Sept 28th Reviews / Exhausted...

First off, I want to say thanks to whomever recommended the new Grails to me. It was mentioned in a thead many moons ago and I'm glad I sought it out.

This week has completely kicked my ass. Seems like every day this week has run out before I've had enough time to do everything I want, and I don't even have anything near witty to say. Speaking of, though, what are your favorite albums to listen to when completely beaten down and exhausted?

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I forgot Arvo Part's Fratres (with Gidon Kremer & Keith Jarrett ). Easily one of the most moving piece of music I know, all the better when you're tired : you just let go completely and immerse yourself in this staggering work of art.

Explosions In The Sky/The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place and Boards Of Canada/Geogaddi
are just perfect when I'm exhausted.

gas' beatless material is very nice indeed as well. and his beat material also. yes, all of it is nice.

also, do people know that if you (legally) want to pick up gas' material, you can do at kompakt's mp3 site ( All four of his albums (plus 1 ep) are up on the site for about $10, and in 320kbps format.

Now that I think about it some of Dirty Three's slower stuff is great when exhausted...

Another good record for exhaustion is Goldmund's "Corduroy Road"

: k
GRAILS > Holy Sons. If you want some of the new Emil stuff, let me know. Oh yes + //

{ favorite album when completely exhausted? }: The Dark Fantastic - s/t [UP 067]

mike jones
the dead texan the dead texan the dead texan the dead texan the dead texan the dead texan the dead texan the dead texan the dead texan the dead texan the dead texan the dead texan the dead texan the dead texan the dead texan the dead texan the dead texan the dead texan the dead texan the dead texan the dead texan the dead texan the dead texan the dead texan

Jim L.
"The Portable Galaxie 500", if I want to wallow in it; "Pirate's Choice" (Orchestra Baobab), if I want to snap out of it.

For some reason amnesiac and kid a are really appealing to me when I'm exhausted. Rachel's is always a great while tired, particularly "Music for Egon Schiele".

Oh, and any Books album puts me in a great state of mind in that mood, even though the music begs one to listen, if only slightly.

forgot this one:
dj shadow - preemptive strike

Coincidentially I've felt the same way all this week (and it all points out to a ery exhaustive next week too).

I haven't been listening to music as much as I'd want and I find that pretty much playing randomly on my player irritates me... I'm in a sort of a 90's vacuum... been listening to bands like my bloody valentine, the sugarcubes and sonic youth and also to bowie and neil young (this is very weird since I rarely listen to this ones all year)

Good pick on the Grails, btw.

Ps. Glad to hear that you like the new Grails album just as much as I do. Excellent review also, pretty much what I would like say about the album but you do it so much better.

I like to listen to the Deathprod box set after coming home from work. It kind of calibrates my brain.

Peter Z.
Low - "Things We Lost In The Fire" is definitely what I'd listen two. In fact I very rarely hear the end of the album because I tend to fall asleep listening to it.

The new Seht album on Digitalis has been transporting me out of this world of frivolity. I highly recommend it. For fans of Labradford, Eno, William Basinki, etc.

I also choose Gas, Popol Vuh, and Eno to help me escape the madness.

I like "Konigforst" by Gas and maybe "Dummy" by Portishead for this purpose


(just a few...)
Boris - "Flood"
Cocteau Twins - "Treasure"
Codeine - "Frigid Stars LP"
Miles Davis - "Kind Of Blue"
Earth - "Earth 2"
Brian Eno - "Music For Airports"
Mark Hollis - "Mark Hollis"
Hugo Largo - "Mettle"
Thomas Köner - "Aubrite"
Labradford - "Mi Media Naranja"
Low - "Things We Lost In The Fire"
Main - "Motion Pool"
Mogwai - "Come On Die Young"
Navigator - "Nostalgie"
Saqqara Dogs - "Thirst"
Shelleyan Orphan - "Helleborine"
Sigur Rós - "( )"
A Silver Mt. Zion - "He Has Left Us Alone, But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace The Corner Of Our Rooms..."

PS: try and get to hear the Mono/World's End Girlfriend collaboration - it is stunning

isis - "panopticon"
isis - "oceanic"

Several of my favorites for listening to when the world has gotten the best of me are
Brian Eno - "Apollo"
Stars Of The Lid - "Tired Sounds Of..."
Harold Budd - "Avalon Sutra"