Oct 12th Reviews / Thank you!

Since two of the reviews this week are for EPs, I decided to post six reviews in total this week. Still just two podcasts, but anyway... Did I mention the Trentemoller is sweet too? :)

I want to give a huge thank you to all the readers of this site. As of today, the site passed two million page views for the year so far, and it's another new milestone for me. Thanks to everyone who reads the reviews, anyone who has emailed me either good or bad comments, and anyone who has found the time to post their thoughts on the site. It's much appreciated. If you have any friends or aquaintances who you think would like the site, please tell them. I'm always looking for new readers.

Again, thanks a bunch for stopping by.

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Hey Aaron, great reviews once again.
I partly agree on 'Young Machete'
but for me the highlights still were more than enough to carry me through the experimental parts. ( I really disliked '1,2,3,4, guitars' for me the real downer)
I appreciate experimenting but , bring this down to 10 songs and
it's an almost perfect album.
Of course that's not the fact, so now
I rate it on par with Crimes
I just love their take on short catchy screampoppy's
Vital Beach yeahhh :D

I've seen something about this mysterious project as well. Supposedly they've played a couple of shows and I've seen them described as Sun Ra-inspired sounding.

Definitely sounds intriguing...

I read Adem Ilhan also has a 50-member band known as Assembly in works. I haven't seen or heard anything since about. Does anyone know anything of this?

Speaking of Fridge, they're (finally!) supposed to have a new album out in February of 2007. From what I've read, it's going to be a little more rocking, a little more krauty possibly.

Who knows, though.

I think what cemented this place in my mind was your review of Fridge's Happiness, back in 2001 or 2002. I went out, bought it on your recommendation, and fell in love.

I've been checking your site every week since.

Basically, I know I can trust you, and that we have similar tastes, and I owe you a lot for what you've shared with your readers.

And everything else mentioned above.

Congrats on your impressive milestone!

This website is amongst my favourites on the internet. The thing I like most is that everything here is strictly personal. No fancy things going on, just a guy who loves music and likes to share this with other people. This sincerity is very evident throughout the whole concept of this website. So the fact that everything is written by one person is a quality I really like.

Already looking forward to the Album of the Year lists! I’m such a nerd when it comes to music lists….

@Moka: That video is way cool!!

Thanks for the compliments Eoin, I'm flattered. It's always sort of a learning curve with me on music. I feel like I have a pretty good knowledge about lots of different genres, but then again I'm always finding out about new things that have completely slipped under my radar and of course there are areas out there that I know nothing about (and it's obvious that readers of my site know huge volumes about).

Moka, I have thought about having a guest reviewer, but at the same time that sort of defeats the overall view of the site. With one reviewer, I think it's easier to get an overall sense of where that person is coming from and how their interests overlap and differ from yours (which hopefully makes decisions on buying or hunting things down easier). In getting more writers on board, I feel like it would dilute that a bit and perhaps make it harder to approximate views from multiple voices (although I know that most other sites do this, and they're more popular than mine, heh).

I think the solution is what I mentioned last week, which is that I'll start to include some shorter reviews in a mid-week update, especially during times of the year when there's a ton of stuff coming out (like now). Might not happen next week, but hopefully I'll be able to fit it into my schedule soon.

Well its simple - we keep coming back because of the quality. Obviously there's the fact you cover albums that others don't. And you don't suffer from lo-fi hysteria, which is nice. But it's mainly that the site is intelligent, well considered and that you really know your stuff when it comes to ambient and electro. This is by far my favourite source of information on new music. Many thanks.

ah yeah me too, you should find a fellow reviewer around there to help you update on wednesdays or something.

ah remember that discussion i tried to start without any success about good videos this year. here's another favorite:

even though you update only on fridays - I pull your page up at least 400 times a day.

Hey mate,
Great news on your number of views! Thats huge... Really liked the Ryan Teague review, glad to see some Type lovage. Look out for an Our Sleepless Forest album on type some time next year!


To respond to both Seth and Jon, both of those ideas are something I've been kicking around. When I first started the site, my reviews were a lot shorter, and I think returning to that style for some reviews would allow me to write a few more per week.

It's still a matter of finding time to do all the reviews, but I very well may start updating the site more than once a week, with shorter reviews on Wednesday, and "featured" (and podcasts) on Friday. I'll sort it out fairly soon, though, as I realize there's a lot of interesting stuff I'm not covering (even though yes, I have heard a lot of it).

Thanks for the suggestions.

Perhaps some brief reviews would be cool...or a "worth checking out" section.


Well, the Vonnegut quote sold me this week, but I did want to congratulate you on the 2 million views.

I was wondering something though; you review 5 per week, but sometimes there are big releases that you don't review (which is fine), but I was wondering if you'd ever consider maybe just posting scores for reviwes that you don't have time to write about. It's just a thought since I pretty much turn to your site for all my music info, and it would be cool if I just got sort of an impression (from you) on whether or not a new CD from say Mogwai was worth checking out (assuming that you listen to it at all). If you don't review it I don't listen to it.

2 million views in a year, that is fantastic news!!!

Im enjoying your recent Leaf reviews. Leaf have allowed me to host mp3's of their newly released and upcoming releases on my site (for a limited time). First up will be Phelan Shepphard and Colleen will also be included. Have you heard A Hawk and A Hacksaw?, Ive just ordered their album

Ah, the Wolf Eyes.

I think I must just be getting old, because it's a little difficult for me to understand the blistering noise in general. I tend to like the more subtle stuff, which they pull off really, really well in places on their newest disc. I definitely gave them a lower rating that most other places, but I just can't imagine listening to it too often. So it goes...

Yeah well I read all your reviews because you know whats up in the ambient department. Its good to see you can appreciate Rationed Riot off Human Animal.