Oct 27th Free For All / What Female Singer Has Your Favorite Voice?

As usual,. feel free to talk (or not) about anything I reviewed this week. If anyone has any questions about The Buddha Machine, I'll do my best to answer them.

Topic for discussion this week is favorite female vocalists. I've been trading emails lately with fellow music freak, and it got me thinking about female vocalists for some reason. So, whose voice do you love?

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Diamanda Galas. Whos she?

rose melberg (softies, etc.) and hope sandoval stop me in my tracks...

i scrolled down and was embarassed i didn't mention nina simone, i was lucky enough to see her in austin the year before she passed away..magic

billie holliday is the most obvious, there's no one even close to her, however i likes me some lucinda williams and beth orton and in a different mood-tammy ealom of dressy bessy, karen o of yeah yeah yeahs and a new favorite annie hardy of giant drag

Kim Deal all the way. The Pixies had the right idea. If there's a guy screaming savagely and borderline-tunelessly, balance it out with an ethereal female who hits the notes perfectly.

And how remarkable that Alanis Morisette hasn't been mentioned. Is everyone here too indie for that? She shattered every paradigm about what limits there were on the female voice... she was angry, she enunciated, she was amazingly distinct... etc. etc.

And the yadda yaddas (ones that others have mentioned that go without saying)
Bjork, Kim Gordon, Mimi Parker, Neko Case.

brad from england
amy millan from from the band "stars" has a wonderful pure fresh voice.

can't believe no one has mentioned Sinead O'Connor. I can understand maybe some people don't dig her songwriting (too straight?) but listen to that freaking voice.
also bjork, natalie merchant, billie holiday, tara jane oneil and a bunch of others already mentioned

... and don't forget maureen tucker especially for one song ...

nothing embraces my aching heart more than the mysterious voice of chan marshall.

dont' forget nico and francoise hardy

tracy uba (timonium)
nicola hodgkinson (empress)
mimi parker
shannon wright

Thalia Zedek
Hannah Marcus
Elizabeth Anka Vajagic

lizzy mercier descloux
mia doi todd
claudine longet
kazu makino (blonde redhead)
annie hayden

Trish Keenan of Broadcast of course

Adrian, Beth Gibbons does have THE BEST voice

Oooooh and Nina Simone!
(sorry for the many comments)

Oh yes, I forgot Chan Marshall's smokey voice. I love her.

some favourites (in no order):

Karine Charff (Amp)
Kat Bjelland (Babes In Toyland)
Jessica Bailiff
Sarah Nixey (Black Box Recorder)
Ann Magnuson (Bongwater)
Kim Deal
Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares
Kate Bush
Elizabeth Fraser
Alison Shaw (Cranes)
Siouxsie Sioux
Lisa Gerrard
Kristin Hersh
Mimi Goese (Huo Largo)
Mimi Parker (Low)
Janice Winterbottom (Salvation Sunday - 3 fantasic singles in the early 80s and then gone)
Danielle Dax
Emma Pollock (The Delgados)
Belinda Butcher (My Bloody Valentine)
Margaret Fiedler (Laika)
Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab)
Rosie Cuckston (Pram)
Claudia Brücken (Propaganda)
Lesley Rankine (Silverfish)
Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth)
Natasha Noramaly (Fuck-Off Machete)
Harriet Wheeler (The Sundays)

mo tucker, the 'komeit', 'lali puna' and 'mum' vocalists, hanne hukkelberg, sometimes bjork, kim deal

I forgot to mention it in the review (I'll have to add it), but the website for FM3 (with samples of The Buddha Machine) is http://www.fm3.com.cn/

Hard one...I'm currently in love with Lhasa de Sela.

A couple that haven't been mentioned: Karen O from YYYs. And Jesse Sykes, so sultry.

What an interesting device, that Buddha Machine. I'll have to try and look for some samples to hear what those loops are like. Sounds a bit like that ambient loop software. Do you find that combining outside sounds and music, while creating a new perspective of the world, somehow separates you from it, or brings you closer?

ooooh, forgot Francoiz Breut.

