Nov. 23 Reviews / Bad Recommendations...

Six more reviews this week and a couple more podcasts as usual. Feel free to discuss them or not.

For a discussion topic, I thought I'd ask if anyone has ever bought or listened to something I've recommended on this site and not liked it at all? Certainly everyone has read something of mine and then wondered what the hell I was thinking when they finally heard it? C'mon! Tell me what I'm wrong about!

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"nay" on the bay_root.

mmm....coming around the neutral milk hotel comparison on beirut I also cant get into them as much as i've tried.

ah yeah! that beirut guy, it was Condon, not Connor. sorry.

I think it's matter of taste, liars has been one of my favorite albums of the year and not too many people would agree with me on that one. I do confess enjoying the shortest track on y's "cosmia" (I dont have the patience for joanna newsom past the 10 minute mark) and some of the tracks on gulag orkestar where Zach seems to be having fun like "scenic world". As I mentioned the music on both albums is really good but I just can't stand their voices. Hopefully they'll be popular enough and we'll be hearing interesting covers and a dubbed release or a karaoke version coming soon.

Did you mean Zach (Condon)? I understand the reasons that people don't like both the Joanna and the Beirut, but they're both going to end up in my top 20 (near the top, actually).

two of the most laureated albums of the year "y's" and "gulag orkestar" didn't do anything for me. I have the same problem with both, the music and the production sound very very good but on one hand I can't stand Connors's fey vocalization or Newsom's overly theatrical and annoying voice for too long. They're good albums musically speaking but the singers trying to hard and being willfully freak ruin the experience to me.

Good timing. My review for the new Max Richter album is coming up this Friday...

why? are one of the Carter's on there?

No, but you should listen to the new Max Richter album.

matter of op... I guess. I saw Charalambides a couple weeks ago at The Million Tongues Festival and they blew me away. 2nd only to Slayer for show of the year.
I really dig A Vintage Burden but it really can't compare with Joy Shapes (apples and oranges though).

Well...I didn't buy the album but I did see Charalambides live recently and was somewhat disappointed. It was a ton noisier than what I had expected; from what I did hear on the album.


I agree of the funny state of reviews, as Beirut is easily the winner of the year for me. I will get back to you on Joanna Newsome's new one...not sure if I have the patience for 11 minute folk songs *but her last one did grow on me*

Charalambides!!! yes yes... you turned me on to one of the best bands of our generation and now I'm sooo hooked!! Listened to your Pod cast of it and went out and bought it shortly thereafter.


I think I might have bought a Supersilent album after reading about them here. I couldn't get into it at all, and I tried really hard as well

Peter Z.
I cannot really think of answer to the actual question...

It's off topic, but I've been wondering - have you heard Electric Old Wire Noise by The Monroe Transfer?

Another vote for Beirut. And, in a similar vein, Patrick Wolf. I like many over-the-top artists (like Xiu Xiu), but adolescent voices are just have difficulty tolerating an adolescent voice. Why? falls into similar territory, despite his age.

There's little I've found you've been wrong on simply because I can't afford to purchase six albums a week. Six albums a month is pretty difficult to basically I filter out what you post.

But like Samuel, the Beirut album was a little too much. I ended up selling it, not because it was bad, but it was just so over the top. I think I finished the album twice, and make it through half way about a dozen times and never quite got into it. I guess I'd rather listen to the Magnetic Fields and Neutral Milk Hotel...

Other than that, keep up the great work.

Weirdly, Fabulous Muscles was the first record to pop into my head too. I like the odd song on the release, but find the whole album a bit of a chore. Likewise, I was disappointed by the Beirut album, which I found a little too whiney. On the whole though, I enjoy nearly everything that I track down based on your recommendations.

It's a matter of taste after all... I think Fabulous Muscles is one my favorite album of these last 3 years.

Every now and then I find Xiu Xiu'x Fabulous Muscles at the back of the CD cupboard and think maybe I should pop it in the player and give it another try. Never changes anything, I still don't get it... These guys must have incriminating photos of someone big to land a recording contract year after year.