention...

In the Ran Slavin podcast, there's not only coinciding album art, but when I discuss the DVD portion of the set, there are stills from it in the podcast as well. Yay for technology.