Sept 14 Reviews / What's your deal?

As promised last week, some bigger name stuff this week. We seem to be entering the prime release season, with tons of stuff coming out recently and in the near future.

For a topic of discussion this week, I thought I'd get a bit personal. I'm not sure how many people will respond, but I thought I'd ask a non music-related question for once simply because it's been on my mind. This week the weather was beautiful here, and I was outside a lot enjoying it. What are your favorite outdoor activities when the weather is nice?

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Favourite outdoor activity is going back indoors.
Oh, and what's with 6.5 for Envy ???!!! - album of the year, my good man!! Try "A Dead Sinking Story" for an equally good album. They are astounding live, as well.

Well then. Can anyone top that one?

I kinda doubt it. :)

what could top Moka's, er, "entry"?

well - we just posted a new m4a / mp3 [anti-pod]cast at sctas[dot]com //

shamed I am.


Having sex. One month ago there was some sort of star rain and if you drive some 20 minutes outside the city you can see the most beautiful night sky. I think I saw the brightest one cross the sky while having an orgasm.

I also like listening to music and walking or driving. And there's a brief 6 day period in my summer and winter vacation where I smoke dope in the afternoons.

Most people would never guess it, but I'm also a fan of the college football.

As a Nebraska fan, I'll thank you pre-emptively for Sam Keller. I think he'll do pretty good here next year. :)

Tomorrow is the crazy day of NCAA football, but I've got tennis in the morning, then some painting to take care of...

Well I'm a desert rat, so I usely spend my afternoons planning and experimenting with different types of rain dances. I'm all about the body, mind and clouds.

I'm really not that outdoorsy of a person, in the natural sense of hiking and biking and such. But I try to make the neighborhood Sunday Night Basketball pickup games. Oh, and now that college football in underway, I'm a proud Arizona State tailgater

Hey Aaron, looks like you've got a bumper crop this year, congratulations!
Our backyard is too shady to yield a good crop of edibles but we did transform our front yard into a native garden. The link on my name will take you to photos (sorry for the shitty low res... not enough flickr space).
As for running, I just got back into it after taking a 15 year break! It was hard at first but now I'm really into it again. It definitely helps to run on grass... less pounding on the knees.

As mentioned earlier, I used to run a lot. Like one summer I was up to running between 8 and 10 miles a day and one day ran a half marathon then went swimming afterwards. I'm not so hardcore now.

I'm glad you mentioned gardening, Mr. Weis. I'm waaaay into gardening as well, and this has been our most successful year by far in terms of growing lots of different things. If you want to read specifics, I made a post about it here...

Either walking or riding my bike. But I generally do the former for iced cream and the latter to get to and from work (year around). Beyond that I am not a huge out-doors-y person. Even though I do like it when I am out doors.

Eating ice-cream, strolling all over town to buy new records and watching all those handsome people.

Wait, those are my favorite outdoor activities no matter what...!

"look at that"
staying inside.

Football (or Soccer for North Americans). Although I like playing it in all sorts of weather!!

I'm also a middle distance running junkie. got my 5k time down to sub 19. Still hacking up that opium tar from the 90's though, me thinks.

I've become a native gardener geek over the past couple of years. I spend lot's of time in my garden, as well as visiting prairies, woodlands, wetlands and savannas that have been restored to their original state. Most of the landscape in the midwest of America (and most of North America for that matter) has been decimated by way of farming and development. There's been a resurgence over the last decade to reclaim these landscapes and restore them. Sorry to bore y'all but it's become my new obsession.
If anyone's interested....

I also endorse lying underneath a tree and looking at the leaves and sky above.
I spend a good deal of time looking at the sky, especially when there are stars in it.

When I was younger I used to go out on runs, but I overdid it and now can never bring myself to do it on a regular basis.

Going on walks.
Hiking is nice.
Swimming is great when the weather's right.

I'll start this one off. In addition to taking daily walks with my two dogs, I'm also a big fan of playing tennis. I just started playing about 3 months ago with a friend of mine and have really become absorbed with the nuances of the game. Not only does it involve physical bursts of activity, but there's a real thinking element to it as well in terms of learning your opponent, shot placement, and different stroke techniques. I'm still a beginner in a big way, but I have a lot of fun when I'm not mis-hitting everything all over the place and pulling a Johnny Mac.

In addition to tennis, I really like rollerblading. Some people make fun of me for doing this, but again it's something that I really enjoy. I used to go running a lot, but it was really hard on my knees and joints in general, whereas rollerblading is much more low-impact and I can get just as good or better of a workout while also carrying handweights. I usually go on 10-mile jaunts and that takes me about 35-40 minutes including stopping for traffic in places.

Good times in nice weather.