Dec 7 Reviews / Favorite gift?

Just five reviews again this week. I've apparently fallen into a pattern of slack. That said, I've been posting some random music scribblings on my personal blog if you absolutely have to read more of my writing...

I guess I'm getting nostalgic here, and it may be a bit much to ask, but I thought I'd start a chat about favorite gifts that you've gotten for the holidays over the years. What's something that sticks out and you remember?

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You're far too kind. Really.


favorite gift?

My almostcool t-shirt ;)

Not harsh at all. You're certainly correct in that I've become somewhat of a broken record lately in terms of mentioning how behind I am. Apologies for that.

I've actually thought about getting other people to help out, but for some reason never do. I think the main reason is that I still want for people to only have one opinion to have to figure out when they come here. If someone gets a good sense of my taste, it's fairly easy to figure out whether their taste matches up or doesn't. If I get multiple writers, I pretty much lose out on that.

From now on, I will just write and that will be that. If people have been coming to the site on a regular basis anyway, they know what to expect. There's no need to say the same dang thing every week.

Instead of self loathing about the number of reviews you do (or dont do) every week, why dont you just get another person to help out?

Love the site, not trying to sound harsh.

Large nuggets of chronic are the perfect gift for the holiday season; I am always overjoyed to receive them!

Thanks for humoring me everyone. Some excellent stories, indeed.

I'll be asking for year-end lists in about two weeks. I'll be posting my year-end list on the 21st of Dec. and will start taking reader lists at that time as well. Get crackin' if you haven't started yet!

My parents gave me and my brother a Sega Genesis when I was about 10 years old. Playing Sonic the Hedgehog for entire days. That first week I remember waking up much earlier than usual each morning, full of anticipation and eagerness to play again. Each time looking over at my digital clock, 4am, 5am, 5:30am…. Time was creeping by so slowly and each time I woke up I had more trouble getting back into sleep. I couldn’t wait for that magical 7am to appear so I could go downstairs and fight with my brother about who gets to play on it first. It was the start of a life colored by computer games and nerdism.

Ps. thanks for the Arthur Russell podcast. I haven't picked this one up yet but it sounds really great. Better than I expected after having read a couple of other reviews.

Gift that I remember with some of the most vivid memories: Pink Bunny Outfit. 'More Ovaltine, please'.

its still working somehow, but nowhere near as good as it used to. I charge it everyday. I heard you can replace the battery, but im not sure if i fancy messing about with the electronics.

it has broke down on many occasions only to come back to life when when i thought all was lost. Spare a thought for my friend who managed to frop hers down the toilet!!

ps when are you taking album of the year submissions, i've compiled my top 20

The one gift that stands out was from my brother in law a few years ago. He gave me a t-shirt from an Ottawa record store with their logo on it called the "Record Runner". It was great gift that brought togehter my two main interests – running (when not injured) and my obsession with music.

But from reading your list of things to hear this year, there’s still so much that I’m not familiar with – where do all you fellow readers come across all these other musicians?

Is your iPod still working after 3 years? You must have gotten one of the models without the "self destruct after a year or two" switch built in. :)

i have to say my best present came three years ago, when i was a financially challenged student. My Mum and Dad bought me an Ipod. I dont know how i would have got through sitting in the university library for 12 hours a day for months on end writing my dissertation without it.

I knew this wouldn't go so well... :)

This is a music review site, dangit!

:) I love the rocket story, Aaron.

Adam West-era Batmobile - fully working parts - aces!!

This will probably sound kinda cheesy, but the gift that I remember with some of the most vivid memories is a rocket that my parents gave me when I was about 8 or 9 years old. It was a big, cardboard thing that was large enough for me to use as a little fort, stood about four or so feet tall and had primitive printing on the outside (the colors were green, orange, and yellow) and "windows" cut in the side.

The inside of this rocket didn't have any printing on it and was a plain old brown cardboard color, but that was actually the best part about it for me. I had a large collection of crayons and colored pencils and basically began drawing everything from control panels and switches to monitors and other random things that I thought should be inside a rocketship. After some time, I'd filled nearly all the walls inside with drawings, and after a lot of use the cardboard rocket became flimsy and was practically falling over. After many tape fixes, there came a point where there was no saving it (and my interests had moved on from it slightly), so it went into the garbage.

I won't forget that cardboard rocket, though.