Oct. 5th Reviews / Whatevs!

The Trentemoller was originally supposed to come out on the 10th in the United States, but it looks like the release date has been shifted back a week. UK and Canada are still on course for next week with the release, though.

Feel free to shoot the hay about anything or nothing at all in here.

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the new hu vibrational sounds interesting, lots of tribal experiments... need to listen more to it.

Also interested in the new "st. wonder" by metalchicks. It's sort of a blend between cosmic disco and metal... need to listen.

Looking forward the Steven r. smith release too.

For else, red favorite's and raro & apenino's self titled debuts are among the best things I've heard this year.

Peter Z, if you enjoy Jaga Jazzist, you should check out Shining, whom I've reviewed on this site. Their work is a bit more crazy, but might appeal if you like JJ.

Also, check out the solo release from Lars Horntveth ("Pooka"). He's the main arranger from JJ and his solo album is really good as well.

I bought Crown of Marches a few weeks ago and I'm pretty amazed by it so far! Its a 40 minute long drone that somehow manages to keep you at full attention throughout the whole track. Its a dark, multi-layered beast with monstrous, distorted feedback that at first sounds like something disintegrating in slow motion, but beneath the dense and overpowering drone there is something much more subtle and delicate. It makes the drone definitely not sound like a raging anger and total destruction but more like a feeling of being lost and abandoned. I hear a lot of Loren MazzaCane Connors beneath the distorted drones. That’s what makes this album so special, there’s something really beautiful beneath the dark surface and the fact that Steven R. Smith is able to express these feelings so effectively is probably the reason why this album is being raved about so much in reviews. Its an album that comes to life more and more with repeated listens and in my humble opinion certainly makes for an essential addition to anyone’s collection.

Peter Z.
Discovered Jaga Jazzist thanks to this site yesterday! Absolutely loving them!

I've heard some really good things about the Steven R. Smith release on Catsup Plate ("Crown Of Marches"). Has anyone heard that one? If so, is it worth adding to my collection?

I'm looking forward to hearing the entire Johann Johannsson album. It's an odd concept, but I have a feeling he can make it work.

I haven't heard [T]ekel, but it seems like something I might have to check out.

Seems like there's just a TON of stuff coming out this month. Kinda scary.

Speaking of Red Sparowes; post-rock aficionados might want to check out "Neil on Impression" from Italy. Their debut is out on Release the Bats Records.

I'm pretty impressed by the new Red Sparowes. I've like them since their debut, and agree that that album gets a bit weaker in parts, but the new one sounds much more solid.

Another new band that I'm enjoying is Gentleman Losers, on Buro. Very cool stuff.

Kayo Dot is blowing my mind, can't wait to see them live.

That's a nice list, loosey. I have that Steven R. Smith record on order, together with the new Boris release on Important Records. Really looking forward to both of them.

I've been some positive things about that Geoff Mullen release on Last Visible Dog that you're mentioning. I will have to check this one out. Same goes for a couple of other recent Last Visible Dog releases like Eastern Fox Squirrels, Shuji Inaba and Birchville Cat Motel.

Only a couple of weeks before the new Johann Johannsson is out! Really looking forward to this. There are some samples available on his website (see link below) which sound incredible. Same goes for the new Max Richter. Should be good also.


What's The Trentemoller?
Music that's been blowin' my mind as of late...
Rhys Chatham's Essentialist performance at The Wire Festival (Slayer meets LaMonte Young!)
Steven R. Smith's gorgeous new vinyl on Important Records
Geoff Mullen's new release on Last Visible Dog
Peter Brotzmann/Hamid Drake/Fred Hopkins live vinyl release on Okka. Very textural and spacey free jazz... so amazing.

that's all i've got to ramble on for now.

Nice Reviews....

I was going to go with Red Sparowes for my site, but instead chose Grails to review. Ive always thought Red Sparowes (on record) are a bit hit and miss (live is a different story) but this album sounds pretty strong.

I haven't heard the Trentmoller album yet, but the best "dance" record so far for me is by a French collective called [T]ekel. Have you heard it?

Also, I checked out Relay from a couple of weeks ago. Nice recommendation!