Oct 26th Reviews / Fooood!

Just 5 reviews this week. I'm so behind on everything I feel horrible. I'm planning on sitting down and really kicking more reviews out in the next couple weeks to keep up with all the great stuff coming out.

As with the question a couple weeks ago, I thought I'd ask something that doesn't have anything to do with music and see if anyone would answer it. I'm a huge foodie, so I thought I'd ask what readers favorite foods are. As always, I'll probably learn something in the process.

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Just potatoes?

Or potatoes with all kinds of stuff on them? Cheese and chives and whatnot? Mmm...

Potato soup is a favorite in this household, especially during the cold winter months (which we seem to be entering now).

I put hot sauce on about 60% of my food. I am one of those weird people.


I could eat them all year without any complaint.

I have to admit that I'm one of those pesky vegetarian types. I could never go vegan because I love my cheeses and chocolates too much, but I've pretty much sworn off meat for health reasons (a history of bad tickers in my family).

So many people have mentioned yummy-sounding foods. There used to be a good Vietnamese place in the town where I live but it closed. There's one good Chinese place and they serve an eggplant tofu dish that's amazing. I've tried to recreate their sauce on my own stove but never seem to manage it quite right.

To give you an idea of one great thing about living in the midwest, though, there's an Indian restaurant in town that's simply outstanding. On Sundays for brunch they have a buffet that costs a whole $10.99 per person for all you can eat. That price includes soup, samosas, 3 different veggie entrees, 3 different meat entrees, veggie raita, naan bread, and rice pudding. It's hard not to eat there every weekend at that price (I'm definitely headed there in a couple weeks for my birthday).

karen f
i just had some excellent lamb kofta 2 nights ago from a no-frills/zero service place called Shalimar (if you're ever in SanFran)

fesenjan-- a persian stew of chicken in a walnut pomegranate sauce that's both sweet and tart-- perfect for a cold day (or everyday!) i hold it close to my heart as i do mexican mole...

okonomiyaki done well is hard to find this side of japan. they're basically cabbage pancakes with all sorts of other ingredients of your choice mixed in and cooked on a griddle at your table.

vietnamese 7 courses of beef-- not as daunting as it sounds-- just small servings of beef cooked different ways and wrapped by you in rice wraps with lots of lettuce, pickled carrots and radish, and mint; then dipped in a fishy chili sauce. mmm.

oh, and there's so much more this world has to offer!

I never eat them things nowadays but I'd be happy to have those tasteless yellow box cheerios every day of my life.

I support the pad thai tofu and the fruits suggestion by richie. yummy. and need to taste that bahklava soon.

I also love chinese spring rolls, istanbul doner kebaps (the only thing I liked to eat in Berlin) and anything pasta. Mexican food is amazing, I'm not talking about the usual tacos and burritos though, I mean tamales, sopes, mole... mmm! and also huevos divorciados (divorced eggs)two eggs over fried tortillas with green and red sauce. I love spicy sauces. god, im so hungry right now. Love french crepes too.

Anyways... I always end up making sandwiches for dinner.

excellent reviews this week.

I like lots:
traditional English Sunday roast = beef, Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, all the usual veg..
bubble & squeak = potatoes, cabbage and other veg fried together..
my local Indian restaurant has a banquet night on Wednesdays = starter, main dish, side dish, rice and naan for £9/$16 - excellent..
Chinese, too, of course..
the occasional English cooked breakfast = sausage, bacon, egg, black pudding (don't ask!), fried bread, tomatoes and beans, with a hot mug of tea - bliss...

I likes me food, me

Man I'm getting hungry just by reading about all that delicious food!

I eat Nutella every morning too on maize bread. Love it!

My favorite food is Chinese, particularly Koe Loe Yuk which is chicken fillet in sweet and sour sauce. I also like Italian food. I prefer a more simpler pizza combined with tagliatelle and bread. At lunch time I prefer a filet américain baguette. Favorite drink is definitely fresh orange juice!

