Dec 14 Reviews / Nearly another year gone...

This will most likely be the last batch of reviews for 2006, although I'm sure I'll be catching up on different things well into early 2007.

Coming up next week will be the year-end list, and I'll be asking for Readers lists at that time as well, so start getting them ready. I always find several gems from readers of this site, and I expect nothing less this year! :)

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I don't think that "Groucho Running" is the first album under the name of Candie Hank. I haven't heard this album yet but I know "A Fistful Of Sweets" from Candie Hank released by Slonze in 2005. A fun album for me, I particularely enjoy the side which is more pop, a funny non serious electro pop a bit weird with smiles everywhere. I enjoy a bit less the other side which is more elctro and less pop, a good one anyway and overall an album I enjoy.

Just listened to Maria T while strolling the streets of Rome. It was grand.

As was listening to the new Johann Johannsson on the airplane over.

Glad you liked it, I sure do, and it seems alot of critics are a bit lukewarm towards it.

I love this website for its very interesting year-end reviews! Unfortunately, I have to rely on the year-end lists to create my current playlists. I guess that means I'm almost cool. Thanx a snot.

Still trying to come up with mine. Very hard as the artists who I expected to impress me greatly (Mogwai for instance) didn't and yet I still found enough good new music to keep me entertained. I expect mine to feature quite a lot of electronic music.

Looking forward to the lists!

I was listening to the previous Songs of Green Pheasant album last week and somehow I didn't quite get the same thrill as I used to. It left me a bit cold whereas I really liked it back then. Funny how these things happen over time. The same thing happened to me with a Sixteen Horsepower album a couple of months ago but then it was the other way around. I had it for a couple of years not thinking very much of it and all of a sudden after giving it a try one more time it finally clicked. I guess some music has to come at the right time for one to fully appreciate.

heya, off topic but I just found this video from Herman Dune's " I wish that I could see you soon".

love it.

Make sure you listen to Mono's (Japan) - Palmless Prayer/Mass Murder refrain album (came out in september). I'd like to hear what you think about's one piece, split into 5 tracks - 1hr 15 mins long

I was interested to read that past reviews of Johan Johansson's album you have came across have been "spotty". I loved it immediately, while over at my site various artists,labels, journalists and musicians have being posting top 5's all week and "IBM 1401.." has cropped up a few times now.

ps My mouse button is somewhat broken, that's why I often double post. My new year's resolution is to cut it out!

When I post my list next week, I'll just fire up another page for Reader's lists. All the submission info will be on there (very similar to the 2005 page).


ive been looking forward to this for some time now. Where do i submit them to?