August 31 Reviews / Let's do a sountrack...

The usual reviews and podcasts this week, feel free to talk shit about them or any other albums.

For a discussion topic, I thought we'd throw out song ideas for a soundtrack. I just watched the original "Night Of The Living Dead" recently, so zombies are on my mind. If you could pick songs to go on a zombie movie soundtrack, what would you put on it?

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sufjan for a zombie movie?!?! Sounds like a comedy or a musical. Sickly sweet that guy is.

One Bullet.
One Sufjan.

In follow up to the Leafcutter John review, he has created free software for remixing that is pretty cool

go to

there is also a tutorial to be found here

Hey, almostcool, I had Hungry Ghosts as part of my 10 Desert Island discs from last week's discussion. Ive just seen the favourable reviews you gave them a while back, so thought you might be interested in this.

If you follow this link below, it features new music from the band leader J.P Shilo. Its sounds quite interesting

It's gotta be creepy and menacing and eerie...
Double Leopards
Birchville Cat Motel
Starving Weirdos
My Cat is an Alien
Number None
Yellow Swans

ah here, found a trailer in youtube:

Also has anyone watched "begotten"? Its a pretentious piece of shitty art but I love it, a friend and I used to play tidbits of it while djying in a bar on my city called brixton. Here's a trailer (bad quality on both, btw):

Anyone ever watched a movie called "Jesus Christ, vampire slayer"?

ok I've been thinking and I'd add also:

We are wolves
Solid Space
Pink Mountaintops
and skatt brothers' song "walk the night", clearly about living dead.

For the quiet creepy suspense minutes some Deathprod or set fire to flames should work magnificently.

jesus, corpse of the undead living fuck the Killers
anything off of that new Sprites album!

bring on the discodeath!!!

Mount Sims
Glass Candy
Lasser Moderna
Sonido Lasser Drakkar
and something from the knife

Now watch this and tell me if it wouldn't fit a zombie movie:

Now check this and tell me if

Black Boned Angel
Sunn O)))
Birchville Cat Motel

Thou Shall Suffer are an ambient project of a death metal band, whose name escapes me at the moment. The music here would be perfect for a zombie film.


What about Rob Zombie himself, he did a fairly good job on "House of 1000 Corpses"

this was hard, but maybe some of these songs could work.

the jesus lizard - "monkey trick"
electric wizard - "master of alchemy: house of whipcord/the black drug"
song of zarathustra - "mess of zero"
magyar posse - "sudden death"

Most Nurse with Wound albums would work, as well as Faust's Munic A from 71 Minutes of Faust.

Some serious brain chewing.

Yeah, 28 days later kinda sucked and the use of that Godspeed song was lame, too. They're down with the zombies!

Weird. I know that Godspeed You Black Emperor also liscened one of their songs to "28 Days Later" (which is _sorta_ like a zombie movie). It was featured in the film, but isn't on the soundtrack disc, so maybe they just like those sorts of films.

I'll check out "American Nightmare." It sounds like it could be something I enjoy.

oh yeah, American Nightmare was one of the few films that Godspeed You Black Emporer licensed their music to (I think they did it pro bono too).

I'm a zombie-movie fanatic, hard to top Night of the Living Dead, though. Have you ever seen the documentary American Nightmare ?
They dig pretty deep at the social and political undertones of most horror film classics esp, Night of the Living Dead.

I'll have to get back to you on my soundtrack ideas later.

I don't remember ever seeing one so I couldn't really tell... How stupid is that!

I did play the Sega arcade game House of the Dead a lot back in the days. When I think of zombies I not only think of the Michael Jackson video for Thriller but also of totally insane, over the top and highly energetic guitar mish-mash. So it's obvious that Residual Echoes is first to come to mind. I'd say "Death Comes for the Archbishop" from their latest album on Holy Mountain would go great with the actual blood and gore scenes.

Boris might be a good fit also. "Ibitsu" from their Akuma No Uta album is insane enough to go along with something brainless like zombies. High energy level with tough and forceful vocals.

As for the more eerie stuff I would prefer The Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood. “The Rainship Ouroburos” from their split cdr with The Golden Oaks scares the shit out of me every time I hear it. Very slow and foggy.

Somewhat related, you can click my name for a wonderful World's End Girlfriend video. Of course his music is exceptional but the video itself fits really well also with all its horror and gore. Great stuff.

Nobody likes the zombie movies I guess.

Damn it!

I think I'd need a good mix of both thrashing and creepy atmospherics, so here goes...

Heavy =
Nailbomb - "Wasting Away"
Metallica - "Seek And Destroy"
Nine Inch Nails - "Last"

Foreboding =
Aphex Twin - "White Blur" (SAW II)
Coil - "First Five Minutes After Death"
Ryuichi Sakamoto - "Anger"