My favorite fast food is the McChicken from McDonalds with Chunky Monkey from Ben & Jerry. But not too often.

I don't really like candy and stuff like that, but I do love those Rolo caramels!

Sometimes food and music can become very related. Who can hear the "In The Mood For Love" soundtrack without thinking about those deliciously looking noodles! Personally, every time I listen to Centro-Matic's "Love You Just The Same" I always think of Turkish food. The first time I heard that record we were having the most delicious Turkish shoarma sandwiches. Now I can't listen to that record without getting hungry!

I'm glad someone mentioned Nutella! When I was in Denmark, I think I ate that stuff just about every morning on some kind of a hard roll.

Oh and cheeses! It sounds like ehbenoit can easily hook me up with delicious cheeses to hunt down. My personal faves right now are Gruyere and Smoked Gouda. My new favorite recipe is a smoked gouda beer cheese soup with cauliflower and chopped carrots that's perfect for dipping french bread in during the cold fall season.

I totally forgot to mention how much I love Ethiopian food as well. I've only had it 3 times in my life (there are no restaurants in my state even), but each time I've had it, it's been a lovely, communal food experience. Last time I had it was in Portland. Had some honey beer to go along with it and I had a massive food buzz by the time we left.


pierre herme's macarons
vermont shepherd cheese
montgomery's cheddar from the uk
amedei chocolate
oh, and indian and moroccan food.

I must say that I am surprised by the Tim Hecker review. I've been following him since his debut (having even no clue who he was when I downloaded (later purchased) Haunt Me...). But, Harmony in Ultraviolet is Hecker's best work to date; the organs alone make it his best work. The first time I heard it I wanted to cry; the disc's material is beautiful and present, and immediate. That is the biggest change...you hear it from the first second.

As for foods, vegetables are my favourites. Despite being a vegetarian, I have a few fruits that I pick through, but vegetables are where my heart lies. I could eat them forever.

That, and carprese. Cheese, too.

That Tim Hecker review sounds really interesting. Somehow I've never bought any Tim Hecker release so far, although his albums have always appealed to me very much. Maybe its best to start with this one.

I've been in the mood for ambient the last couple of days and especially your remark about the heavier parts with crackling bursts of noise appeal to me. It reminds me of the Machinefabriek releases on Lapse Records. His music is a beautiful blend of piano, drones, noise and ambient which often have a metallic edge to them.

Yeah, definitley fruits of all kinds.

and Thai food.

my goodness i love food.

particularly fruit. just about any kind, though i think my favorites are strawberries, apples, mangos, blueberries, raspberries, boysenberries (gosh all berries), oranges, pumpkin, figs, cherimoyas, grapes, and onward and upward.
smoothies are wonderful.

in terms of thai, i love anything with peanut sauce. i'm also a fan of black pepper squid.
i love most things peanut related, as well.

i love bread. and pasta.

and sushi. seafood in general. ever had opah? awesomely tasty fish.

lately i've been eating a lot of vegan muffins. they're more filling and better tasting than regular muffins, i think.

and japanese milk candies. those are good.

and i could live off nutella alone and be satisfied.

This is a hard one for me to answer because I could literally go on for a huge amount of time with all the different stuff I enjoy. I'd say that if I had to choose, though...

Pad Thai Tofu - Usually the most consistently good dish when I order Thai food at various restaurants. It's also probably my favorite Thai dish, although different curries hit me in the right spot usually as well.

Shahi Khofta - This goes by many different names, but it's an Indian dish with breaded dumplings in a spicy sauce that's absolutely delightful.

Baba Ghanoush - I just made a big batch of this tonight, which is sorta what got me thinking of the topic. Must have lots of garlic and is preferably a bit zingy.

Bahklava - Quite possibly one of my favorite deserts. It's sweet and has amazing texture, with both light and crunchy and soft and chewy representing. Nothing better than a huge slice of this with a cup of steamed milk. Oh. My. Goodness.