September 7 Reviews / Favorite cover art of 2006...

No real big name reviews this week, but still some good stuff to check out. Next week is the insane release date, where something like 15-20 bigger name releases come out. I'll try to review some of them.

In the meantime, what is some of your favorite cover art that has come out this year? I know I don't allow links within the threads (mainly for spam reasons), but URLs are easy to copy and paste.

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Those Miwon and Uusitalo albums look stunning indeed!

I also like the Cat Power cover art though. Not in this picture of course, but I have that record on vinyl and it looks really cool. It's made from reflective material which not only makes the pink color a lot nicer but it also makes you able to see yourself on the cover. That's why the album is called "The Greatest", to see yourself and be called the greatest. So it might not be a beautiful photograph or a nice painting but I do think that the idea behind it is cool and has been very well implemented.

And I also like the North Sea & Rameses III cover art:


-helios: eingya & goldmund: corduroy road

-miwon: pale glitter

-moha: raus aus stavanger

-uusitalo: tulenkantaja

-anathallo: floating world

-golden bear: s/t

-belong: october language

-boy omega: the black tango

-ester drang: rocinate

-junior boys: so this is goodbye

-keith fullerton whitman: lisbon ep

-king biscuit time: black gold

-lupe fiasco: food & liquor

HANDS DOWN cat power's the greatest!

I have to add my recommendation to this album too, it's been supposedly carefully constructed since 1998 and there's only 300 copies for now. You can sample all the album in here:

Got a new favorite cover:

red favorite - s/t

Yes, to be honest my tv broke and I haven't watched tv since March so all of the videos I see come from youtube or friends recommendations.

The Mobius Band is very entertaining, the visuals are good kept me looking the whole video.

I agree, videos have never really done anything for me, unless it is of a live performance

To be honest, I don't watch too many music videos, Moka. I see random ones here and there on YouTube, but don't really seek them out.

That said, both of those videos you linked were great. I'm partial to the Vitalic one because I have two dogs myself and I was thinking about doing a video with them at some point.

There's also a very nice video for The Mobius Band - "The Loving Sounds Of Static"

K, this is out of context in this article but I'm curious about your favorite videos this year.

I can't remember much now but the art attack meanderings on boy from school by Hot Chip tickles me:

And poney pt. 1 by Vitalic is the coolest one I've seen this year (I think it came out this year):

1.talkdemonic - beat romantic

2.tortoise - a lazarus taxon

3.bonnie prince billy - the letting go

I actually bought the Fue Therese album because I liked the cover so much...but I would have gotten it anyway I'm sure.

Nothing immediately springs to mind from this year, but seeing the cover of the new Dwayne Sodahberk makes me want to buy it for cover alone - full of mysterious underwater beauty!

And the Friedrich painting on the Islands record makes a great cover.

I forgot about this ones, I don't have them but a friend crazy about doom and drone borrowed them to me and I was impressed by the cover art and the overall artwork:

Sunn o)) - La Mort Noir Dans Esch
Sun o))/earth - angel coma
(it's a gif, both covers are there)

Speaking of Hala Strana, Steven R. Smith's solo project under his own name had a pretty sweet cover but I think it's from last year. Black on black Ad Rheinhart-type design to match the gorgeous desolate music...
Supposedly, there's a new limited SRS vinyl coming out on Important. Can't wait.

No warbling problems on my copy. I entered the softabuse myspace and it sounds just like mine. You made me curious about how it would sound warbled, though.

First of all, that Hala Strana track sounds amazing! I only have their "Fielding" album which is astonishing, I now realize I might have to expand my Hala Strana collection.

Second, I seem to have forgotten a couple of albums with great cover art, especially the first one is, well, at least very strange....

peeesseye - commuting between the surface & the underworld

good stuff house - s/t

peter wright - desolation beauty violence

ooh yeah, that Hala Strana lathe cut is mighty fine indeed. BTW does your copy sound warbley? Mine's nothing like the digital version of the song on the Soft Abuse myspace page. I hear that's common with lathe cuts. I still like it as a warbled version

By some reason the folk kids have the covers I like the most every year, here's mine:

The tiny - starring someone like you

Hala Strana - white sleep

Ray off - ghost wolf of thunder mountain

James Blackshaw - sunshrine

Pumajaw - becoming pumajaw

:: k
I do agree with 'helios'. +type certainly has a gifted hand with print & packaging.

Comets on Fire and Six Organs of Admittance


I like Helios' "Eingya" cover

You can also check this song from Malajube.

Malajube "Trompe-L'oeil". The whole package is really cool.

Wow, that Benoit Pioulard cover art looks amazing!

I was going to say Crippled Rosebud Binding but Neil beat me to it. I also like "Cavehill Hunters Attrition" from Valley Of Ashes.

"Conference of the Birds" by Om has a nice cover as well.

And of course the MV+EE picture disc released on Qbico.

I'm too lazy to dig up a link, but the cover of Calexico's Garden Ruin is really lovely.

Neil [Heather leigh - "Pot Baby"] [Bossk - ".1"] [Jesu - "Silver"] [Mouthus/Double Leopards/Sunroof! - "Crippled Rosebud Binding"] [Noxagt - "Noxagt"]

yes, yes, ya'll
2 lil' pictures:

loving the new early day miners cover:

The Drift Yellow Swans 12" with gold leaf pasted on is pretty insane
as is the silkscreened cd sleeves of Brothers of The Occult Sisterhood's Goodbye album...

I haven't been really blown away by anything this year, although I would have to say that the self-titled Phonophani has very cool artwork, as well as the Tortoise boxset ("A Lazarus Taxon").

Probably my favorite cover art of the year so far goes to the forthcoming Benoit Pioulard album ("Precis") on Kranky, though. It's really lovely.