(I feel sickened of myself not putting Aretha and Billie as well.)

dang, i must be on another planet...my favorites are...
-khaela maricich (the blow)
-tujiko noriko
-gyða and kristín anna valtýsdóttir (of múm)
and although she's not an actual vocalist in her own right, i'd love to hear caralee mcelroy contribute more to future xiu xiu albums.

Jarboe should be mentioned. I'll do it.

The interesting ones are what you will get with me. Voices also have to illustrate some pain of life, tragedy along with feminine charm. Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Ari Upp, PJ Harvey, Peggy Lee.

Not best voices just my faves are Beth Gibbons, Neko Case, Beth Hirsch, Kate Rogers (Aim etc), Aimee Mann, and Chrissy Hinde.

Aretha is the greatest though.

Feist is definitely awesome, and she will be in town with Broken Social Scene next Friday--I will be there.

Favorite female vocalist would probably be PJ Harvey. Preferably older PJ. I also love the girls from Stereolab, cant remember their names though, Mary (RIP) and Laetitia maybe.

David A
Alright, first and foremost I must make special mention of Skye Edwards (formerly of Morcheeba, they are nothing without her).

Next, off the top of my head and in no particular order...

Sharon Jones, Liz Frasier, Kim Deal, (name I forget) from United States of America, Joni Mitchell, Shara Nelson (yeah that's right), Alison Goldfrapp

Maura Davis from Denali
Mimi from Low

Other people have mentioned them, but I can't believe I forgot the two N's as well. Nina (Simone) and Neko (Case).

Also, as Mr. Opus said below, (Leslie) Feist.

Seeing as how I generally prefer female vocalists to male vocalists, I have many favorites: Kate Bush, Judee Sill, Isabella Antena, Joanna Newsom, Nina Simone, and, plurally speaking, Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares.

Dont think she is a particulary great singer but Kim Gordon has to be mentioned simply for the fact she rocks

I love female voices...here are my absolute preferences:

Lisa Gerrard, Beth Gibbons, Liz Frazier, Paula Frazer, Anna-Lynne Williams (Trespassers William) and Anneli Drecker (Bel Canto).

Honouring mentions for Bjork and Diamanda Gallas for their vocal capabilities.

Susan Tedeschi has a wonderful voice. Give it a try.

I always love Chan Marshall and can't wait for her new release. Lately I have been listening to the new Vashti Bunyan release and would recommend it to everyone. Incredible as always and worth the wait.

completely agree with you on the Rachel Goswell... and yes, the lack of her voice on the last Mojave 3 disc was truly sad.

Liz Frazier, Lisa Gerrard, Rachel Goswell (though she was far too underused on the most recent Mojave 3 releases), Paula Frazer, Kirsty Yates, and Feist.

carolyn crawley, elisabeth fraser, diamanda galas, alison shaw, kate bush (and not just because she has a new record coming out :) ), lisa gerrard...

...too many to list really. i have always found female vocalists to be more appealing than male ones. the males that i have liked tend to have more feminine-slanted vocals like marc almond and billy mackenzie, so it is difficult to hone down to just one.

in a pinch i might say liz but, i also have a strong passion for the fury of a voice that diamanda has.

Jean-Rene S.
Hands down Chan Marshall (Cat Power) with Amy Millan not too far behind.

Neko Case, Eleanor Friedberger, and the sisters Deal when harmonizing together.

Justine Frischmann, Corin Tucker & Tori Amos. at least off the top of my head.

paula frazer, suzy mangion

Emily Haines

Beth Orton. Second Liz Frazier. This is stupid, but the singers from Book of Love. Amy Milan from Stars. Susanna and the Magical Orchestra.

As always, I'm going to list multiple favorites, because I'm dumb like that.

I would have to say that my all time favorite female vocalist is Caroline Crawley of both Shelleyan Orphan and Babacar. I also really, really like Vashti Bunyan's voice, as well as Liz Frazier.